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Financing Reversal Surgery

For patients interested in financing reversal surgery, A Personal Choice has partnered with CareCredit and United Medical Credit to accept financing for tubal ligation reversal, vasectomy reversal, Essure removal, and Essure reversal surgery.

Financing reversal surgery can be a convenient way to have reversal surgery without waiting to save for the full amount.

How to obtain financing for reversal surgery?

To obtain financing for surgery, you will need to apply to the financing companies directly before scheduling surgery.

Once you are approved you can schedule surgery and the financing company will pay for your surgery. After your surgery is completed, you are responsible for paying the financing company for your surgery over the time frame you agreed upon. Your interest rate and terms are established with the financing company at the time you were approved.

If you qualify for the United Medical Credit Patient Direct Loan you may be able to use the money to pay for any expenses related to reversal surgery.

Financing reversal surgery can be a great way to have your surgery now…but pay for your surgery later.

Important points about financing reversal surgery?

The following are important points to be aware of when financing reversal surgery with
A Personal Choice.

  • Qualification for financing is dependent on your financial situation and credit rating
  • You are responsible for obtaining approval for financing
  • After you have qualified we will need your financing information when you call to schedule reversal surgery
  • $500 financing administration fee is required for all financed surgeries. This financing fee cannot be combined with your financed amount, is non-refundable, and is payable at time of surgery scheduling
  • If you qualify for United Medical Credit Patient Direct Loan and pay your surgery fee in full at the time of scheduling then the $500 financing fee will be waived. The fee will only be waived for this loan and when surgery is paid in full at time of scheduling.

United Medical Credit: Reversal Surgery Financing


Click on this image to visit United Medical Credit website

Every day, medical providers perform necessary procedures for patient’s health and well-being. On many occasions patients are unable to pay upfront for these important medical procedures. United Medical Credit assists patients by helping them finance medical procedures without hassle.

Through a network of experienced physicians and competitive lenders, United Medical Credit is able to provide you with the right medical financing options, at the best rates, and in a timely fashion.

United Medical Credit offers both a financing and a loan option:
UMC Provider Direct Financing and UMC Patient Direct Loan

UMC Provider Direct Financing
UMC Provider Direct financing is a traditional financing program. If you are approved for traditional surgery financing United Medical will send payment directly to A Personal Choice after your surgery is scheduled.

UMC Patient Direct Loan
UMC Patient Direct Loan Program is a personal loan to the patient and offers patients much more flexibility because United Medical Credit will deposit money into the patient’s account before surgery is completed and this money can be used for any expenses related to your procedure. The UMC Patient Direct Loan Program will fund amounts of up to $25,000. You can then use these funds to pay A Personal Choice directly for your surgery and to pay for travel, lodging, and food expenses!

If you qualify for the UMC Patient Direct Loan Program and pay for your surgery in full at the time of scheduling then A Personal Choice will waive the $500 financing fee.

Apply now for United Medical Credit financing by clicking on the United Medical Credit logo or here: Apply for United Medical Credit Patient Direct Loan or Provider Direct financing

CareCredit: Reversal Surgery Financing

CareCredit will provide a medical credit card for your health needs that lets you enjoy the benefits of living well today, with special healthcare financing options so you can pay monthly. Once approved you will be issued a CareCredit credit card that can only be used for approved medical and surgical procedures at the time your services are rendered.


Click on this image to visit CareCredit website

With special financing options for health and wellness, the CareCredit healthcare credit card helps make costly procedures and treatments more manageable with special financing options.

A Personal Choice exclusively participates in CareCredit’s 24 to 60 months financing plans. The office does not participate in the no interest financing plans.

Apply now for CareCredit financing by clicking on the CareCredit logo or here:
Apply for CareCredit financing

Financing Reversal Surgery With The Two Best Companies Around

With two of the best financing reversal companies working with A Personal Choice it has never been easier to finance tubal reversal surgery or finance vasectomy reversal surgery. These companies have also partnered with A Personal Choice to offer patients financing for Essure reversal and Essure removal surgery.

Tips on Financing Reversal Surgery

1. Have good credit
Financing companies are only willing to finance surgery (loan you money) if they feel you are financially stable enough to repay your loan. They do not want to loan money if they feel you will not repay them.

2. Consider applying with a co-applicant (loan co-signer)
A co-applicant with good credit can greatly increase your chances of obtaining surgery financing. The companies will often advise our office: A good co-applicant will increase the chances of a loan approval for this patient, allowing them to finance their procedure!

3. What to do if your application is rejected?
If your application is rejected you can reapply with a co-applicant or another co-applicant with better credit.

4. Funding amounts
You may receive full or partial funding for surgery. The better your credit or the better the credit of your co-applicant then the more funding you can expect.

5. United Medical Credit Patient Direct Loan Program
Consider applying for United Medical Credit’s Patient Direct Loan Program. If you are approved then the loan is deposited directly into your bank account before surgery and you can pay our office as if you were paying directly for your reversal surgery. You can also use this money to pay for any surgery related expenses.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Can my tubes become untied without a procedure?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Tubes dont come untied. You will need tubal reversal to become pregnant. Tubal ligation failure can happen but the chance of your tubal ligation failing is less than 1%. Call us at (919) 968-4656 8am to 5pm eastern standard time and we would be happy to speak with you.

      The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

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