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No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure: Meet The Newest Doc In Town!

his-choice-vasectomy-is-new-vasectomy-procedure-for-men-to-pick-fromIf you’ve been in search of cutting-edge vasectomy techniques, look no further than His Choice No Cut Vasectomy of Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

One of the latest advancements in no scalpel vasectomy procedures, His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is now available in the Chapel Hill Durham region.

The His Choice No Scalpel Vasectomy procedure is an office based vasectomy procedure that can be performed in a single visit, without using a needle and without using a scalpel. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

The procedure is only about 15 minutes. You will be back in action in 48 hours.

Newest No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure: Who is this doctor?

The provider of this innovative procedure is Dr. Matthew Zerden. He is the Medical Director of His Choice Vasectomy in Durham and Chapel Hill.

Dr. Zerden is a Women’s Health Care specialist who understands the impact of unplanned pregnancies on women, men, and couples.

dr-zerden-offerring-the newest-no-scalpel-vasectomy-procedure-in-durham-ncDr. Zerden has witnessed both beautiful and sad things in the field of reproduction. He has delivered many healthy babies but he has also seen women suffer very serious medical complications from pregnancy. Unfortunately he has also witnessed maternal deaths.

It is with this experience that Dr. Zerden desired to do more to help couples prevent complications from unplanned pregnancies. He learned one of the newest no scalpel vasectomy procedures and now offers these service to the men of Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Zerden’s journey toward offering vasectomy services began in 2009, and his experience in women’s health care motivated him to expand his practice to include male contraception. As a Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, he’s deeply committed to providing men with a safer and simpler option for reproductive control.

Dr. Zerden’s personal experience with vasectomy further fueled his dedication to the procedure. The introduction of the His Choice No Cut Vasectomy came from his firsthand understanding of its benefits. This procedure not only offers men a direct way to contribute to contraception but also relieves women from the burden of hormonal treatments or more invasive surgical options.

He takes pride in introducing the His Choice No Cut Vasectomy, a minimally invasive technique that offers men a safe and highly effective method of permanent birth control.

What is different about a His Choice No Cut procedure?

His Choice No Cut vasectomy does not require a needle for anesthesia. The local anesthetic is administered through the skin using a hand held air injector. Most men describe the anesthesia administration like getting lightly tapped on the skin with a rubber band.

The air injector pushes the anesthetic through the skin. This is why a needle is not required.

His Choice No cut vasectomy does not require a scalpel to make a skin opening. During this vasectomy procedure a single spread opening is made in the center of the scrotal skin. The skin is gently spread open to about the size of a ‘tic-tac’ candy. The skin edges then squeeze back together within 24 hours. Sutures are not required.

His Choice No cut vasectomy is a minimally invasive vasectomy procedure. What does this mean?

Minimally invasive means only one single opening is made in the middle of the scrotum. It also means nothing is removed from your body during this procedure. Simply put no part of your vas deferens tube are cut and removed. The vas deferens is closed with cautery (thermal energy) . The upper and lower ends are divided and separated…but nothing is removed.

This is one of the reasons men are back on their feet within 48 hours.

Vasectomy for men: Much safer than tubal ligation for women

Unlike tubal ligation, which involves multiple visits and an anesthesia consultation, the His Choice vasectomy is a straightforward office-based procedure. It’s performed under local anesthesia and typically takes around 48 hours for recovery.

The failure rate of His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is impressively low, making it an extremely reliable choice for permanent contraception.

The failure rate for tubal ligation is much higher than the failure rate for vasectomy. The tubal ligation failure rate can be as high as 1 out of ever 150 procedures. If tubal ligation fails women often get a serious life threatening pregnancy stuck in the fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy.

The failure rate for His Choice Vasectomy is about 1 out of every 10,000 procedures! If this vasectomy fails the worse thing that could happen would be the man’s partner would get a normal pregnancy in the uterus.

Vasectomy has the lowest failure rate of any permanent birth control procedure.

Learn more about the newest no scalpel vasectomy procedure

his-choice-no-needle-no-scalpel-minimally-invasive-vasectomy-procedureHis Choice No Cut Vasectomy is a groundbreaking advancement in permanent birth control.

Led by Dr. Matthew Zerden, His Choice Vasectomy of Durham and Chapel Hill offers a safe, convenient, and modern option for men seeking reproductive control. With its minimal invasiveness, quick recovery, and proven effectiveness, the His Choice vasectomy procedure stands as a remarkable choice for individuals seeking a reliable and hassle-free form of contraception.

More information: Watch videos about the newest no scalpel vasectomy procedure

This revolutionary vasectomy procedure can be completed in a single office visit and offers numerous benefits. It eliminates the need for a needle for anesthesia and avoids the use of a scalpel to make an incision on the scrotal skin. The convenience and simplicity of this approach are truly remarkable.

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