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Watch Tubal Reversal Surgery

How Fertility is Restored Through Outpatient Tubal Reversal (Video not available at this time) This video clip comes from a Discovery Channel production featuring the tubal reversal procedure that I perform. The film crew followed Deborah and Paul Martinez as they proceeded through their tubal reversal journey. The operation was filmed in its entirety and […]

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Tubal Reversal Success

People often wonder “If I do get the tubal reversal procedure done, what are the chances I’ll conceive?” Dr. Berger is the only doctor who tracks his specific success rate – others doctors will just quote what has been published elsewhere or what they think the success rate should be. Dr. Berger has taken the time […]

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Why This Blog

This blog is to share observations, experiences, and thoughts about tubal ligation reversal developed over the 30 years I have been performing tubal surgery. Others are welcome to contribute their own ideas, opinions, and questions. Charles Monteith, M.D. Medical Director A Personal Choice 3613 Haworth Drive Raleigh, NC 27609

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