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How to Conceive After Tubal Ligation?

how-to-conceive-after-tubal-ligationAre you looking for the best advice on how to conceive after tubal ligation?

If you are looking for an answer then one of two things is true about you.

Either you regret your tubal ligation and want to have another baby… or you just had tubal reversal and want advice on how to get pregnant.

If you want advice on how to get pregnant after reversal surgery then you should talk to your doctor or join an after reversal surgery group on Facebook.

If you are looking for options on how to get pregnant after your tubes have been tied… then this article is for you!

Women who regret tubal ligation usually discover life does not work out the way they planned.

They may have gotten divorced and the new hubby does not have a child. Sometimes the new hubby has a child but they want their ‘together’ baby.

In some tragic cases, women have lost a child. These women feel empty, lost, and have a void they want filled. You can never replace a lost child but a new baby can help ease the pain some… and any little bit helps.

Sometimes women had their last kid in their 20’s. The youngest kid is now a teenager and empty nest syndrome starts to set in.

Regardless of the reason for wanting a baby after your tubes have been tied, many women can experience profound regret over getting their tubes tied and ask themselves how to conceive after tubal ligation.

If you want to know how to conceive after tubal ligation there are three ways to become pregnant after your tubes have been tied.

Way #1: Tubal Ligation Failure

You can become pregnant after tubal ligation if you have a failure of your tubal ligation. Don’t count on this one.

The chance of your tubal ligation failing is about 1 out of 100 procedures. If your tubal does fail and you get a positive pregnancy test… dont get too happy because most of these pregnancies become stuck in the fallopian tube.

Pregnancies stuck in the tube are known as ectopic pregnancies. If you have an ectopic pregnancy and let it get too far along you will end up with emergency surgery. You will lose one or both of your tubes and the pregnancy. IVF (see below) will be your only option to have a baby if you lose both of your fallopian tubes.

you-can-get-pregnant-after-tubal-ligation-with-tubal-ligation-failureTubal ligation procedures are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy. If they did not work then why would doctors even do a tubal ligation. Although tubal ligation procedures are very effective, no tubal ligation is 100% effective.

Just like there are people who when the lottery…tubal ligation failures do occur!

Pregnancies can happen naturally even after a tubal ligation procedure…. but it is not common… so do not count on this if you want a baby.

Tubal ligation, regardless of whether the tubes are cut, burned, clipped, banded, or tied, is about 99 percent effective.

This means about 1 percent of women will conceive an unplanned pregnancy after tubal ligation. This failure occurs slightly more frequently in younger women. The US Collaborative Review of Sterilization study, or CREST study, examined 10,000 women who had tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 %). Many of these pregnancies after tubal ligation were ectopic pregnancies.

Tubal ligation failures can be higher when a tubal procedure is done at the time of a C-section. The CREST study found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

Did your doctor tell you that your tubes will come undone after 10 years? If so that is not exactly true. In fact is is hogwash. Tubal ligations do not come undone. Women can have tubal ligation failure. It may take awhile but it is possible. As a result of the CREST study finding of tubal ligation failure of 1.85% after 10 years, many doctors tell patients their tubes may come untied. For doctors it is an easier way to explain a complex medical issue rather than get into the dirty details of why a permanent effective procedure may fail.

Tubal ligation failure rates are related to the techniques used to perform the procedure – techniques that cause the least damage to the tubes (such as tubal clips and tubal rings) have the highest failure rates.

There is less of a chance of pregnancy when maximum damage to the tubes has been done (electrocoagulation (burning) methods) or where a large portion of the tube has been excised (bilateral partial salpingectomy).

Newer hysteroscopic methods of tubal ligation such as Essure and Adiana also have failures; however, these procedures are much newer and the long term failure rates are not well known at this time.

When a tubal ligation fails and pregnancy occurs then there is a very high chance the pregnancy will be an ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy).

Occasionally, tubal ligation failure pregnancies can be inside the uterus and normal, but a very large number of them will be tubal pregnancies. If you get pregnant in your tubes and are lucky, your doctor may be able to treat it with medication if they diagnose the tubal pregnancy early.

If you are like most women, you will end up with surgery and lose the pregnancy and one or both of your fallopian tubes.

Way #2: In Vitro Fertilization

IVF-has-a-high-chance-of-pregnancy-miscarriageIn vitro fertilization (IVF) is another way to become pregnant after your tubes have been tied.

