Tubal Reversal Study Report 2005

Comments about tubal reversal statistics

Dr. Berger is a reproductive surgeon and epidemiologist at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Gary S. Berger, MD
Medical Director

Notice of study update

The following is Dr. Berger's report from 2005. The corresponding page of an updated report can be seen in the Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Study 2009.

Tubal reversal statistics

On the Internet, claims about tubal reversal pregnancy rates are often made without supporting information or documentation - such as a description of the patient population, study method, and follow-up interval. Most internet sites about tubal reversal do not provide any factual data at all. Any doctor may say that his patients have a particular success rate, but supporting the claim with actual data involves considerable effort. Performing a follow-up study such as this one requires keeping an accurate record of patients and their findings, as well as maintaining ongoing patient contact to determine the outcomes of treatment. That is the only way a doctor can actually know what the pregnancy and outcome statistics are for his patients. Without this detailed type of information, the accuracy of any claim of success rates should be questioned.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

At Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, nurses enter information into an electronic patient database at the patient's registration, the surgical procedure, and from regular post-operative communications with our staff.

If we have not heard from patients after their recovery from surgery, our nurses contact them at 6 and 12 month intervals. We know of no other doctor, hospital, or clinic that maintains such ongoing patient follow-up records after tubal reversal surgeries.

Pregnancy under reporting

Although patients are encouraged to inform us when they have a positive pregnancy test, we have no assurance that all pregnancies have been reported to us. In some cases, patients are "lost to follow-up" after surgery. This occurs when patients move or change email address and telephone numbers but do not provide their new contact information to us. In these cases, we may not find out about the long term outcomes of their tubal reversal procedures. From the women who do remain in contact with us over the long term, we know that new pregnancies keep occuring with passing time after surgery. The pregnancy rates reported in this study, therefore, are minimal estimates of the cumulative pregnancy rates after tubal reversal surgery by Dr. Berger at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

Tubal reversal study 2005

This report is presented in the following sections:

Tubal Reversal Anesthesia - What To Expect

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