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Pain After Having Tubes Tied: A Symptom of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome?

Women come from all over the world to A Personal Choice for reversing tied tubes – or more correctly put in medical terms, to have a tubal anastomosis. The majority of our patients desire sterilization reversal so they may naturally conceive more children. Many others, however, have ligation reversals to feel more complete again and/or to alleviate symptoms that have occurred after their surgical sterilization procedure. These patients report new physical and psychological symptoms after undergoing tubal ligation – symptoms that have been described as Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS).

Symptoms of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

There are many symptoms attributable to PTLS. The most predominant symptoms are:

• Menstrual pattern changesWomens with PTLS Symptoms
• Painful periods
• Hot flashes
• Irritability
• Mood swings
• Insomnia
• Decreased sex drive
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Memory changes

Does PTLS really exist?

The existence of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome has been very controversial within the medical community. Early medical studies suggested that some sterilized women (women who had their tubes tied) had abrupt changes in bodily symptoms after their surgical procedures. These physical and mental changes were called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

PTLS has been widely talked about by both women and medical professionals. Currently, PTLS information, advice, and ‘expert’ commentary saturate the internet. Conspiracy theories are prominent. Some people even believe sterilization is being forced upon women and there is a conspiracy, or lack of serious medical counseling, regarding the symptoms of PTLS.

More recent medical research has demonstrated that women do have changes in their menstrual patterns after tubal ligation; however, these changes are not as dramatic or as widespread as have been suggested in the past.

Observations from the Tubal Reversal Center

The tubal ligation reversal experts at A Personal Choice provide sterilization reversal to a large number of women from across the world. We also counsel and treat a substantial number of women who attribute their worsening menstrual patterns to their tubal ligation procedures. These patients report a multitude of PTLS symptoms.A Personal Choice

We like for our patients to be well-informed. Since women seeking relief of PTLS represent an increasing percentage of the patient population we care for, we would like to dedicate a series of informative blog articles discussing the concept of PTLS. More specifically, we would like to discuss the common medical reasons for new symptoms noticed after tubal ligation, current understanding about PTLS, and common psychological conditions which can mimic PTLS.

This is the first article in a fourteen part series. Our second article in this series is Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome: Past and Present.

Readers can also view patient submitted stories about their menstrual symptoms, reasons for reversing tubal ligation, and outcomes after reversal reversal surgery. Each patient’s story is listed below:

Meet Momzilla
Meet Andrea
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Meet Katherine

We invite readers to join the Tubal Reversal Message Board to discuss and share their personal experiences with tubal ligation. Feel free to contribute to our PTLS forum dedicated to patients who have personal insight into worsening symptoms after undergoing tubal ligation. Women are also invited to have discussions on our Tubal Reversal Facebook page.

Editorial Comment

The decision to add a series of articles about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome on the Tubal Reversal Blog was prompted by requests and suggestions of many of our tubal reversal patients. Most doctors have been taught that no such entity as PTLS exists, much to the exasperation of women who are suffering from symptoms that began after a tubal sterilization. This series of blog articles will allow individuals to report about their personal experiences and case histories. Then, articles from the medical literature will be reviewed and discussed. Hopefully, this approach will help explain the discrepancy between what individual women have experienced and what medical doctors think about this complex subject. I encourage both patients and medical professionals to contribute their insights and opinions to this important series of articles.

Gary S. Berger, MD
Medical Director
A Personal Choice

129 thoughts on “Pain After Having Tubes Tied: A Symptom of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome?”

  1. Nicole Barnette says:

    I’m just in same boat as marine wife 1003. Does tricare standard cover any of this as my husband is a retired marine. I’m 34 almost 35 had tubal in 05 am horridly depressed all the time and desire for baby is crazy

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Tricare does not cover tubal reversal.

  2. Jennifer may says:

    Long story short I’m a single mother of 2 teenage daughters. I didn’t want any more children had a tubal at the age of 20yrs. I am undecided if I want more children’ but suffer from horrible ptls.
    I dont have the money for a tubal reversal because I’m still in college and paying for my kids schooling as well. End of story if your considering a tubal ligation don’t. They don’t warn you about the side effects that haunt you for years and years to come.

  3. Lisa says:

    I had my tubes tied nearly 9yrs ago at the age of 25. I had them done after the birth of my 4th child, emergency c-section. I had my mother and family doc tell me that it should be done, but who are they to play God? I agreed as having 4 children in 5 years took its toll physically and I was in a vulnerable state. Now…I feel like crap for doing it. My periods hurt to the point of crippling me, theyre heavier, last longer and Im moodier just before I get them. I too feel uncomfortable after sex with my husband. My body wants another child and so do I. But, I cant have anymore because of that stupid procedure! If we were only meant to have small families, God wouldve made it so! But He made us so we could bear lots of children. Or we would have menopause younger. I feel that having the TL made me interfere with the natural course of life. Im married with 4 beautiful children, but even they tell me that I should have more. Its heart and gut wrenching knowing that its not possible. I have cried prayed and asked the Lord to open my womb and let me carry another child for it is my hearts desire.

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      If you contact us we can help you (919)968-4656.

  4. kimmy saint says:

    I had my tubes tied at the age of 21. I was the young mother of two children, i was recently abandoned by their father and had been forced back on the door-step of the mentally abusive home I’d grown up in. Being so young I had no clue that I was making the BIGGEST mistake of my life. My mom reminded me daily that their father had left me with 2 kids and that I was worthless and should take drastic measures to ensure that I dont further ruin my life by being fertile. I knew that I loved my kids but it wasnt until I managed to get on my feet as a single mom did I realize just how much I loved being a mom. Not only did I love it but I was good at it. I am the mom that I never had and my kids are so happy and have the childhood that I longed for. Now at 32, Im married to a wonderful man that loves me and my 2 children so much. Hes an amazing father and desperately wants to grow our family. I prayed and asked God to please allow me to be that less tham 1% that becomes pregnant after having my tubes tied clipped and burned. I confessed that I was lost and thinking only with the hatred towards myself that was instilled in me as a child. God heard my prayers and I became pregnant. Unfortunately the pregnacy was etopic and after I complained to the Dr over and over that I thought that it was she convinced me that all was well. I wanted to be pregnant so bad that I just relished in the false hope and danger that she placed me in by ignoring my concerns. I was rushed to the ER right after what I was told by the Dr was the babies heart beat. The ER Dr’s told me that there was no time to discuss sparing my body if I wanted to save my life. My tube was removed and I was left with only one. That night in the hospital my husband cried more than me. I felt like such a failure and so undeserving of this wonderful man that deserves a wife that can give him a complete family. So here I am better now than I was immediately after the loss trying to figure out how i can give myself another chance at being a mom. Im also anxious to have the awful side effects of memory loss, menstrual pain, fatigue, and sadness leave me to began to live the life that my wonderful family is having around me. All I want is to carry my husbands child and to know what it feels like to conceive and raise a child from love. I currently have a life thats so ready to welcome a new addition (Me, hubby, son, daughter, and my dog)

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