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Best Doctors For Tubal Reversal Surgery Near Alabama

looking-for-best-tubal-reversal-doctors-near-alabamaIf you are searching for the best place for tubal reversal surgery near Alabama then you have likely realized you do not have many choices.

Tubal reversal is a very specialized field and not many doctors are able to perform this unique and delicate surgery.

You may be tempted to consult with your local infertility specialist but you should know up front that most infertility specialists only offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

It is very likely you have seen these doctors list tubal reversal as an offered service on their websites but these listings are usually teaser listings.

These teaser listings are intended to get tubal ligation patients in the doors and then let the doctors take them down the IVF pathway.

Tubal reversal is a good alternative to IVF because the surgery, when done correctly, can be more affordable and more successful than in-vitro fertilization.

Tubal reversal can help you reverse any sense of regret you may have about getting your tubes tied and allows you the chance to become pregnant again naturally. Not only do you have the chance to become pregnant again naturally but you can have more than one child.

So if you have been searching for a specialist that provider tubal reversal surgery near Alabama and you want the best chance at having a good outcome then you should look for a doctor who truly specializes in reversal surgery.

Dr. Monteith is such a doctor. He only provider reversal surgery. He does not offer in-vitro fertilization.

Although his office is located in Raleigh North Carolina, you can easily make the trip to have surgery with him at his specialty center. Most of his patents travel to have surgery at his office in Raleigh.

It is only a 3 day 2 night process…most people spend more money and time traveling to go to Disney World or taking a cruise.

Tubal reversal success or failure: Don’t make these 3 mistakes!

Mistake #1. The worst mistake you can make is to let your general Ob/Gyn doctor do your reversal surgery. Don’t do it.

Most general Ob/Gyn doctors do not offer reversal surgery. Those that do offer reversal surgery usually do very few surgeries each year. They usually do it to make a little extra money on the side. If their websites also list cosmetic surgery, botox, vaginal rejuvenation, and other such treatments then this supports the fact they are not true tubal ligation reversal experts.

Mistake #2. The second worse thing you can do is talk to an in-vitro fertilization doctor about tubal reversal surgery.

They are only going to try to find reasons to convince you to do IVF. Don’t get us wrong…you should explore your options and talk about the benefits of IVF vs tubal reversal surgery but you should be aware most IVF doctors are only going to be able to provide you with IVF treatment.

Many infertility specialist have very limited experience with reversal surgery. You may find this hard to believe. The reason is they do not get much exposure to reversal surgeries during their training programs because these training programs only take place in large hospitals settings.

If tubal reversal surgery is done in a large hospital setting the cost of any surgery is so high the surgery is just not affordable unless health insurance is paying the cost. Health insurance never covers the cost of tubal reversal surgery.

As a result, IVF specialist really only get the best training in learning to perform assisted IVF reproduction.

Mistake #3. The third worst mistake you can make is to pick a doctor based on price. Although reversal surgery can be expensive…. you often get what you pay for…so don’t base your decision solely on price. You may only have one chance to get it right.

Best way to get tubal reversal success

Essure-reversal-Lufkin-TexasThe best thing you can do is choose a doctor who is dedicated to reversal surgery, has the expertise to make your surgery successful, and has continuing evidence of their constant success.

Dr. Monteith is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

He specializes in tubal ligation reversal, vasectomy reversal, Essure reversal, and Essure removal. Although traveling to have surgery may seem like a ‘downer’…traveling may be your best chance for success.

Dr. Monteith is highly regarded among his peers for his ability to reverse Essure sterilization which is the newest and toughest tubal ligation. Most doctors who offer tubal reversal will not reverse Essure sterilization.

Dr. Monteith was the first in the world to report and publish cases about successful Essure sterilization reversal resulting in healthy term pregnancies.

Having surgery with a true specialist makes a HUGE difference

Dr. Monteith has patients travel to have surgery with him from across the United States for surgery.

Many people want to have surgery near their home. This is understandable. Many people are reluctant to travel for surgery. As we said before, the reality is people often spend more money and more time traveling or going on a cruise than they would for tubal reversal surgery. They will also take a vacation for one to two weeks…all you have to do is stay in Raleigh for three (3) days when having reversal with Dr. Monteith.

Dr. Monteith’s office makes it easy for patients. Potential patients can have their records reviewed by Dr. Monteith free of charge by sending their tubal ligation records to his office for a free review.

His patients can schedule surgery over the phone with a nurse. Patients and a responsible adult will then travel to Raleigh, North Carolina and spend three days and two nights.

The consultation is the first day, the surgery is the second day, and the follow-up visit is the third day. After the third day patients are free to return home either by car or plane.

Watch the following video. See why seeing a true tubal reversal specialist can make all the difference in the world.

Tubal ligation reversal near Alabama? Do your research!

If you are considering a tubal ligation reversal Alabama doctor or a nearby reversal doctor then you should ask them if they offer these special surgery options:

  • Prepayment plan for reversal surgery
  • Discounted reversal surgery prices
  • Reversal loans and financing
  • Refunds when your tubes can’t be repaired

More information: Screening laparoscopy and refund if no repair

Dr. Monteith is able to offer these unique benefits because he is totally focused on tubal reversal surgery. As a result of his focus, he is able to offer his patients these unique options above that allow many more woman to have tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal reversal surgery near Alabama: Do your research!

dr-monteith-of-a-personal-choice-offers-tubal-reversal-surgery-near-alabamaAlthough you may want a tubal reversal surgery near Alabama so you can have surgery near home, you may have more success after traveling to see Dr. Monteith.

His office is only several hours away by car and even closer by plane.

It may seem like a big obstacle to travel to North Carolina for surgery but what price do you put on having successful reversal surgery by a specialist in sterilization reversal?

Here are a few testimonials from other women who also searched for tubal ligation reversal Alabama doctors:

Research Dr. Monteith and decide for yourself

Visit his website for more detailed information about successful reversal surgery:
A Personal Choice Tubal And Vasectomy Reversal

You can also join Dr. Monteith’s public Tubal Reversal group on Facebook to speak with other women about reversal surgery:
A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Facebook Group

You can also submit a “Contact Us” form found on most pages of his website and request more information or call (919) 977-5050 for more information.

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