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Reversing Burned Tubes, Blessed To Have Two Pregnancies Quickly!
Review #3585

December 16, 2018 No Comments.

Reversing Burned Tubes | We have been truly blessed to have 2 healthy baby boys so quick. Lyndonville, New York

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Essure Reversal Surgery Worked, Tears of Joy!
Review #3584

December 11, 2018 No Comments.

Essure Reversal Surgery Worked! Thank you all again, what a blessing I was given… tears of joy. Dayton, Ohio

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Awaiting Early Pregnancy Test Results
Review #3583

December 10, 2018 No Comments.

First draw was 19. Waiting for the next draw Monday! Thank you so much for everything! Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

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Power Of Positive Thinking! Pregnant In 3 Months!
Review #3582

December 09, 2018 No Comments.

I loved how when I spoke with the doctor before and after surgery he never said IF he always said WHEN YOU GET PREGNANT! Fairhope, Alabama

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One Fallopian Tube, One Ovary Pregnant After Tubal Reversal Surgery!
Review #3581

December 08, 2018 No Comments.

I am a 40 year old with one fallopian tube and one ovary. I will be 4 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Bethany, Connecticut

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Age 42 One Tube: Pregnant 3 Months After Trying With Second Baby!
Review #3580

December 07, 2018 No Comments.

Our tubal reversal son will be 4 in February. We thought we only wanted one. We changed our minds. North Haledon, New Jersey

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Mom Age 42 Expecting Second Baby After Essure Reversal
Review #3579

December 06, 2018 No Comments.

We can’t be more pleased with the Essure reversal. We are expecting our second after the reversal. Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Anatomy Scan Completed: Its A Boy!
Review #3578

December 05, 2018 No Comments.

It’s a boy!! Anatomy scan looked good. Praise God and thank you Dr Monteith. Rose Hill, North Carolina

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First Pregnancy Since Reversing My Essure! So Thankful!
Review #3577

December 04, 2018 No Comments.

This is my first pregnancy since having my Essure reversed. Truly a blessing! Lexington, Kentucky

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Expecting Third Tubal Reversal Baby!
Review #3576

December 03, 2018 No Comments.

I have had two tubal reversal babies and I am currently expecting a third. Manassas, Virginia

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