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Liposuction and Tubal Reversal: Unethical and Dishonest

January 22, 2016 8 Comments.

If doctors are requiring you to have liposuction during tubal reversal surgery then they are either medical quacks or clever cons. Requiring liposuction for tubal reversal surgery is unethical and dishonest.

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Dr Monteith is offering a two nights hotel stay for reversal surgery

Valentine’s Day Hotel Special: Two Nights Free Hotel Stay During Reversal Surgery!

January 06, 2016 43 Comments.

Dr. Monteith is offering patients a Valentine’s Day Special offer: two free nights hotel stay at one of two luxury hotels for February 2016 reversal surgeries! This offer is good for the entire month of February.

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New Year’s Special!
Free Hotel Stay During Reversal Surgery!

December 07, 2015 56 Comments.

Patients who schedule tubal reversal surgery with Dr Monteith in January 2016 will receive two nights free stay at the luxurious Hyatt House in North Hills Mall.

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Reversing Essure: Say Hello To Essure Reversal Baby Emily!

October 15, 2015 14 Comments.

My husband and I were told we would never conceive again. Two babies later that proved not to be true. Fall River, Massachusetts

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Is tubal sterilization reversible

Is Tubal Sterilization Reversible?

September 20, 2015 No Comments.

Often patients only remember their doctor’s last words, “This is not reversible.” The reality is tubal sterilization is reversible. If it can be done….then it can also be undone.

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Essure Pain and Fatigue: One Woman’s Personal Experience

September 08, 2015 24 Comments.

Merari has had her Essure inserts for seven years. After Essure she began to experience pain and fatigue. Despite multiple evaluations and even weight loss surgery, her symptoms did not improve.

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Reversal Surgery Discounts: Consider Our Prepayment Plan!

September 02, 2015 16 Comments.

Learn more about our Reversal Prepayment Account. By opening an RPA plan you may be able to obtain reversal surgery discounts!

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Is Getting Your Tubes Tied Permanent?

August 18, 2015 30 Comments.

Tubal ligation does not have to be permanent and reversing your tubes can provide you a good chance of pregnancy success.

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Getting pregnant after tubal ligation

Getting Pregnant After Tubal Ligation: Here’s Your Best Chance!

August 02, 2015 2 Comments.

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is often more affordable and more successful than in-vitro fertilization. Tubal reversal offers more chances over time and can allow couples to have more than one pregnancy.

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Baby Royce Essure reversal baby

America’s Best Doctor For Tubal Reversal Surgery

July 28, 2015 12 Comments.

Dr. Monteith is without doubt America’s Best Doctor for tubal reversal surgery. As Medical Director of A Personal Choice he is a leader in the modern field of sterilization reversal surgery.

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