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HSG Hysterosalpingogram Testing For Assessing Tubal Patency

If you are not pregnant within 6-12 months following surgery, Dr. Berger will recommend an HSG (hysterosalpingogram). Although HSG testing is the best method available for assessing tubal patency. In this excerpt from the Tubal Reversal Message Board Cathy Newton, RN, discusses the pros and cons of HSG testing to determine tubal patency and offers tips on increasing the chances for a successful test.

Author Topic: Tips For Post Tubal Reversal HSG
Cathy Newton, RN I'm going to invent a test to find out if the tubes are open or not that will be easier, safer and more reliable than HSG! We had a patient that came all the way here for a repeat surgery today because her HSG showed that her tubes were blocked at Dr. Berger's repair sites. Dr. Berger reviewed the films and agreed. He started her out with a hydrotubation and sure enough....her tubes were WIDE OPEN! This is, of course, GREAT NEWS but it would have been so nice if her HSG had been done properly so that she could have saved the trip. Remember these tips when going for your HSG and by all means, discuss them with the doctor doing the test (print this and take it with you!)...

1. Don't rush the test: The impact of the dye being pushed into the uterus can cause the tube to spasm and not allow the dye to enter.
2. If dye doesn't enter tube, dont stop and assume tubes are blocked: You should rest a second, rock hips from side to side and then the doctor should begin pushing the dye again.
3. Use enough dye: Often the uterus will fill, dye will go partway into the tube and stop. Sometimes it isn't because the tube is blocked but because there wasn't enough dye being used!! The doctor can can get some more. (This may have been what happened with today's case)
4. Take an antibiotic so that you don't run the risk of infection: If your tubes become infected because of HSG, they most likely WILL develop scar tissue and get blocked!! This is the reason we don't recommend HSG soon after TR.

Good luck with your HSGs, ladies! Don't forget to send the films and reports here for Dr. Berger to look at. And remember, if the doctor/radiologist tells you that your tubes are blocked, don't panic, all too often they are wrong!

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center
randyandjen You go for it Cathy. [Big Grin]

Dye went in my right tube, but it didn't spill. They marked it as closed. Never did send my x-rays to Dr. Berger though, I was happy with the left one open.

I got pregnant from only one follicle developing on my right ovary. Hmmm...I guess my right tube is wide open.
Anne-Wietske Yeah Cathy, can't wait for that new test!!!! My surprise BFP (and subsequent miscarriage) after I was told my tube was blocked prevented me from having a second surgery, thank God. I feel for that poor woman, what a trip to take and then surgery only to find out her tubes are fine....
AJACQUES Thank you Cathy, I'm going to start a journal of all of the useful information that is posted on here, that way I won't panic when it's my turn. I find it amazing that all of these women are experiencing the same feelings and emotions, it's an emotional and physical roller coaster and I know only being 1 week Post TR, I'll know doubt be experiencing myself all too soon! Thanks for your insight.
KimSmi I went back to CH a 2nd time with the knowledge (and hope, maybe) that Dr. Berger would find my HSG was wrong. In my case, my tubes actually were blocked, but we knew there was a chance they might be open because we'd heard of this happening to other patients. Dr. Berger did the hydrotubation and then proceeded to repair me again.

I hope the lady from yesterday takes some comfort from the fact that she didn't have to lose any length from her tubes. In my case, my shorter tube wasn't repairable the 2nd time, so it would have made the difference between two tubes vs. one tube.

I actually loved having the chance to go to CHTRC two times [Smile] Not the blockage part, but the whole TR experience over again!

TR 1: 6-27-05
TR 2: 1-30-06
Amy Francis Cathy,

We are all a testiment to this sad fact. I went for an HSG after my TR and was told "both tubes are blocked". Dr. B reviewed and said, "Nope, left is wide open, right is questionable"

Over a year later I got my first BFP and found out it was ectopic - IN THE RIGHT TUBE!!

How can this be their "full time job" and yet so few doctors performing this procedure have a clue what they are doing? How many poor women without our support group go for fertility treatment to be told their tubes are blocked when they really are not, but they don't know any better than to question it??

You know, it just goes to show that this is a very infantile area of research and that we as a society and as a group of women owe it to our non-TR sisters to push for more research, more training and more discoveries in the field of fertility.

Quiet frankly, if I had to take a wild stab at it, I would say that 85% of the "fertility issues" identified by doctors are more related to our diets, the chemicals we are exposed to in the air and our food, etc.

I say we all fight back by getting into shape, eating organic foods and refusing to cave to conventional medicine.

Let's prove them all wrong - having a TR is not an ectopic "sentence". Giving up is!

fsutears4 Well said Amy.
I feel motivated and charged after reading your post. Christie
annmarie1228 You know I never really knew what the phrase "The Miracle of Birth" meant until I started this journey. After reading everyone's stories and expeeriencing things myself, I understand what it means. It really truely is a miracle anyone gets pg and has a great 9 months and finally a healthy birth. I didn't realize just how special the whole process is. I think I took getting pg for granted
Amy Francis Lol - thanks Christie. I have good days, I have bad days - we all do I guess [Smile] One thing is for sure...when we were 20 and pregnant none of this ever crossed our minds. We were more fertile or just too stupid to think we might have problems? I know I breezed right through two pregnancies and never asked any questions at all...

Maybe we need to get back to our grass roots (like the days when women squatted in a rice patty to give birth!) Maybe we need to stop this "race against time" to have babies and just do what comes naturally. Eat well, exercise, bd and enjoy life...

Seems to work like crazy for teenagers and I find it hard to believe their bodies are just better prepared for pregnancy. At 20 I looked like a 12 year old boy...I sure look a lot more like a woman now and I have to believe that means my body is even more capable of getting pregnant and sustaining it as long as I take care of myself.

I believe we can all get pregnant after Dr. B's magic - if we eat well, stay fit and don't stress - I'm not giving up until I go one full year without a menstrual cycle!...

Then I'm retiring and moving to the French Riviera and looking forward to my kids to come visit at their convenience (but reminding them they must take the grandchildren right back home with them ).

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