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Meet A Maine Essure Reversal Monteith Miracle Baby!
Testimonial #2451

January 30, 2019 No Comments.

Choosing Dr. Monteith for our Essure reversal was the best decision we ever made. Presque Isle, Maine

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Bringing Another Beautiful Baby Into This World!
Testimonial #2450

January 28, 2019 No Comments.

Your facility gave us the ability to bring another beautiful baby into this world! York, Pennsylvania

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Lacy Celebrates Her First Birthday!
Testimonial #2449

January 25, 2019 No Comments.

Happy Birthday To A Tubal Reversal Baby! Lacy celebrates her first birthday on January 17th 2019. Fort Drum, New York

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Tubal Reversal Provides New Addition To Our Family
Testimonial #2448

January 23, 2019 No Comments.

Almost two years after our original surgery date our sweet rainbow baby arrived. Amarillo, Texas

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Best Essure Tubal Reversal Doctor? Dr Monteith!
Testimonial #2447

January 21, 2019 No Comments.

The Best Essure Tubal Reversal Doctor Is Dr Monteith! I recommend him to anyone having Essure tubal reversal done. He is the best! Rochester, New York

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Simple Tubal Reversal Gives Four Amazing Reversal Babies!
Testimonial #2446

January 18, 2019 No Comments.

Who would have thought that after this one procedure we would reap the blessings of not one but four reversal babies. Colorado Springs, Colorado

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First Tubal Reversal Blessing: Our Hearts Are Full!
Testimonial #2445

January 16, 2019 2 Comments.

Blessed With First Tubal Reversal Baby | Thank you to your staff for being so kind and helpful. Our hearts are so full! Norwalk, Ohio

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Blessed With One Boy, One Girl After Reversing Burned Tubes!
Testimonial #2444

January 14, 2019 4 Comments.

We have been blessed with our second tubal reversal baby. We now have one boy and one girl! Jasper, Minnesota

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Essure Removal With Dr Monteith: Thankful For Our Reversal Baby

January 11, 2019 No Comments.

Essure Removal With Dr Monteith | We are very thankful for Dr. Monteith and his team! Morganfield, Kentucky

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Failed IVF! I Wish Tubal Reversal Was Done Sooner!
Testimonial #2442

January 09, 2019 14 Comments.

After a failed IVF attempt, I wish I would have chosen the reversal first and sooner. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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