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Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Study
A Decade of Observation

Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Statistics
What You Should Know

Many doctors make claims on their websites about the success of tubal reversal surgery. To understand the validity of these claims, it is important to know the basis on which these claims are made. This requires the detailed kind of information presented in the Study Methodology page of this report.

Statistics depend on numbers, in this case the number of women having tubal reversal procedures and the number of pregnancies. These numbers can be subdivided into specific categories, such as age, tubal sterilization method, and pregnancy outcomes.

Most website sites about tubal ligation reversal do not provide any data, making it impossible to substantiate the success claimed by a particular doctor or clinic. A cautious person will question such claims when no supporting information is available.

Evidence Based Medicine

Maintaining ongoing patient follow-up is the only way a doctor can know what the pregnancy and pregnancy outcome statistics are for his or her patients. Data about all women having surgery as well as pregnancies and their outcomes must be recorded in a database to permit statistical analysis. This requires an enormous investment of time and money. It is not something that is typically found in a clinical (non-research) setting.

Our Tubal Reversal Research Report is Unique

No other doctor or medical facility has a follow-up system and database that provides such detailed and accurate statistics about pregnancies after tubal reversal as our practice.

Under Reporting of Pregnancies

Patients are encouraged to inform us when they have a positive pregnancy test. But not all pregnancies are reported. In addition, some patients are lost to follow-up after surgery. This occurs when someone moves or changes email address and telephone numbers but does not inform us of their new contact information. In these cases, we are unable to learn about the long-term results of their tubal reversal procedures. From the women who do remain in contact with us over the long term, it is apparent that more pregnancies continue to occur after surgery as time goes on. The pregnancy statistics presented in this report are minimal estimates of the chance of pregnancy for patients who have surgery at our center.

The complete Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Study: A Decade of Observation can be viewed by using the following links:

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119 thoughts on “Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Statistics – What You Should Know”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Doc, I’m 35, from Singapore and I have tubes clipped in 2008. I have 2 clips on 1 of my tubes and just 1 clip on the other. I really want to have babies with my new husband. How much would it cost to get it done by you? Should I get the HSG done in Singapore clinic first? Pls advise doc..

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We charge $6,400 for tubal reversal. A HSG is not required before having tubal reversal surgery.

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