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Reversing Adiana Tubal Ligation With Dr. Monteith

I had Adiana tubal ligation in February 2012 as a form of a contraceptive. After years of pain due to this procedure, I asked for a Adiana reversal.

I had 5 fertility Doctors; 2 from my physician network, 2 prestigious doctors in Mexico and 1 Doctor from Beverly Hills say it cannot be done due to the device that I had inserted to prevent pregnancy and that if I proceeded that I would have internal bleeding. They gave me less than 5% due to my age, 41.

Once I submitted my Adiana reversal surgery documents to my primary doctor to keep on file, they still claimed pregnancy will not be possible. They suggested IVF, egg donor, surrogate and to check my husband’s sperm count (age 41). My husband got offended. We were determined to prove a point. Soon after, we attempted to get pregnant.

I took prenatals, 500 mg folic acid, CoQ10 and Vitamin D pills so that that my eggs can be strong by the time I got pregnant. I had the procedure done 2/6/18 and waited all March to heal due to discomfort. Then in April, I bought an ovulation kit because my period was off in March. Recorded all symptom signs of ovulation and took the test when I started to feel different. I got a positive test for ovulation. My husband and I got to “work”. We knew we had about 36 hours days to attempt but didn’t from which day so we were busy 3 days straight. Then the waiting period of 10-14 days started.

I recorded all signs from body aches to temperature. Then one day I woke up feeling hot, hotter than other days. I thought it was too early to test (by 2 days). But I still took a pregnancy test and right away a positive sign appeared. I took 2 generic tests followed by 2 first response. All positive. Informed my doctor right away, took a blood test that day, and the HCG doubled, it was 54.

Immediately, the doctor called me in for an ultrasound followed by another HCG test. They saw the sac right away after 2 days of a positive pregnancy test. The HCG got in the hundreds which meant I was ok. YAY! Throughout my pregnancy I did have some discomfort and that is due to me having contractions naturally once in was in my 3rd trimester. I had my son, Julian, at exactly 37 weeks via c-section.

Ladies, it is true, if you have a menstrual cycle then you are ovulating. Take care of those eggs by taking vitamins and stay healthy by exercising. The baby will come when you least expect it but, by then, your body and mind will be ready. I believed in my son even before getting pregnant. I knew I was having a boy and here he is. He’s a healthy and strong baby boy.

Patient age: 41
Tubal ligation type: Adiana
Patient hometown: Riverside, California

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