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WannabeWell Hello Ladies - I am new to this board, and here's my story... My tubal ligation was done 2 yrs ago. Within 1 month of TL, I noticed the following symptoms: 23 day menstrual cycles (used to be 30), complete loss of sex drive and sexual function, weight gain in upper body despite healthy eating and exercise, depression, mood swings, PMS, cramps in the middle of my cycle, "pinching" pains in my abdomen, and worst of all - very tender, sore breasts and nipples - so sore that it can hurt to have my shirt rub them. This last problem, combined with less than zero sex drive, has caused my relationship with my husband to suffer immensely - causing more depression - we have really suffered from all this...

I have been to 2 OB-GYNs (including the one who performed the TL), an endocrinologist, an herbalist, and a doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement (based on being told the above problems were caused by "hormone imbalance", "peri-menopause", "estrogen dominance", "aging" and/or "adrenal fatigue"). Over the past 2 years, I have tried everything to cure myself - adrenal support supplements, progesterone cream, testosterone cream, DHEA, thyroid, organic diet, etc. Despite all of this, my symptoms have worsened...

Although my TL doctor insists my problems were NOT related to the TL procedure, I became convinced that they had to be because of the timing - it all began immediately after the TL. I just found out about PTLS online and finally realized what the true cause of these problems has been all along, and of course I'm very upset that I wasn't told about PTLS before having TL...

It seems like lots of women have been relieved of PTLS by having tubal reversal. If anyone out there has experienced relief of any of these same symptoms after TR, I would REALLY love to know about it!! Thank you so much! I just want to be well... to feel alive again, to feel like a woman again, to have my body back and to have my life back. Maybe there's hope with TR?
PTLSBITES I second that !!! I would love to hear from anyone who has had RELIEF after TR .... [Smile] I too suffer from PTLS sucks , it runs my life ..I WANT MY LIFE BACK ..i want my kids and new hubby to not think i am a MONSTER ...i want to be alive as well , and FEEL GOOD AGAIN !!!
Blessings I am your lady!!! I had a TL done after the birth of my last child in 2001. Imediately following my sugery I started having all kinds of problems.
I saw several Drs., they ran tests and all told me that I was just aging and that I was normal.
I was anything but normal. You name I had it.
Well, in march 06 I had my TR. !!!!! [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
From the very first cycle after my TR I was back to normal as I could be. I can not express the feeling I have had each month to see that every single symptom I had go...I now have none!!!
I actually want to have sex....WOW!
My husband and my children all see the change in me.
I am truly grateful for Dr. Berger listening to us crazy women about our bodies.
His team is awesome and I hope both of you can have this done in the near future. You will not regret it all.
Feel free to respond to me if you have any questions.
Blessings, Christie
PTLSBITES Hi there blessings , i have a question did you ever get dizzy , off balence or anxiety ???Just wondering ..i have alot of these and just wondering if anyone else had the same ....I want so badly to be NORMAL again ...and i can't beleive all the doctors that tell women they are normal , when HELLO our bodies we know we are not ok , or feel normal 24 they told me it was cause i was getting older ...BS..anywyas just a question ! Thanks
Blessings I had anxiety really bad...they wanted to put me on meds. I declined only because I had never had this problem before and nothing happened in my life personally to bring this on. As far as I did not have that issue. I had weight gain, hair loss, sleep issues, fits of rage, crying all the time, no sex drive,depression,horrible, horrible periods...painful during sex..this is gone!!! Who would think that a TL could cause pain during sex. I saw my DR. 3 times for this and now it is gone!
Anyway, I can't think of much else but, I do know that I feel 100 % better now.
Hope this helps.
Christie [Love]
stephg124ny I had mood swings and loss of sex drive as well. I also had AF's that would last for 9-10 days! The worst part for me was the terrible migraine headaches. I used to be hospitalized for them. I, too, was told it was because I was aging. I thought that was a little odd considering I was only 23!!! I had my TR in 11/04 and have not had a migraine like that since! I also feel more "even", rather than emotionally all over the place. HTH!!!

Steph [Smile]
WannabeWell Hi Christie and Steph - Thanks so much for your replies! It is such a relief to know others have become symptom free after their TR. I trust what real women have to say about their experience far more than the established medical community. I still need to work through the sadness and anger of losing 2 years of my life [Frown] [Mad] ... I had been single for most of my 30's and then I finally met my wonderful man when I was 41. [Big Grin] I had the TL done only 1 month after we started dating because BCPs make me sick. My PTLS began immediately, so this poor guy only got to experience the "real me" for 1 month! [Eek!] He has hung in there though, and has been very supportive, even though it's been almost as hard on him as on me. Does anyone know if there's a support board for "husbands of women with PTLS"? [Wink] Again ladies, thanks for sharing your stories - you have really given me some hope!! I do plan to have the TR done in Nov. or Dec.

-Karen [Kiss]
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