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We have been so blessed to bring another tubal reversal baby into our family.

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Traveling From Chile To Reverse Sterilization

We recently had a couple travel from the Eighth Region in Chile and together they have traveled from South America to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have sterilization reversal.

I asked them if they would share there story for the benefit of our website visitors and they readily agreed but wanted their names and images withheld to protect their privacy.

The couple decided tubal ligation was best for them after her youngest son was diagnosed with autism. They regretted their decision traveled to our specialty center for tubal reversal surgery.

Dealing With Autism: Tubal Ligation Provided A Break

When their youngest son was 2 years of age he was diagnosed with autism. This was very difficult for for them and they decided she would get a tubal ligation procedure.

It is very common for many of our patients when dealing with difficult life events to undergo sterilization procedures. It provides a break…a period of relief from having to deal with the stress of potentially getting pregnant or having another child during a difficult and stressful time period.

In some sense the tubal ligation provides protection from more stress and more difficulty in life.

Regretting A Decision


I asked her how they came to find our tubal reversal center since they were living in Chile. I often ask this question and often expect to hear the answer, “The internet!” This was not the answer they gave me.

How they came to learn about us is indicative of how small the world has become. They had traveled to New York City for vacation. While they were there they met a woman who had become pregnant and had great things to say about her reversal experience, pregnancy, and birth.

I then expected them to say the patient had tubal reversal elsewhere or even in another country…but she told me the patient had been my patient! The world is truly a small place.

Tubal Ligation After A Diagnosis of Autism

They wanted readers to know that although life can be difficult that if you trust in God all will be okay. Through a Spanish interpreter they both voiced this statement for the benefit of other women,

“Trust in God and he will take away all fear. Follow God’s will and you will be okay.”

Their words should resonate with all women who have gone through difficult times in their lives, who have had to make difficult decisions, and who fear they may never have a second chance to have another child.

Trust and hope are powerful feelings and many women should take comfort from their inspiring words.


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