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Tubal Reversal VIP Questions

Very Important Questions and Answers about Tubal Reversal

Kelly Rogers, RN, BSN - Tubal Reversal Nurse
Kelly Rogers, RN, BSN
Tubal Reversal Nurse

Here is a list of questions to ask when considering how to choose a doctor to perform your tubal reversal surgery and the responses you should expect. For more information or assistance, please call to speak with a Tubal Reversal Nurse.

Question: How many tubal ligation reversals has the doctor performed?

Answer: The more experience the doctor has, the better! Dr. Monteith performs an average of 4 tubal reversal procedures daily, yet he maintains a personalized atmosphere where each patient receives one-on-one nursing care. Dr. Monteith performs more tubal reversals in one day than most reproductive specialist perform in an entire year!

Question: Does the doctor perform tubal reversals on an outpatient basis?

Answer: The answer to this question should be “yes”, since outpatient surgery not only reduces the cost of tubal reversal but also avoids risks of hospitalization, such as possible infection with hospital acquired bacteria. There are more than one million health-care-associated infections each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC estimates that one in 20 hospitalized patients has one of these infections.

The cost of a surgical procedure is usually always higher when performed in a hospital. If you stay overnight the cost of surgery are increased even more.

Question: What are the doctor’s success rates following tubal reversal surgery, based on the patient’s age and type of tubal ligation?

Answer: The answer to this question should be based on accurate statistical data about the chances of pregnancy after tubal reversal. If you are 40 and had a monopolar tubal coagulation, you do not want to be quoted the success rate for 23 year olds with tubal ligation by Hulka clips. Ask for information about the outcomes of surgery for women in your age group and with your method of tubal ligation. Ask to see the statistics the doctor has regarding their patients’ outcomes. At A Personal Choice we keep an extensive information database and can give you detailed statistics about pregnancy rates for our patients taking into account age, tubal ligation method, and many other factors. A weekly pregnancy report is also provided on our Tubal Reversal Message Board. We are committed to providing accurate and up to date information.

Question: How long does tubal reversal surgery normally take?

Answer: Tubal reversal performed by Dr. Monteith usually takes an hour or less. Minimizing operating time is important, since longer anesthesia and surgery times are associated with increased complication rates and recovery time after surgery.

Question: Is it better to have my tubal reversal in an outpatient center or a hospital?

Answer: A Personal Choice is the only medical facility dedicated exclusively to tubal reversal. Personalized care is easier to ensure in this small private outpatient setting than in a large hospital. We have a higher clinical staff to patient ratio than in a hospital, and we concentrate all of our attention on the safety and comfort of tubal reversal patients. To get an idea about our commitment to patient safety, comfort and reversal surgery success, read some of the thousands of patient reviews and baby testimonials.

Question: What is the expected recovery time following tubal reversal?

Answer: Most patients are able to return to work and other normal activities within 5 to 10 days.

Question: Does the doctor perform procedures other than tubal reversal surgery?

Answer: It is important that the doctor limits their practice to tubal reversal surgery. The extensive experience that can only be achieved by specialization results in the highest pregnancy success rates after tubal reversal surgery. Having surgery in a facility limited to tubal reversal surgery also means you will be sharing your experience on the day of surgery with other women and couples who are there for the same reason – and not for another type of surgical procedure or illness.

Question: Will you be following up with me to assist me when I have questions or concerns following my tubal reversal? Is there message board or e-mail availability for general questions? Will there be any charges for my follow-up care?

Answer: You should expect to be given a 24-hour contact number for the physician as well as the nursing staff before you leave the facility. You will also want to know if a member of the staff will check on you after surgery. Ongoing follow-up is how a doctor and their staff determine patient outcomes, such as how your recovery is progressing, and whether you have had complications that need to be addressed. Since questions and concerns can arise at any time following surgery, Dr. Monteith and our nursing staff will be available for on-going support and information to help you conceive as well as to monitor your early pregnancy. Dr. Monteith, as well as his staff, moderate our interactive tubal reversal facebook page and message board to respond to questions and they also promptly answer phone calls and e-mail questions. There is no additional cost for this follow-up care.

We frequently recieve questions from patients of other doctors because they have been unable to communicate with their surgeon, the nurses, or the office staff. If you are having trouble communicating with them when considering surgery with them you will often have the same difficulties after your surgery.

When you call our office we will always answer the phone. Call us and see…(919) 968-4656

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