A Personal Choice A Personal Choice BBB

A Personal Choice Was Everything And More!
Review #3574

December 02, 2018 No Comments.

Place was great everything and more. I have never been so satisfied as I was with the doctor and staff. Winsted, Connecticut

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One Tube And Pregnant 3 Months After Reversal Surgery!
Review #3573

December 01, 2018 No Comments.

I am pregnant 3 months after reversal with one tube! Rogersville, Tennessee

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Pregnant One Week After Tubal Reversal With Dr Monteith!
Review #3572

November 30, 2018 No Comments.

Pregnant One Week After Tubal Reversal! We never thought it was going to happen on the first try, but it did! Indianapolis, Indiana

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Pregnant After Reversing Rings: Consider A Personal Choice
Review #3571

November 29, 2018 No Comments.

Thankful I choose Dr. Monteith to do my tubal reversal! Anyone who is thinking of having a tubal reversal to consider A Personal Choice. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Pregnant Two Months After Essure Reversal!
Review #3570

November 28, 2018 No Comments.

My Essure reversal was done on Aug 30 2018 and got my positive pregnancy test today. Woodland, California

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Reversal Surgery Went Off Without A Hitch!
Review #3569

November 27, 2018 No Comments.

My surgery went off with a hitch. So beyond pleased with our visit. Lebanon, Maine

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Essure Reversal Care With Dr Monteith Absolutely Amazing!
Review #3568

November 26, 2018 No Comments.

I was very impressed and would refer any and everyone to Dr. Monteith for Essure Reversal. Boston, Massachusetts

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Ultrasound Confirms Essure Reversal Pregnancy!
Review #3567

November 25, 2018 No Comments.

Ultrasound confirmation yesterday showed pregnancy in uterus at 5 weeks one day. Berlin, Connecticut

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So Happy I Picked Dr. Monteith For Reversal!
Review #3566

November 24, 2018 No Comments.

I healed quick with no complications. I’m so happy I picked him to do my tubal reversal. Wantage, New Jersey

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No Other Place, Best Of Care And Feedback
Review #3565

November 23, 2018 No Comments.

Best of care and feed back. I loved this place and the people. Great experience.

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