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Our Two Miracle Babies – Testimonial #1424

“Thank you so much for giving us our two miracle babies.”

Posted 10th December, 2012

Dr. Berger –

We wanted to send a picture of Karsyn in her “I’m a Berger Baby” T-shirt along with a picture of Carter and Karysn!! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Thank you so much for giving us our two miracle babies!!! We have the perfect family thanks to you!!! My husband and I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Brian, Kim, Carter and Karsyn G.
Middleton, Wisconsin

Doctor who performed tube reversal surgery: Dr. Berger
Date of your tubal reversal: May 2006
Number of pregnancies since TR: 5
Outcome of pregnancies: 3 miscarriages,
Carter 10-20-2007, Karsyn 9-7-2012
Ligation method: Burned (cauterized) tubes

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One thought on “Our Two Miracle Babies – Testimonial #1424”

  1. Sherreallyum Allen says:

    Wow, your story is really inspiring to me, I live in Wisconsin and I am worried about traveling and recovering. To acutally hear that someone who also lives in Wisconsin took the “plunge” gives me hope and insiration, Thank you and congradulations

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