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Our surgical facility is central to many of the amenities the city of Raleigh has to offer.

We want your procedure to be more of a life’s special experience and less of a medical procedure.

To assist you, we have compiled helpful information regarding hotel, travel, restaurants, and entertainment to make your stay with us even more enjoyable.


Our surgery patients stay at either the Hyatt House Raleigh or AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills.

Both of these hotels are conveniently located within the trendy North Hills Mall in the heart of midtown Raleigh.

When staying here you will be located close to our surgical center and be within walking distance of everything you need.

We require patients to stay at one of these two specially selected hotels. These hotels have guaranteed special rates for our patients.

At the time of surgery scheduling, our office will email you a link for hotel reservations that will allow you to schedule at Dr. Monteith’s reduced rate. Do not call the hotel directly and try to schedule at the reduced rate.

We advise you book your hotel as soon as you schedule surgery because these hotels are extremely popular and it can be difficult to reserve a room at the last minute. Patients are required to stay in one of these two hotels.

For additional information on these unique hotels, the reduced rates, and our hotel policy:
Hyatt House Raleigh and the AC Hotel Raleigh North Hills

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Raleigh-Durham International airport (RDU) is located 9 miles away from our surgical center. RDU serves as the central airport for the Triangle Area; Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

Direct flights to RDU can be conveniently made from many major US cities. Most major airlines, including Southwest, American, US Airlines, United, Delta and others have flights into RDU.

For more information about cities with direct, non-stop flights into RDU:
Non-stop destinations to RDU.

Ground transportation from Raleigh-Durham International Airport

North Hills Transportation provides executive service for our reversal patients.If transportation from Raleigh-Durham International airport is required then North Hills Transportation is our first recommendation.

Our patients consistently comment about the high quality of service provided by this executive transportation company.

North Hills Transportation provides a private car service in a fleet of new luxury Lincoln Town cars.

When you stay at one of our two designated hotels travel between our facility and the hotel is provided by North Hills Transportation and is included in your hotel room rate

If you have additional travel needs they are available for hire. For an additional fee they will provide round trip transportation to RDU airport, the pharmacy, or anywhere in the triangle you need to travel.

North Hills Transportation will provide our patients roundtrip travel to RDU for a discounted rate of $70.

For more information visit: North Hills Transportation.

You can reach them directly by calling (919) 940-1181 or (919) 520-2559

For additional information about other ground transportation options from RDU visit:
RDU ground transportation.

30 thoughts on “Where to Stay”

  1. Heather says:

    What requirements do you have to meet in order to become a candidate for tubal reversal?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We only require that you be premenopausal, have a BMI of less than 37, not be severely anemic, and be a safe surgical candidate. Most women will be candidates for tubal reversal.

      Call us at (919) 977-5050 8am to 5pm eastern standard time and we would be happy to speak with you about tubal reversal at our facility.

      The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

  2. Jessica says:

    How many days do you need to plan to stay for?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Patients stay for 3 days and 2 nights. We charge $6400 total plus $125 to schedule and we are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Insurance will not pay for tubal reversal surgery.

      You should send us your tubal ligation records for a free review.

      Patients pay in full and out-of-pocket at the time of scheduling. All you have to pay for in addition to the surgical fee is the cost of travel, hotel, and food. Patients stay in Raleigh a total of 2 nights and 3 days. The consultation is the first day, surgery the second day, and postoperative visit is the third day.

      We do have a prepayment tubal reversal plan that allows you to save towards your reversal over a 3 year period.

      Although $6,400 seems expensive…the alternative treatment in-vitro fertilization (IVF) average $12,000 to $14,000 and is about 40% successful!

      The main advantage to tubal reversal is that every month you have a chance and you can become pregnant more than once. On average, about 2 out of every 3 women become pregnant with tubal reversal surgery.

      Call us at (919) 977-5050 8am to 5pm eastern standard time and we would be happy to speak with you about reversal surgery at our center.

      The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

  3. Natasha says:

    How much do the surgery cost all at once? I had a tubal and ablation and I have a light period About 3 days every month. I’m I a good candidate for the surgery. I’m at the age 41 and want another baby.

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We charge a total of $6,400 for tubal reversal surgery.

      In general it is not recommended that you become pregnant after having an ablation procedure.

      Tubal reversal and pregnancy are possible if you are having regular periods of at least 3 days duration after your ablation. All pregnancies after ablation are considered high risk.

      If you are not having periods then we would not consider you a candidate for reversal. There is no medical treatment to make your periods return.

      Ablation will decrease the chance of pregnancy because it permanently damages the lining and muscle of the uterus.

      If your periods are light then you do have some functioning endometriumm but we are not always certain if it is enough to allow for pregnancy. There is no accurate way to be certain.

      We cannot provide an accurate percentage about the success of women getting pregnant after reversal with a prior ablation because there are no large scale studies looking at this. We have had women become pregnant naturally after tubal reversal with a prior ablation but don’t have a large enough group of these patients to provide meaningful statistics.

      Studies looking at women who have become pregnant after ablation show that about 50% will miscarry and about 50% will have live born babies.

      You should read these six articles I wrote about ablation, reversal, and the risks of pregnancy: Tubal Reversal and Ablation

      The ablation will decrease the chances of pregnancy but if you are having regular monthly periods of at least three days duration then pregnancy is certainly possible. If you are not having regular periods then I would advise against a reversal because pregnancy is not likely.

      In general pregnancy is not recommended after ablation because each pregnancy is at higher risk; miscarriage, growth restriction, early delivery, c-section and adherent placenta. The literature suggest that pregnancies are high risk but many will do well. It is possible to become pregnant after tubal reversal and have a healthy pregnancy if you are having regular periods of at least three days duration every month. Please call us at (919)968-4656 if you have any additional questions about tubal reversal.

      All patients with ablations need a consult with me (Dr Monteith) either by phone or in person before they can schedule reversal surgery.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had a tubal ligation done in December of 2004. I don’t have any periods any more for the last year and I am only 36. I have recently spoken to my GYN about this and I am now on birth control pill.
    Will I be a good candidate for a reversal?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      You would need to find out why you are not having periods. Your doctor needs to check your thyroid hormone, prolactin, and FSH levels. If you have hormonal abnormalities then those need to be treated and your periods may then resume normally. If every thing is normal and you are not having early menopause then the likely diagnosis in anovulation (this means not ovulating or releasing eggs). This can be a very common condition as a woman ages or gains weight. If you have anovulation then that can easily be treated with a medication called Clomid.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I live in Arizona and is wondering if you had any centers this way? And when you set up a prepay account, do you get the surgery and then pay in payments or is it like a layway and you get it after it’s paid off?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Our prepayment account is like a savings/layaway plan. You save for surgery over time and when you have the full amount you can then have surgery.

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