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Best Tubal Reversal Doctors And Best Place For Tubal Reversal

The decision to have tubal reversal surgery is a big one. An even bigger decision is what doctor do you pick to do your tubal reversal surgery?

use-your-heart-when-picking-the-best-tubal-reversal-doctorsThese decisions should not be made lightly. You only have one chance to get it right.

You need to pick one of the best tubal reversal doctors for your reversal surgery. Even if you have to travel to another state to have surgery it will be worth it.

You will need to use your mind, heart, and purse to help you decide. Unfortunately, many people pick a doctor based on the cost of the surgery but if it does not work then what was the real cost of your decision?

Tubal reversal success depends on many factors: your age at the time of tubal reversal, the type of tubal ligation that was done, and the overall health of your fallopian tubes. These factors all contribute towards the success of tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal reversal surgery is not cheap. Do not give in to the temptation to go with the cheapest doctor you can find. You may regret your decision.

Many people do not realize one additional factor that plays a critical role in the success tubal reversal reversal surgery: the skill and experience of the reversal surgeon.

The best tubal reversal doctors are those who specialize exclusively in reversal surgery. You should take our advice because your chances of getting pregnant depend on your decision.

Who are the best tubal reversal doctors?

Dr. Monteith is widely known as one of the best tubal reversal doctors in the United States. Why?

He has dedicated his entire practice to the exclusive provision of tubal reversal surgery and vasectomy reversal surgery. He is a true specialist in every sense of the word.

He does not offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or other procedures. IVF is expensive. Tubal reversal is more affordable and allows you multiple chances to become pregnant. Many doctors advertise tubal reversal on their websites but really dont offer tubal reversal surgery…they only offer IVF.

Dr. Gary Berger pioneered affordable, outpatient tubal ligation reversal surgery and was featured on Discovery and The Learning Channel in the 1990’s. Dr. Berger was an IVF specialist who gave up IVF to exclusively offer tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Charles Monteith joined Dr. Berger in the early 2000’s. Together, Dr. Monteith and Dr Berger have performed over 12,000 tubal surgeries. Dr. Berger retired in 2013 and left Dr Monteith to carry on the good work of their affordable outpatient reversal surgery.

More information: Dr. Monteith America’s leading tubal reversal specialist

Dr. Monteith has been performing tubal reversal since 2008 and he has provided countless couples with the opportunity to become pregnant naturally after having their tubes tied.

See why Dr. Monteith is the best choice for tubal reversal

The video below should help you learn why Dr Monteith can give you the best chance at pregnancy success.

To see more tubal reversal videos: Tubal Reversal A Personal Choice YouTube channel

Having tubal reversal? Use your heart

If you read the countless testimonials and patient satisfaction messages left by the patients of Dr. Monteith it will be easy to use your heart in making your decision to have reversal surgery with him.

More info: Tubal reversal baby testimonials

More info: Patient satisfaction messages

Your heart should lead you in the right direction!

Best reversal Doctor: A new mom’s words

A recent patient submitted a testimonial about her reversal surgery experience with Dr. Monteith. The following is her testimony:

Words cannot be enough to express out gratefulness to Charles W. Monteith M.D.,

I married my husband in 2015 without the hope of us having children after I had burn and cut my tubes in 2009 ; were really depressing hopeless journey after trying for IVF and worse because IVF had failed for us. I didn’t want to give up!

mom-age-41-second-baby-after-reversing-burned-tubesI approached A Personal Choice like I did to many other clinics ; but it was something about A Personal Choice clinic that called my attention on a time of desperation of infertility, and it started how they were treating me like family; how easy the process was explained and handle via the phone.

I had the feeling that this clinic had something very uncommon and was that we finally found a clinic that was so invested in our situation, caring, loving and patient💕💙!

Charles W. Monteith is a miracle worker, a highly recommended doctor and the best tubal reversal doctor on planet Earth 🌍

We got pregnant a month after surgery with a beautiful healthy baby girl and after 2 years we got pregnant again with a beautiful healthy baby boy 😀

Thank you !!! Thank you !! May the lord continues to gift you with his power of changing families lives!

Patient age: 41
Tubal ligation type: Coagulation (burned)
Patient hometown: Hollywood, New York

If this testimony does not help you make a decision on who is one of the best reversal doctors to do your reversal surgery then nothing will!

Best Reversal Clinic: A Personal Choice Raleigh NC

When considering tubal reversal many women will have to decide where is the best place for reversing tubes. It only stands to reason that the best reversal doctor also works at the best tubal reversal clinic!

Every tubal reversal doctor has a website advertising tubal reversal surgery. You will also notice many of these doctors also advertise other treatments and procedures on their website. This is often a red flag that reversal surgery may not be their exclusive speciality.

Many doctors advertise tubal reversal but really do not perform tubal reversal surgery. Many of these doctors specialize in IVF. If they do offer tubal reversal they take their patients to local hospitals for reversal surgeries. Tubal reversal surgery when done in a hospital can cost $20,000 to $30,000. This is why they dont do many reversal surgeries.

Dr. Monteith performs all of his surgeries in the operating room of his speciality center. This allows him to offer patients an affordable alternative to hospital based tubal reversal surgery.

The following video provides a personal tour of Dr. Monteith’s specialty center.

To see more tubal reversal videos: Tubal Reversal A Personal Choice YouTube channel

Tubal reversal success rate: Use your head

Dr. Monteith is the only surgeon who has maintained extensive statistics on the success rates of his surgeries. You will not see these statistics from other reversal doctors.

More information: Dr. Monteith tubal reversal success rates

Many women who initially inquire with their primary doctors about tubal ligation reversal are often frustrated or disappointed because they are told tubal reversal will not work. They are only offered in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as the only option to have another baby.

The fact of the matter is most doctors are unfamiliar with the statistics and success of tubal reversal surgery at A Personal Choice. Tubal reversal can be more successful than IVF for most couples. The tubal reversal success rate achieved by Dr. Monteith’s patients averages 66%.

The cost of tubal reversal surgery at A Personal Choice is a lot less than the cost of a single cycle of IVF.

More information: Cost of tubal ligation reversal surgery

The alternative treatment of in-vitro fertilization has a 35% pregnancy rate per each cycle of in-vitro and the cost of a single cycle averages $14,000 in the US.

Women should not always believe what they are told about the poor success of tubal reversal and should not give in to the pressure to have in-vitro fertilization if this treatment is not their desire.

Best tubal reversal doctor: Dr. Charles Monteith of A Personal Choice Raleigh NC

dr-monteith-is-one-of-the-best-tubal-reversal-doctorsIf you want to become pregnant after a tubal ligation and you do not want to have in-vitro fertilization, then you should consider making the choice that over 12,000 other women have made.

Travel to see Dr. Monteith for tubal reversal surgery. He is one of the best tubal reversal doctors working in one of the best clinics for tubal reversal.

His constantly updated pregnancy testimonials and patient satisfaction messages provide proof he is one of the best tubal reversal doctors, operating in one of the best tubal reversal centers to help his patients realize their hopes of becoming pregnant naturally after their tubes have been tied.

For more information readers are encouraged to call (919) 977-5050 to speak with a Tubal Reversal Nurse for about the success of tubal ligation reversal.

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