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Traveling From Iceland For Essure Reversal: No Distance Too Far!
Testimonial #2278

February 18, 2018 No Comments.

After endless research we traveled all the way from Iceland to have Dr. Monteith do my Essure reversal. Gardabaer, Iceland

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I Was Told Tubal Ligation Was Permanent: Dr. Monteith Works Miracles
Testimonial #2277

February 16, 2018 No Comments.

We cannot thank Dr. Montieth enough for giving us a chance to have our beautiful son. Goldsboro, North Carolina

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Essure Reversal Worked After 3 Rounds Of Failed IVF
Testimonial #2276

February 15, 2018 No Comments.

Our journey to expand our family has been a long one. We are so grateful for Dr. Monteith and his expertise in Essure Reversal. Boyertown, Pennsylvania

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Tubal Reversal Surgery: Doctors Said Reversal Was Impossible!
Testimonial #2275

February 14, 2018 No Comments.

Our situation was deemed impossible in Canada. Dr. Monteith didn’t hesitate. This week we got to hold the “impossible” in our arms. Sundre, Alberta Canada

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Success After Reversing 10 Year Old Burned Tubes With Endometriosis
Testimonial #2274

February 13, 2018 No Comments.

Reversing 10 Year Old Burned Tubes | Even with endometriosis, natural pregnancy is possible after reversing burned tubes! Knightdale, North Carolina

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Muchas Gracias Por La Reversion De Las Trompas!
Testimonial #2273

February 12, 2018 No Comments.

Muchas Gracias Por La Reversion De Las Trompas! Mahopac, New York

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Tubal Reversal Surgery Results In Two Monteith Miracle Babies!
Testimonial #2272

February 09, 2018 No Comments.

Tubal Reversal And Two Monteith Miracle Babies! Thank you Dr. Monteith and the wonderful staff. Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Reversal Provides A Second Chance And Opportunity
Testimonial #2271

February 07, 2018 No Comments.

Tubal Reversal And Second Chances | Grateful to have the opportunity to be blessed with two tubal reversal babies. Deposit, New York

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How Long Should You Wait To Get Pregnant After Reversal?
Testimonial #2270

February 05, 2018 No Comments.

We got pregnant literally 2 weeks after our surgery and we couldn’t have been more excited. Goosecreek, South Carolina

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Very Happy With My Tubal Reversal Surgery Results!
Testimonial #2269

February 02, 2018 2 Comments.

Reversing Tubal Clips With Dr. Monteith | I am very happy with my reversal results! Warner Robins, Georgia

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