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Secret Tubal Reversal Facebook Group: The Time Has Come!

-secret-tubal-reversal-facebook-group-openedFor several years the patients of A Personal Choice have requested a private Facebook group where they can use their real profiles and discuss their journey for conception.

Now, in addition to the Tubal Reversal Message Board and the public Tubal Reversal Facebook group page, the reversal experts have created a Secret Tubal Reversal Facebook group exclusively for the patients of A Personal Choice.

Finally the time for a secret tubal reversal group on Facebook has arrived!

Private Reversal Facebook Group

We were the first tubal reversal center to have a private place where patients could openly discuss tubal reversal surgery without others knowing their information.

This was the Tubal Reversal Message Board which has been active for many years. The message board remains an active place where you can have private conversations about tubal ligation reversal.

We were also one of the first tubal reversal practices to start a tubal reversal Facebook page.

We now have one of the most active open Tubal Reversal Facebook Groups when compared to other sites. For several years our open group members and patients have requested a more private group where they can discuss trying to get pregnant.

We have now created a secret tubal reversal Facebook group exclusively for patients of our center. Below are the instructions for being added to the group.

Getting Added To Secret Tubal Reversal Group

To become a member of the Secret Tubal Reversal Facebook Group you have to meet these requirements:

  • You must have had surgery completed at A Personal Choice
  • You must apply with your real Facebook personal profile
  • You must email a staff member or message a staff member on our open group Facebook page
  • You must include your real name, date of tubal reversal surgery and birth date with the request
  • You must also include an email address to which we can email your invitation to join the secret group
  • Once it has been confirmed you are a patient you will then be added to the secret tubal reversal group

Secret Tubal Reversal Facebook Group: Membership Has Its Privileges

There are many reasons you would want to be a patient at A Personal Choice.

The first reason is you would be coming to a center where the exclusive specialization is tubal surgery. The second reason is the experience of the reversal surgeons is unparallelled in the world. The third reason is you will be taken care of by an experienced and well informed staff who is available to answer your questions before and after tubal reversal surgery.

Lastly and equally important you will have the benefit of being able to discuss your experience with the countless number of other women on Facebook and on the message board who have had reversal surgery at A Personal Choice.

With the addition of the secret tubal reversal group you will now have the benefit of being able to privately discuss becoming pregnant in the largest secret tubal reversal group on Facebook and having the comfort of knowing your conversations are strictly confined to the privacy the secret group offers.

2 thoughts on “Secret Tubal Reversal Facebook Group: The Time Has Come!”

  1. Kim says:

    I want a reversal and I was looking for groups to join to give me options since time and finances are not on my side!

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      You should join our group: Tubal Reversal on Facebook A Personal Choice

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