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Many Ohio tubal reversal patients travel to see Dr. Monteith

Tubal Reversal Ohio: Expanding The Family in Raleigh NC Testimonial #1784

March 02, 2015 7 Comments.

Dr. Monteith…Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to expand our family! Warren, Ohio

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tubal reversal surgery provides miracles

Best Thing About Tubal Reversal Surgery?
Testimonial #1783

February 27, 2015 7 Comments.

We came to A Personal Choice wanting a miracle and that is exactly what we got. Our little one is perfect and we are so thankful to you for helping us. Greenwood, South Carolina

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reversing tubes after visiting Lizard Lick Towing

Reversing Tubes And Lizard Lick Towing? What They Have In Common – Testimonial #1782

February 25, 2015 9 Comments.

Breighlyn is definitely a miracle and we couldn’t be more happy. From the time of my reversal to the day my daughter was born, was 42 weeks and 2 days. I would highly recommend A Personal Choice to anyone considering tubal reversal surgery. Mt. Morris, Michigan

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chances of pregnancy after reversing tubes

Multiple Pregnancy Chances of Pregnancy After Reversing Tubes – Testimonial #1781

February 23, 2015 9 Comments.

This is our second tubal reversal baby! Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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Two Ohio tubal reversal babies born after clip reversal

Update on Our Second Ohio Tubal Reversal Baby – Testimonial #1780

February 20, 2015 10 Comments.

I’m not sure if I let you know about our second child born after reversal surgery. We are so grateful for this center, Dr. Monteith and of course God for blessing us with two amazing little miracles. Sidney, Ohio

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tubal reversal NJ baby from A Personal Choice

Tubal Reversal NJ: Traveling To Raleigh For Tubal Clip Reversal – Testimonial #1779

February 19, 2015 10 Comments.

Our baby is here and we are so thankful and feel so blessed! He couldn’t be more perfect and we are so in love !!!

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miracle tubal reversal baby from West Virginia

Meet Our Little Tubal Reversal Miracle Baby – Testimonial # 1778

February 17, 2015 4 Comments.

Thank you! We were blessed with another baby. Carmyn is our little Monteith miracle baby!

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indiana tubal reversal baby

Tubal Reversal Indiana: Reversing Coagulation – Testimonial #1777

February 15, 2015 8 Comments.

Introducing Jasmine Grace born December 17th 2014 after reversal of burned tubes. Brookston, Indiana

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Traveling From Iowa For Tubal Reversal: It Was Worth It! – Testimonial #1776

February 13, 2015 7 Comments.

We are so thankful to God and the talent of Dr. Monteith! We are so blessed to be snugging our beautiful baby Louie. Thank you to all the wonderful staff and Dr. Monteith for the positive experience. Watson, Iowa

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Reversing tubal rings after traveling from Alabama

Tubal Reversal Alabama: Thanks Dr. Monteith for 2 Reversal Babies – Testimonial #1775

February 11, 2015 7 Comments.

Our family is complete thanks to you! God bless you and your staff for working miracles, growing families and changing lives!! Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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