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Removing Tubal Bands After 12 Years: Meet Our Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2423

November 19, 2018 2 Comments.

Removing Tubal Bands | We are over the moon and so in love with our precious miracle Dr. Monteith gave to us! Chesapeake, Virginia

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Mom Age 43 From Vienna Austria Has Second Tubal Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2422

November 16, 2018 No Comments.

A healthy tubal reversal baby boy was born via my 5th C-section on October 22nd in Vienna, the capital city of Austria! Vienna, Austria

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Advantages Of Tubal Reversal Surgery? Meet Our Reversal Baby!
Testimonial #2421

November 14, 2018 No Comments.

I had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy weighing 7.5 lbs and 20 inches long. Manning, South Carolina

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Essure Reversal Surgery: Best Decision Of Our Lives
Testimonial #2420

November 12, 2018 No Comments.

Essure reversal baby girl is 9 months old! Best decision of our lives thank you for making her possible Dr. Monteith. Bluegrass, Iowa

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Tubal Reversal Surgery Made Our Dreams Come True!
Testimonial #2419

November 09, 2018 No Comments.

I want to thank Dr. Montieth and his wonderful staff for making my and Ronald’s dream of having a child together come true! Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Is Essure birth control reversible? Ask This Mom!
Testimonial #2418

November 08, 2018 No Comments.

Is Essure Birth Control Reversible? Essure is considered permanent but Essure can be reversed by Dr Monteith and there is a 40% chance of pregnancy.

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Dr. Monteith: Keep Making Families Happy!
Testimonial #2417

November 07, 2018 No Comments.

I am very glad to have been recommended to Dr. Monteith. Keep doing what you are doing and making families happy. Fort Drum, New York

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Coming To You For Tubal Reversal: One Of Our Best Decisions
Testimonial #2416

November 06, 2018 No Comments.

We will forever be in debt to Dr. Monteith and his staff. Coming to your office was by far one of our best decisions. Mosheim, Tennessee

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Having Another Baby After Essure: Another Miracle Arrives!
Testimonial #2415

November 05, 2018 No Comments.

Having another baby after Essure | Thank you Dr Monteith for giving us our chance to bring our little miracle into this world! Greenville, Ohio

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Fourth Baby Born After Tubal Reversal!
Testimonial #2414

November 02, 2018 2 Comments.

Benefits of Tubal Reversal | Thank you again Dr. Monteith! We now have four beautiful kids! Elkins, West Virginia

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