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Patient Reporting After Surgery

Patient Reporting After Surgery

We want you to update us on your progress after surgery at our center. Your feedback is important to us!  Below are the  links to our patient reports:

Pregnancy reports

Symptom and feedback reports

Pregnancy report forms

Use the Pregnancy Report Form when you first realize you are pregnant. We want to be informed about every pregnancy and the information you provide is vital to our pregnancy statistics. We want to be informed about every pregnancy of every patient who has had surgery at our center.

Tubal reversal update form

Use the Tubal Reversal Update Form to let us know how your pregnancy is going. We want to know about the pregnancy progress of each of our patients and this form is the best way to keep us updated.

Not only do we want to be informed about every pregnancy, but we also want to be updated on the status of your pregnancy. We take pride in our work and we enjoy seeing our tubal reversal babies grow up. Update us on your reversal baby at anytime by submitting an update form.

Keep us updated about significant event in your baby’s life and feel free to attach ultrasound, baby shower, birthday, and graduation pictures to share your experience with us. Your feedback validates the work we do and also provides hope for others who may be considering corrective tubal surgery.

Tubal reversal birth form

Use the Tubal Reversal Birth Report Form to let us know when your baby is born. Once we receive notice of your baby’s birth we will send you a ‘Monteith Miracle’ t-shirt for your newborn baby. We love to see pictures of our reversal babies so make sure you attach one with your report!

Tubal ligation symptoms report

Use the Tubal Ligation Symptom Update Form to update us on your symptoms after surgery at our center. Many women report abnormal symptoms after tubal ligation. If your tubal reversal surgery was to evaluate abnormal symptoms after your tubes were tied then complete this form to let us know how you have been doing since having surgery at our center.

Many women have been told ‘you are getting older’ or ‘its all in your head’ so your feedback about your personal experience is both insightful and helpful to others who may be experiencing similar symptoms.

Patient feedback form

Use the Patient Feedback Form to provide us with constructive feedback about our website, our care, our service, and our facilities. We want you to let us know what we are doing right and what we may be doing wrong so we can continue to provide better care to those we serve.

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Dana Reply

Hi. I had an essure reversal done at your center last year in March. Today, I am recovering from an ectopic pregnancy , resolved @ 6weeks. While I am very happy to know I can get pregnant I am concerned about what my risk of another ectopic maybe?

    Dr. Monteith Reply

    There is no way to be certain what your risk for a repeat ectopic will be with another pregnancy. We recommend as soon as you become pregnant see your doctor for HCG testing and management. The good news seems to be that Essure reversal patients seem have a lower chance of ectopic than do other reversal patients. We do have patients who have 1 or 2 ectopics and then go on the have several successful births. Each time you become pregnant there is a chance of ectopic and you will have to see your doctor for evaluation. Keep us updated on what happens.

Tonya Reply

I had my reversal in September and pregnant in December!!!

lysi Reply

am 59 years old my biggest regret was haven a postpartum tubal ligation they burn them. I never got my girl my husband and me have been married for 21 years. Do you think I could have a reversal tubal after 59 years.

Michelle Reply

How long till you guys became pregnant

heather Reply

thank you guys so much my little man is 9 months old now an really healthy its been kinda of a struggle but we finally had him back in june of 2016