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Traveling From New York For A Tubal Reversal Surgery Miracle!
Testimonial #1848

August 25, 2015 8 Comments.

From our tubal reversal surgery to the birth of our beautiful baby girl we only had to wait a year! She truly is a miracle and we are grateful for your work in this special new life! Williamson, New York

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California tubal reversal baby of Dr Monteith

Need A Tubal Reversal Expert in California? Go To The Expert in Raleigh!
Testimonial #1847

August 21, 2015 8 Comments.

Thank you for your expertise in allowing us to have Jeremiah. We are so blessed! Nipomo, California

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baby from Huber Heights Ohio born after untying tubes.

Say Hello To Ohio’s Newest Tubal Reversal Miracle Baby!
Testimonial #1846

August 20, 2015 6 Comments.

We are so so so happy!!!! She’s gorgeous! Meet our baby and the newest tubal reversal baby from Ohio. Huber Heights, Ohio

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Missouri baby born after untying tubes

Can Fallopian Tubes Come Untied?
Testimonial #1845

August 19, 2015 9 Comments.

Although Dr. Montieth never promised us a child he did give us hope in our journey to become a complete family. I just gave birth and my husband and I have never been so blessed as we are now. Springfield, Missouri

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Better Late Than Never: A Kentucky Tubal Reversal Baby Report!
Testimonial #1844

August 17, 2015 8 Comments.

I can’t remember if I did a birth report form on Zaina so I filled one out just in case! Florence, Kentucky

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UK tubal reversal baby born after tubal ligation reversal surgery

UK Tubal Reversal Baby: Second Reversal Baby Added To Our Family!
Testimonial #1843

August 14, 2015 8 Comments.

Once again we have been blessed with our 2nd tubal reversal baby boy. Thanks again and keep up the good work God Bless. Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Little boy born after tubal reversal surgery.

Benefits of Having Your Tubes Untied!
Testimonial #1842

August 13, 2015 13 Comments.

We got pregnant 7 months after the surgery and couldn’t be happier. This little boy is very vigorous (from womb to present) and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Springfield, Illinois

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Vermont tubal reversal baby

Best Way To Have A Baby After Tubal Ligation!
Testimonial #1841

August 12, 2015 17 Comments.

Our family is blessed to have this little miracle added to our family. Swanton, Vermont

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Tubal Reversal Surgery: Thank God We Made The Decision!
Testimonial #1840

August 10, 2015 21 Comments.

I am so blessed and I thank God we came to you because now I have two beautiful baby boys thanks to you and your staff. You guys are the best! Inwood, West Virginia

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Chubby tubal reversal baby from Orlando Florida

Will PTLS Symptoms Go Away After Tubal Reversal?
Testimonial #1839

August 07, 2015 11 Comments.

I suffered from PTLS, and so far I have not had any symptoms come back. I feel GREAT! Thank you so much Dr. Monteith and staff! You are all wonderful and so nice! Orlando, Florida

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