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One Price
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One Price : Fee Based on BMI
Essure Reversal
Vasectomy Reversal
Prepayment Account
Discounted Surgery Rates

Tubal reversal price | No hidden fees

When it comes to tubal reversal price, Dr. Monteith truly has one price for success.

Other doctors add charges for your operating room and anesthesia. Unfortunately if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 29 some doctors will charge you an even higher tubal reversal price! These price increases allow them to advertise the lowest possible tubal reversal price but charge you more when you schedule.

Dr. Monteith does not charge patients ‘by the pound’ and believes it to be distasteful and unprofessional to charge patients more based on weight.

More info: Tubal reversal price with Dr Monteith

Matching tubal reversal price | A great offer

If a doctor is charging you more because of your weight, Dr. Monteith will offer you a matching or lower tubal reversal price if (1) your BMI is under 37 and (2) you can provide proof of the higher quoted tubal reversal price.

Dr. Monteith’s matching Tubal Reversal Price offer cannot be combined with other discounts. To take advantage of this special offer, see the information at the end of this page.

Tubal reversal | Exclusive specialization

Dr. Monteith specializes in reversal surgery and he does not provide in-vitro fertilization (IVF). This means you will be getting a surgeon with the experience and dedication to repair the most difficult tubal ligations and a doctor who will not sell you a more expensive IVF treatment.

More info: Chances of pregnancy success after reversal with Dr. Monteith

Dr. Monteith does not offer cosmetic surgery, weight loss medication, or other treatments which distract from his focus on providing successful reversal surgery.

Reversal surgery refunds | Only doctor offering refunds

No other reversal doctor will refund your tubal reversal price if your tubes cannot be repaired.

More info: Screening laparoscopy tubal reversal price refund

Dr. Monteith is the only reversal doctor who offers a screening laparoscopy. During this procedure a small camera is inserted through your belly button to examine your tubes. If you have a screening laparoscopy during your surgery and your tubes cannot be repaired then Dr. Monteith will refund your tubal reversal fee.

Essure reversal and Essure removal| Experienced!

Dr. Monteith has led the field in Essure reversal and Essure removal surgery. Between 2009 and 2015, he has performed over 240 surgeries to remove devices.

More info: Successful pregnancy after Essure reversal

Essure reversal twins complements of Dr. Monteith

Essure reversal twins born after Essure reversal performed by Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice in Raleigh North Carolina.

He published the first medical reports about successful pregnancy after reversal of Essure and he has published a larger landmark study proving natural pregnancy is possible after Essure reversal.

More info: Essure reversal publications by Dr. Monteith

He has perfected Essure removal techniques to minimize the risk of device fracture and this helps women suffering from Essure side-effects to avoid hysterectomy.

More info: Essure removal statistics study by Dr. Monteith

Vasectomy reversal price

Although Dr. Monteith is a Women’s Health Specialist, he performs microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

More info: Vasectomy reversal

Couples have conveniently undergone ‘his and her’ reversals of vasectomy and tubal ligation on the same day!

Reversal prepayment accounts | A great way to save for surgery

Dr. Monteith was the first to offer Reversal Surgery Prepayment Accounts (RPA). An RPA lets you fix the tubal reversal price at the time the RPA was opened, save for surgery, and avoid high interest fees charged by financing companies.

More info: Reversal surgery prepayment account

Most reversal doctors don’t offer prepayment accounts.

Discounted reversal fees | Offered to RPA members only

A discounted tubal reversal price is offered to those who are RPA members when these lower prices are available. Discounts as large as $1,500 plus hotel stay  have been offered to other RPA members in the past. See the Reversal surgery prepayment account link above.

Reversal surgery financing | Another Way To Pay For Surgery

Dr. Monteith works with two financing companies. Financing can be a great way to have surgery now and pay later. One of Dr. Monteith’s select companies can provide loans directly to the patient. If you qualify for this loan you may be able to pay for your surgery and all related expenses.

More info: Reversal surgery financing

More information about reversal with Dr. Monteith

If you would like more information about reversal with Dr. Monteith then visit his website:
A Personal Choice or call (919) 977-5050 to speak with a reversal staff member.

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Dr. Monteith’s matching fee offer

dr-monteith-offers-a-low-tubal-reversal-priceDr Monteith believes it is unfair and unprofessional to charge heavier patients a higher fee.

If another doctor is advertising a lower tubal reversal price but charging you more because of your BMI then Dr. Monteith will try to provide you a matching tubal reversal price.

You will need to provide proof of their higher tubal reversal price quote and you cannot combine Dr. Monteith’s lower price matching fee offer with any other discounts offered by Dr. Monteith’s office.

If you would like to inquire about this offer then email our Practice Administrator: