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Affordable Reversal Surgery: Bess Did It!


Nurse Hamer (far left), Bess (center), Tim (green John Deere hat), Dr. Monteith kneeling

If you are looking for an affordable reversal surgery then follow Bess’s example by starting a Tubal Reversal Prepayment account at A Personal Choice.

Bess shared her story of her tubal ligation and reasons for reversal in the first blog,
Low Cost Tubal Reversal Surgery: $4500.

Bess traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Tim. Together they flew from Illinois.

Bess had her preoperative appointment with Dr. Monteith on the first day and her tubal reversal surgery on the second day.

On the third day Bess had her follow-up appointment with Dr. Monteith to discuss the results of her tubal reversal surgery. This photo was taken the day after Bess’s reversal surgery.

Postoperative Tubal Reversal Follow Up

Bess returned to the reversal center in a private car service offered to patients by the Hyatt House Raleigh. She was checked in by our Business office staff.

Nurse Hamer escorted Bess and Tim to the nurse’s station where she took her vital signs. She then took Bess and Tim to the exam room and performed a dressing change and a cleaning of the surgical incision.

Nurse Hamer provided Bess and Tim with postoperative instructions on how to care for the incision and what to be concerned about after surgery. A very important aspect of this nursing visit is to review incision care and also to make sure the prescribed pain medication is working as well as it should.

Bess was doing great! Her pain was reported at a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 and she was not having any trouble taking her medication.

Bess and Tim then went to the consultation room to meet with Dr. Monteith.

Tubal Reversal Consultation

Dr. Monteith meets with all patients and their responsible adults immediately after surgery and the day after surgery. The purpose of the second meeting is to provide a quiet time to sit down when the patient is not under the influence of anesthesia to review the surgical findings and events at the time of surgery.

Dr. Monteith will review what was seen at the time of surgery and the health of the tubes and ovaries. He will then review the repaired fallopian tube lengths and answer any questions about surgery, after surgery, or getting pregnant.

An important aspect of this consultation is each patient is given a copy of their operative note and a letter of recommendations for after tubal reversal surgery. This same information is also emailed to each patient so they can have an electronic copy of their record and also faxed to the patient’s doctor. This helps to ensure each patient will get optimal care when they return home to see their local doctors.

Bess was doing really well. She was able to eat dinner the night of surgery and also managed to eat a decent omelet at the hotel’s breakfast bar! She was walking, talking, and ready to return home!

Tubal Reversal Recovery: Instructions For Bess

Patients are advised they should not drive within 5 days after surgery or while taking the stronger pain medication. They can return to light duty work within 7 to 10 days but they should not lift anything over 15 lbs during the first four weeks. We also advise patients they can return to sexual activity and attempt to become pregnant as soon as they feel comfortable after tubal reversal surgery.

Bess was doing great and Tim was supportive, helpful, and attentive. He was a great nurse!

If he ever wants to stop farming we think he would have a great career in health care. He would have to lose the John Deere hat though!

Affordable Tubal Surgery: How It Works

If you want affordable reversal surgery then you should consider starting a Reversal Prepayment Account (RPA).

reduced rate tubal reversalThe RPA lets you gradually save towards surgery over time.

As an RPA member you will receive an email on the first of every month letting you know if a reduced rate affordable reversal surgery price is available within the next 2 months. The amount of discount you will receive depends on how soon the opening is available. Patients who are able to take openings within 3 weeks will likely receive better discounts than when openings are further away.

As one of the first RPA members to be offered affordable reversal surgery Bess received a $1,400 discount off of the total reversal cost of $5,900.

For more information: Opening A Reversal Prepayment Account

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