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A Hawaii Tubal Reversal Baby Added To Our Family!
Testimonial #1857

October 05, 2015 9 Comments.

I can’t be more in love with this baby! I am so grateful for the chance I got to have not one… but two more babies!! Wahiawa, Hawaii

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Tennessee Tubal Reversal Baby: Another Happy Family!
Testimonial #1856

October 01, 2015 9 Comments.

We are very happy and excited about our newest addition to our family! It is such a blessing and we are forever grateful for Dr Monteith and staff! Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Miracle Baby Has Finally Arrived!
Testimonial #1855

September 25, 2015 10 Comments.

Thanks to Dr. Monteith and his wonderful team for the fabulous job they did, our miracle baby is finally here and we couldn’t be happier. Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Fimbriectomy Tubal Reversal Can Be Successful!
Testimonial #1854

September 23, 2015 9 Comments.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We have been blessed because of your gifted hands and talent. Donegal, Pennsylvania

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Two Tubal Reversal Babies From Pennsylvania!
Testimonial #1853

September 21, 2015 9 Comments.

Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me. I now have two tubal reversal babies. Hanover, Pennsylvania

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A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal: Miracles Are Possible!
Testimonial #1852

September 17, 2015 10 Comments.

With Dr. Monteith and staff, my family and I were blessed to be able to welcome our first baby girl into the family. “Miracles are possible at A Personal Choice.” Nashville, North Carolina

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Our Second Essure Reversal Baby Emily Ann
Testimonial #1851

September 08, 2015 10 Comments.

Words can never describe our joy. My husband and I were told we would never be able to conceive again. Two babies later that proved not to be true. Fall River, Massachusetts

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Tubal Reversal NC: Second Reversal Baby On The Way!
Testimonial #1850

September 03, 2015 7 Comments.

I got pregnant our first month of trying trying! I’m pregnant again and we can’t wait to get another t-shirt to add to our collection! Sanford, North Carolina

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Traveling From South Dakota For Tubal Reversal Success!
Testimonial #1849

August 31, 2015 9 Comments.

This is our second addition since my surgery, we are very happy to add to our family. Our five boys very happy to finally have a sister. Rapid City, South Dakota

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Traveling From New York For A Tubal Reversal Surgery Miracle!
Testimonial #1848

August 25, 2015 8 Comments.

From our tubal reversal surgery to the birth of our beautiful baby girl we only had to wait a year! She truly is a miracle and we are grateful for your work in this special new life! Williamson, New York

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