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Tubal Reversal New Hampshire

Many women who are looking for tubal reversal surgery in New Hampshire will be surprised to realize there are not many tubal reversal specialist in the state.

If you find a doctor who advertises tubal reversal on their website, you will often find yourself being talked into having a more expensive in-vitro fertilization treatment (IVF). A few doctors do advertise  affordable tubal reversal in New Hampshire but many times you will find many hidden charges that will greatly increase the price of having reversal surgery.

Looking for a Tubal Reversal in New Hampshire: Consider Dr Monteith

Dr Monteith Tubal Reversal California ExpertDr. Monteith exclusively specializes in tubal ligation reversal surgery, Essure reversal, Essure removal, and vasectomy reversal surgery. Many of his patients will travel from New Hampshire because he offers an all-inclusive affordable tubal reversal surgical package.

Dr. Monteith is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Although the East Coast may seem like a world away, women will find it far more affordable to have reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith in Raleigh North Carolina rather than have IVF or tubal reversal in California.

Need More Information About Reversal With Dr. Monteith?

Dr. Monteith went to medical school at the University of California at San Francisco. After medical school he underwent training in Gynecology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He exclusively provides tubal ligation reversal and Essure reversal surgery. Additionally he offers mini-incision vasectomy reversal for men.

If you live in New Hampshire but would like more information about tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith then submit on of the many “Contact Us” forms on his website and you will get an automatic email with more information.

Pregnancy Care After Successful Reversal Surgery


Dr. Monteith has partnered with the following New Hampshire medical practices below who are accepting new patients and will be able to see you for your care. We encourage you to call and make an appointment with one of these offices after you return from your surgery with Dr. Monteith.

Doctors from New Hampshire

Womens Medical Associates of Southern NHNashua – General Ob Gyn Group
Womens Medical Associates of Southern NH

Womens Medical Associates of Southern NH are a full scope obstetrics and gynecology office diagnosing and treating women from adolescence through menopause. Always, the emphasis at Womens Medical Associates is prevention and early detection of diseases. We encourage all aspects of health maintenance both in gynecology and primary care.

166 Kinsley Street, Suite 204, Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 880 9200

Manchester Obstetrical Associates, P.A.Manchester – General Ob Gyn Group
Manchester Obstetrical Associates, P.A.

Manchester Obstetrical Associates, P.A. provide a wide range of quality Obstetrical and Gynecological services to women of all ages. You will receive care from Board Certified physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Our practice has made a personal and professional commitment to serve the health needs of women in our community, and we offer a variety of services and choices in women’s health care.

150 Tarrytown Road, Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 622 3162

Bedford Commons OB-GYNBedford and Derry – General Ob Gyn Group
Bedford Commons OB-GYN

Bedford Commons Ob-Gyn has been serving women in Manchester and the greater southern NH area with state-of-the-art health care services for more than 25 years. Comprehensive on-site services include obstetrics and gynecology, bone density screening for osteoporosis, diagnostic ultrasounds, well-women exams, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, family planning, menopausal management, wellness and nutrition programs, and cosmetic laser services.

201 Riverway Place, Bedford, NH 03110
6 Tsienneto Road, Suite 202, Derry, NH 03038
(603) 668 8400

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m 34 and have my tubes tide how much would it cost to have them reversal done

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We charge $6400 total plus $125 to schedule and we are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Patients pay in full and out-of-pocket at the time of scheduling. All you have to pay for in addition to the surgical fee is the cost of travel, hotel, and food.

      We do have a prepayment tubal reversal plan that allows you to save towards your reversal over a 3 year period.

      Although $6,400 seems expensive…the alternative treatment in-vitro fertilization (IVF) average $12,000 to $14,000 and is about 40% successful!

      The main advantage to tubal reversal is that every month you have a chance and you can become pregnant more than once.

      Call us at (919) 968-4656 8am to 5pm eastern standard time and we would be happy to speak with you about tubal reversal surgery at our center.

      The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

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