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UK Tubal Reversal Mom Age 44 With Third Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2243

December 11, 2017 No Comments.

UK Tubal Reversal Mom Age 44 | This is our third baby as a result of the reversal procedure; two boys and a girl. Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words! Reversing Burned Tubes Is Possible!
Testimonial #2242

December 08, 2017 No Comments.

Reversing burned tubes is possible and pregnancy can be successful when you have reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith. Springfield, Ohio

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Essure Reversal Baby: Blessed And Grateful
Testimonial #2241

December 06, 2017 No Comments.

Essure Reversal | Thank you so much for making this possible for my husband and I. We are very blessed and grateful! Yelm, Washington

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Reversing Burned Tubes: Meet An Ontario Canada Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2240

December 04, 2017 No Comments.

We are thankful for the service we received from A Personnel Choice. We cannot thank you enough for helping us create our bundle of joy! Brantford, Ontario

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Miracle Gift Arrives After Reversing Tubal Clips!
Testimonial #2239

November 29, 2017 2 Comments.

Miracle Baby Arrives! Thank you for our miracle! God sure did give you a gift, Dr. Monteith! Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Twin Girls After Tubal Reversal: Blessed Beyond Words!
Testimonial #2238

November 27, 2017 No Comments.

Almost a year after reversal, we welcomed our Monteith Multiples into the world..identical twin girls! Rogersville, Missouri

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Blessed With A Successful Tubal Reversal And Healthy Baby!
Testimonial #2237

November 20, 2017 No Comments.

We were blessed to welcome a healthy 6lbs. 11oz. 19in baby boy! We want to thank the entire staff for having a part in such a gift! Elizabeth City, North Carolina

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Advanced Maternal Age, Not A Good Reversal Candidate! Now Look!
Testimonial #2236

November 15, 2017 No Comments.

Even after my reproductive endocrinologist told me I was not a candidate for tubal reversal due to my “advanced age”, we decided to move on and pursue a reversal at A Personal Choice. Amity, Pennsylvania

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Reversing Essure With Dr Monteith: Two Miracles To Show!
Testimonial #2235

November 13, 2017 No Comments.

Our two Essure miracles would not be here without the help from Dr. Monteith. We can’t thank you enough. Coal Grove, Ohio

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So In Love With Our Tubal Ligation Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2234

November 10, 2017 No Comments.

We are so in love with our little miracle and so thankful to Dr. Monteith and his amazing staff! Greenfield, Wisconsin

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