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Hey Ladies, I too have had the symtoms after Tubal Ligation. Such as, heavy bleeding, painful ovulation, depression and shocking pains in ovary. I never knew any of this before my TL. So hopefully some day i`ll get my TR.

At least I know I was not imagining these symtoms. I`ll be back. Take care everyone, LyndaPhyrn
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I have been on the pill for the last 3 yrs due to cysts. Not only do they take care of my cyst problem but also all the AF syptoms (heavy bleeding, moodswings and so on). I will warn you after being on them for so long I started to get different symptoms (the last 2 months I really felt like I was preg, what a joke on the pill and fixed but still feel pregnant). I went off of them last month and havent had the bad symptoms yet.

Hope this helps

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Does anyone know if being on the pill helps for symptoms of TL?
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okay, i'll stick my two cents in here.....for what it's worth !!

i had my TL in 97 at the age of 30. i immediately began having extended periods, they went from 3 days tops to 7 days bleeding and spotting for the next week. AF ended up being over two weeks every month. boy, did that do wonders for my sex life ?

additionally, i went through mood swings (but that could have been because of the lack of sex!), fatigue, weight gain, facial hair, severe pains when ovulating, etc.

i went to the doctor many times and each and every time was told, "well, you just turned 30, this is what it is like !!".....ARGH !!

sadly, the relationship i was in at the time with the gentleman that i had decided i would be spending the rest of my life with fell by the wayside i feel as a direct result of the personality change i incurred due to the TL. don't get me wrong, there were other factors involved but the change in myself was amazing. and discouraging !!

anyway, i met a great guy. we chose to have the TR performed for the chance of having a child and, low and behold, within one months time i feel like a new woman. until i got pregnant 5 weeks after the TR i couldn't get enough of him !!!

my moods are much better, i am still tired but that is because of pregnancy and morning sickness. and i have noticed that even the facial hair is disappearing.

if you choose to do this please take it easy on yourself and do not stress regarding a quick pregnancy. just enjoy the change that hopefully you will notice quickly. i/we didn't expect to get pregnant for at least 18+ months and were simply planning our lives, buying a house, getting married, bought a hot-tub, i took on a new demanding job, etc. boom, we got lucky !! i am now 16 weeks and getting married this saturday. we have a new house, i do not work due to extreme morning sickness and i can't get into our new hot-tub !!! BOO !!

best of luck to you !!!


sorry so long, just wanted to let you know how it affected my life !!!!!
TR 05/27/03
EDD 03/24/04
TL 11/97
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