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Can Burned Tubes Be Reversed? What Are Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

can-burned-tubes-be-reversed-need-adviceHave you asked “Can burned tubes be reversed?” and, if so, ” what are the chances of getting pregnant?”

Burned tubes can most certainly can be reversed and you can have good chances of getting pregnant…but only if you have surgery with a doctor who specializes in tubal ligation reversal.

Burning fallopian tubes is one of the most common types of tubal ligation procedures.

Many doctors prefer burning fallopian tubes over other tubal ligation methods because the burning procedure is easier and less of a hassle. Doctors who burn fallopian tubes will often strongly advise patients burned tubal ligation procedures are permanent and can never be reversed.

Research has shown many women will regret their tubal ligation procedures and want another child.

Tubal burning can be reversed in most cases and women with burned tubes can have a good chance of becoming pregnant after reversal of burned tubes.

Can burned tubal ligation procedures be reversed?

Many people, including health care professionals, will mistakenly tell you burned tubal ligations procedure cannot be reversed. This information is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!

Dr. Charles Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice. He specializes exclusively in outpatient tubal reversal surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Monteith sees patients with burned tubal ligations every week and has good success with reversing all forms of tubal ligation.

More information: Dr Charles Monteith Tubal Reversal Specialist

If you have had a burned tubal ligation and would like to see if you are a candidate for reversal surgery then Dr. Monteith encourages you to send your tubal ligation records to his office for a free review.

For more information on sending records visit: Contact Us: Sending records for a free review

Dr. Monteith’s experience has shown most burned tubes can be easily reversed. In general, he can reverse burned tubal ligation in over 85% of his patients.

Chances of getting pregnant after reversing burned tubes

Dr. Monteith can repair tubal ligations in approximately 98% of all patients who travel to his center for surgery. For burned tubal ligation, Dr. Monteith can repair at least one fallopian tube in over 85% of patients.

The chance of getting pregnant after reversing burned tubes is approximately 66%….or, more simply, about 2 out of every 3 patients with a burned tubal ligation reversed with Dr. Monteith will become pregnant.

For more information: Chances of getting pregnant after reversing burned tubes

If you are not a statistics person you should read this recent testimonial submitted by one of Dr. Monteith’s patients who had a burned tubal ligation. She was initially advised to have IVF treatment. She had a failed IVF cycle after paying over $17,000. She became pregnant two weeks after reversing her burned tubes with Dr. Monteith!

Reversing Burned Tubes: You changed our lives!

chances-of-getting-pregnant-after-burned-tubes-reversal-better-than-ivf“My husband and I want to thank you for all of your help during our fertility struggle. Your medical expertise, kindness and support were so appreciated! You changed our life!

After a failed IVF cycle, we were left devastated and depressed. Until we found hope in Dr. Monteith! I had surgery on and now pregnant two weeks later! Yes….! Two weeks later! I am currently 5 weeks pregnant!

After dealing with infertility and almost giving up on our dream to have a child, your knowledge, encouragement, and kindness helped us to make our dream come true.

There’s not enough money in the world that can buy love and happiness and that’s exactly what you what you brought us and many families.”

Patient age: 38
Tubal ligation type: Coagulation (burned)
Patient hometown: Queens, New York

To read her original pregnancy report visit: IVF Left Us Devastated: Pregnant Month After Reversing Burned Tubes

‘Burned Tubes’ And Tubal ‘Coagulation’: It’s the same thing!

If your tubal ligation operative note mentions ‘tubal coagulation’ then this is the same thing as ‘tubal burning’.

The medical term for burning with electricity is ‘coagulation’. So if you are reading your tubal ligation operative note and it says tubal coagulation…then this means your tubes have been burned! Dont worry…most can be reversed.

  • When many women request a tubal ligation, they will often ask for their tubes to be burned because of the mistaken perception that this type of tubal ligation is the most permanent.
  • When a woman thinks about having a reversal…and they realize their tubes have been burned…then they often become depressed because of the mistaken perception that these types of tubal ligations are not reversible.

Don’t get depressed! Get your operative note and send it to Dr. Monteith for a free review!

Burned Fallopian Tubes: A Horrible Term!

The phrase ‘burned tubes’ is a terrible phrase.

When women hear their tubes have been burned they think of vivid images of fire and total tubal destruction. Some may even believe they are smelling smoke as think of the procedure!

Many people imagine their doctor took a blow torch, flamed the entire fallopian tube, and only left burnt, smoking charcoal. This imagery of total burning destruction is not accurate.

The more correct medical term for burning tubes is tubal coagulation.


White area (#2, red arrow) is where tube has been burned. Healthy tubal segment (#1) and healthy tubal segment (#3) can be successfully rejoined. Chance of pregnancy 60%.

During a tubal coagulation procedure, the doctor will grasp each fallopian tube with a small surgical device similar to a pair of tweezers.