The IVF procedure involves administering hormones to cause over production of eggs. These eggs are then harvested from a woman’s body with a outpatient needle aspiration procedure, mixed with the man’s sperm, and then reinserted into the woman’s uterus. This process by-passes the blocked tubes. No fallopian tubes required!

There are two major problems with IVF: cost and ethical concerns

IVF cost. IVF procedures cost an average of $12,000-$17,000 for each IVF cycle attempted. Each IVF cycle has about 35% chance of success.

The success of IVF decreases with age and for women over the age of 40 many IVF providers recommend the use of donor eggs from a younger woman. In this case, the baby is not the genetic offspring of the birth mother (the IVF patient).

Ethical concerns. Many people have ethical issues with IVF.

What do you do with frozen embryos? What happens if you get quintuplets and the doctor says you have to selective abort three of your babies? What if you are over the age of 43 and the doctor will only do IVF if you use donor eggs?

Sometimes there are no easy answers to these questions.

IVF can be a good way to get pregnant but IVF treatment is not a guarantee for pregnancy.

Way #3. Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

Tubal ligation reversal provides women with the best chance of conceiving after a tubal ligation.

Most health care providers will tell you tubal ligation cannot be reversed. There reality is most doctors do not know much about tubal reversal surgery.

you-can-get-pregnant-after-tubal-ligation-if-you-have-reversal-surgeryDoctors are mostly familiar with IVF  and have very little knowledge about reversal surgery because reversal surgeries are not done in big teaching hospitals.

In fact, most reversal surgeries are done outside hospitals and it is because of this fact that doctors training in infertility get very little exposure to these surgeries. These doctors mistakenly assume because they never saw reversal surgeries during their training that it is only because reversal surgeries do not work.

The reality is no one could afford reversal surgery if it was done in the hospital because it would be too expensive.

Many tubal ligation patients and many medical providers are poorly informed about the chances of pregnancy success after tubal reversal.

During tubal reversal surgery, the reversal specialists remove the tubal blockage and reconnect the fallopian tubes. This technique of tubal anastomosis allows natural conception to occur. If your tubal ligation can be surgical done…then chances are it can be surgically undone!

There are several ways to perform a tubal reversal operation:

  1. Robotic tubal reversal
  2. Laparoscopic tubal reversal
  3. Abdominal incision with a hospital stay
  4. Abdominal incision without a hospital stay

Robotic and laparoscopic reversal surgeries take too much time to perform under anesthesia. These surgeries are more expensive and they are not more successful than the other methods.

Surgeries done in the hospital, including, reversal with an abdominal incision done in the hospital cost more. Many hospital reversal doctors will quote you costs in excess of $20,000.

Also be aware, health insurance will never pay for tubal reversal surgery.

So even if your health insurance company tells you they will pay for reversal they are usually mistaken. We have heard countless numbers of stories of patients being told it was covered…then they show up on the day of surgery at the hospital and are told they will need to pay $10,000+ out of pocket or the surgery is a no go.

Best Way To Conceive After Tubal Ligation

Travel to see Dr. Monteith for tubal reversal surgery.

Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice in Raleigh North Carolina. He specializes in offering affordable, outpatient tubal reversal surgery. Women travel to him from across the United States for tubal reversal.

These women can send their records for a free review. Once approved they schedule surgery from home and over the phone.

They travel to Raleigh and spend three days and two nights. The consultation is the first day. The surgery the second day. The post operative visit is the third day. They are then free to travel home and start trying to become pregnant as soon as they are comfortable.

More information: Cost of tubal reversal surgery with A Personal Choice

In general outpatient reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith is half the cost of IVF. If reversal is successful you have a chance to become pregnant every month and more than once.

Why is your doctor only recommending IVF?

If you have only gotten recommendations to do IVF after your tubal ligation…and want to know why…then watch this video.

Best Advice: How To Conceive After Tubal Ligation?

If you want our best advice on how to get pregnant after your tubal ligation then here it is:

  1. If you have lots of money and only want one child and are under the age of 40…then the answer is IVF.
  2. If you do not have lots of money, may want more than one child, and/or want to cure your regret or treat adverse symptoms then tubal ligation reversal surgery would be your best option.

Call Dr. Monteith’s office if you have questions. Send your tubal ligation operative report for a free review to see if you are a candidate.

For his office contact information or instructions on how to send your records visit: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center: Contact Us

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