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This section of our website is devoted to providing more in-depth medical information regarding tubal ligation reversal, Essure reversal, and Essure coil removal for the health care providers of our patients. Whether you are a referring health care provider or a potential patient seeking more in-depth information about tubal surgery at our center, we have created this section to provide you with more detailed medical information about the services we provide.

We will continually update this section of our website with any interesting findings or current information on the services we provide.

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22 thoughts on “For Physicians”

  1. I want a tubal reversal I have clamps is this possible and how much would it cost and do I have an actual chance of getting pregnant

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Tubal reversal of clips would provide you an EXCELLENT chance at getting pregnant. The total cost is $6400. Your chance could be as high as 80% but depends on your age. If you are younger than 42 you should have good chances at becoming pregnant.

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