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Pregnancies 3rd Week March 2013

Posted: 03.23.13
Name: Lavina M.
Location: Jacksonville, North Carolina
Date of Tubal Reversal: 08/10/12
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/20/13
Ligation Type: Tubes burned
Due Date: 11/23/13
Remarks: Thank you so much this is a birthday gift for DH – this is his first and we couldn’t be happier!

Posted: 03.22.13
Name: Amanda D.
Location: Bland,
Date of Tubal Reversal: 10/25/2011
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/22/2013
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Due Date: 12/05/2013

Posted: 03.21.13
Name: Tricia M.
Location: Atlanta,
Date of Tubal Reversal: 12/26/2008
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/17/2013
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Remarks: This is my 3rd pregnancy after my TR; the prior 2 ended in miscarriages. We feel very blessed to be pregnant again and hopefully this one will be a healthy pregnancy. I have received my 2nd set of HCG numbers and they are doubling perfectly and I’m also having early pregnancy symptoms. Thanks Dr. Berger & staff at Chapel Hill.

Posted: 03.21.13
Name: Rachel W.
Location: Clover, South Carolina
Date of Tubal Reversal: 01/31/2013
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/17/2013
Ligation Type: Tubal clips (clamps)
Due Date: 11/19/2013
Remarks: I had my first ultrasound today (3/20/2013) to be sure the baby was in the uterus and there are two sacs right where they should be.

Posted: 03.21.13
Name: Jamie D.
Location: Ennis,
Date of Tubal Reversal: 10/30/2012
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/21/2013
Ligation Type: Coagulation (burned)
Due Date: 11/30/2013
Remarks: Dr. Berger and Staff, We are overjoyed with our positive pregnancy test results! We cannot thank you enough for blessing us with the chance to have a baby of our own! I have been reading reviews and testimonials on the A Personal Choice website every day since my surgery on October 30,2012 and I am so excited to now add my comments to this page. We want to thank you and your staff from the bottom of hearts for a great job well done! For the other ladies who are currently attempting to get pregnant; I advise to be as patient as you possibly can be (although it was very difficult for me), but it will happen in due time. Good Luck and God Bless to all of you! Don and Jamie D.

Posted: 03.17.13
Name: Withheld for privacy request
Location: Withheld for privacy request
Date of Tubal Reversal: 12/31/2012
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/17/2013
Ligation Type: Tubal clips (clamps)
Remarks: I will talk to my doctor tomorrow morning to begin HCG testing. We had made prior arrangements to do so.

Posted: 03.17.13
Name: Wendy B.
Location: Metter, Georgia
Date of Tubal Reversal: 01/14/2010
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/14/2013
Ligation Type: Tubal clips (clamps)
Remarks: Took the clomid for over a year & had no results. Had tubes tested after 6 months & one tube had closed back up. We had pretty much given up after 3 years of trying. Last Thursday, we had 2 positive home pregnancy test & another on Friday morning. We have an appointment with my OBGYN on Monday morning! Keeping fingers crossed that everything is okay.

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