The device grasps a very small section of the tube…a section no larger than 0.5 cm (the tubes are approximately 10 cm long). The device then allows electric current to travel from one side of the tweezer, through the small section of the fallopian tube, and into the other side of the tweezer. As the electricity travels through the tube it causes heat energy and this heat energy kills the fallopian tube cells…but only the small portion of the tube in between the tweezers.

The doctor will often grasp and burn several areas. Often they will burn a total of about 1 to 3 cm on each fallopian tube.

The heat energy kills the cells exposed to the electricity. The normal, healthy red tissue of the fallopian tube turns white…very similar to how an egg turns white when cooked on a stove (refer to image on the right).

The dead, cooked white tissue eventually is absorbed by the body, disappears, and the tube heals closed…but only in the area where the tubal burning was performed. The burned ends heal closed and there will be a gap in between the two segments of tube. The gap is where the white tissue in the image is seen…this tissue slowly dissolves and is absorbed after the tubal coagulation procedure.

As long as the doctor did not burn too much, the healthy proximal tubal segment (tube near the uterus) can be rejoined to the healthy distal tubal segment (tube near the ovary).

Is having burned tubes bad? What’s the problem?

Burned tubal ligation is common. Having burned tubes is not bad. Many of these can be reversed and some of these reversals can be up to 80% to 90% successful depending on how much of your tubes were burned.

Having your tubes burned is not always the problem. The bigger question is… how much of your tubes were burned?

Tubal clips and rings are the best types of tubal ligation methods to reverse. Why? Because most doctors perform these types of tubal ligation procedures the same way… tube gets one ring or one clip placed in the middle. Most tubal rings and tubal clips are designed the same…so tubal ring and tubal clip procedures are often done the same way.

The problem with tubal burning is every doctor burns the tubes differently. Some doctors burn each tube once…some doctors burn each tube 2 or 3 times…some burn 3 times close together…some burn 3 times far apart…some doctors burn the tubes where they enter the uterus…some doctors burn the tubes on the ends…and some doctors will even burn the entire fallopian tube from start to finish.

Most burned tubal ligations are a three point burn..each burn is described as being adjacent or contiguous to the previous burn site, and the burn is performed in the middle of each fallopian tube. Some doctors burn lesser amounts of tube and reversal of these tubal ligations can give success rates similar to reversing tubal clips or rings.

So when you ask “Can burned tubes be reversed?” then you need to be aware the answer to your question depends on your doctor and not the actual method.

Send your operative report to Dr. Monteith for a free review to determine if you are a candidate for reversal surgery.

How to determine if you are a candidate for tubal reversal?

Dr. Monteith recommends that you DO NOT ask your doctor if your tubal ligation can be reversed. Why?

Most doctors mistakenly believe no tubal ligation can be reversed and your only option is in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

They believe this because most doctors have never seen a tubal ligation reversal during their training years. They mistakenly believe since they have never seen the procedure… is is because it is not possible. They dont always realize the reason they have never seen a tubal reversal surgery is because it is way too expensive to perform tubal reversal in a training hospital.

Dr. Monteith advises you send him your tubal ligation operative note for a free, honest assessment. If your note is vague then Dr. Monteith may have you clarify the procedure with your local doctor or recommend you consider his optional screening laparoscopy.

The following video explains how to obtain your operative note and send it to Dr. Monteith for a free review.

To see more tubal reversal videos: Tubal Reversal A Personal Choice YouTube channel

If you are really worried about the success of reversal surgery then you should consider Dr. Monteith’s optional screening laparoscopy procedure. Dr. Monteith is the only reversal doctor offering patients screening laparoscopy.

During a screening laparoscopy, Dr. Monteith inserts a small camera into your belly button while you are under general anesthesia. This allows him to look directly at your fallopian tubes. If your tubes can be repaired then he will do so. If the tubes cannot be repaired then your surgery is less than 10 minutes and you will receive a refund of your tubal reversal surgery fee.

More information: Screening laparoscopy: Checking to see if burned tubes can be repaired

Can You Get Pregnant With Burned Tubes?

Many women will be discouraged from having tubal reversal surgery. Instead they will be strongly encouraged to have more expensive IVF treatments. Tubal reversal (even reversal of burned tubes) allows you the chance to become pregnant every month and you can become pregnant more than once…even older moms!

Below is a testimonial from a 42 year old mother who had reversal of her burned tubes with Dr. Monteith. She is reporting the birth of her second baby after her burned tube reversal.

42-year-old-mom-has-second-reversal-baby“Philip is our second Monteith Miracle!

Our first, Genevieve, turns two next month!

Thank you SO much to everyone at A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center for helping to make our family complete!”

Patient age: 42
Tubal ligation type: Coagulation (burned)
Patient hometown: Lewiston, Maine

Burned Tubes Can Be Reversed!

Most burned tubal ligations can be reversed and the chances of getting pregnant after reversal of burned tubes are good.

If you would like more information, including cost of surgery and how to schedule, then you should visit Dr. Monteith’s comprehensive website for more information

Dr. Monteith’s tubal reversal website: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Raleigh NC

If you would like to speak to a staff person then you are encourage to call (919) 977-5050 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith

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