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Berger Baby #2 – Review #827

I did have 2 ultrasounds already. With my 1st ultrasound they felt the fetus was too small for as far along as I was and they could not get a cardiac rhythm. They felt I may be trying to miscarry again so they decided to check my hCG levels 2 days after the ultrasound to see it they were still going up. They were still going up and had more than doubled so they scheduled another ultrasound for 2 weeks later. On the 2nd ultrasound they said the fetus was still small but it had grown and they were also able to get a heartbeat of 162. I have already had my 1st OB visit and I am now at 12 weeks.

My doctor feels I am far enough along now that I am safe from having another miscarriage so hopefully we will be having Berger Baby #2 in December. Thank you so much Dr. Berger and staff.

Tamara W.
Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Doctor who performed reverse tubal ligation: Dr. Berger
Date of tubal reversal: 04/2005
Date of positive pregnancy test: 03/28/2011
Due Date: 12/05/2011
Number of pregnancies since TR: 4
Outcome of previous pregnancies: 1 baby boy, 2 miscarriages, and with this pregnancy I am 12 weeks.
Ligation method: Tubal clips (clamps)

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