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CareCredit And Tubal Reversal: Ways To Pay For Tubal Reversal Surgery

dr-monteith-explains-unique-ways-to-pay-for-tubal-reversal-surgeryIf you are looking into ways to pay for tubal reversal surgery you should consider using CareCredit.

A Personal Choice does accept CareCredit as one of many different payment methods for tubal reversal surgery!

CareCredit is one of the leading health care financing credit cards in the United States. CareCredit is one of several unique ways to pay for tubal reversal surgery!

A Personal Choice has partnered with CareCredit to offer patients another option for financing surgery. Previously we worked exclusively with United Medical Credit and the Advance Care Card.

We are now excited to expand our options by adding CareCredit as one of the financing plans we have for tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal reversal surgery: Not a cheap surgery

If you have been looking into tubal reversal you have probably realized it is not a cheap surgery.

Many people are surprised when they learn their health insurance plans will not cover reversal surgery. Using the word ‘surprised’ may be an understatement… many women are ‘shocked’ and extremely disappointment to be told their health insurance will not cover the cost of their tubal reversal surgery.

Health insurance will easily pay for you to get your tubes tied….but health insurance will almost never pay for you to get your tubes untied or even pay for in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Basically health insurance plans are companies that are in the business of trying to turn a profit. These companies do not exist by wasting or losing money. They do not exist by allowing you to randomly spend money… even if it is for your health care.

These companies will not pay for tubal reversal because fertility… especially fertility you made a conscious choice to limit…is not a medically necessary surgery. They figure if you chose to throw away your fertility then why should they pay for to get it back? Why should they pay for your mistake and your regret?

Many health insurance plans treat infertility the same way they treat cosmetic services and procedures. These are all important services but they are not urgent and needed to prolong life. They are medically unnecessary procedures.

Essentially health insurance companies figure if you made the decision to have your tubes tied then why should they and their members have to pay to get you out of the situation you willingly put yourself into?

Infertility treatment has never been cheap.

Your two main options are in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or tubal reversal. Both treatments are expensive.

Tubal reversal is often half the cost of IVF. Tubal reversal is often twice as successful as IVF. If reversal surgery works then you have a chance to become pregnant every month and more than once.

Ways to pay for tubal reversal surgery

There are several ways to pay for tubal reversal surgery.

  1. Direct out of pocket (usually cash or a bank wire)
  2. Credit card
  3. Third party loan (ie a family member, friend, or bank)
  4. Financing

If you do not have the money now and are not able to pay directly out of pocket then a loan is often the next best option to consider. Unfortunately many people are not able to approach friends or family members for large amount loans. Many of us have great friends and family members. Even though many of them are great…most are reluctant to loan you large sums of money.

A loan from a personal connection is often a great idea but many friends and family members are unwilling to provide loans of large amounts.

This next best alternative options to getting a loan would be to use to either use a credit card or obtain health care financing.

Using a credit card and/or financing can be an excellent way to get your surgery now and then make payments over time.

Using a credit card for tubal reversal: Important points

Using a credit card can be one of several ways to pay for tubal reversal surgery. Most of us have access to credit cards. It has almost become impossible to function in modern society without using a credit card. Although use of a credit card is a great way to pay for tubal reversal surgery you will need to be aware of the following points.

you-can-use-a-credit-card-to-pay-for-tubal-reversal-surgeryGood credit score. It goes without saying you will need to have a good enough credit score to be able to get a credit card with a high enough limit to be able to afford the entire surgery.

Even if you cannot put the entire cost of surgery on a credit card then you can make a partial payment with the credit card and find some other way to make up the difference.

Most people will pay part out of pocket and the rest with a credit card.

Your card limit. You will need to make sure you have a high enough limit on your card to be able to afford the surgery. If you have a low limit credit card or have almost maxed out your credit card then you may not be able to use the credit card option.

If you need to know how much is the cost of surgery you can find more information here: Cost of tubal reversal surgery with A Personal Choice

Finance charges. These charges can really add up over time….so you need to have a good plan for how you are going to pay your credit card off. The finance charges may not seem like much at first but over time they certainly add up.

Many people plan on making monthly credit card payments but as we all know…life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Things often come up and our best laid plans can often get messed up. If you are not careful then you could end up making extended monthly payments. You may end up paying 2 to 3 times the original amount of the surgery. That could be a painful experience.

CareCredit and tubal reversal surgery: An option to consider

CareCredit is often referred to as a Health Care Financing Medical Credit Card. It can act like a financing method but it can also act like a credit card.

To sign up for CareCredit visit: Signing Up for CareCredit with A Personal Choice

CareCredit can be used for a wide variety of medical and health expenses. The definition of ‘medical’ can range from payment for necessary and critical surgical procedures all the way to elective cosmetic and infertility treatments. CareCredit can even be used for veterinarian care for treatment of your pets. Go figure!

To see all the approved uses of CareCredit visit their website: Approved CareCredit Health Care Expenses

CareCredit works like a credit card but also works like a medical financing loan.

CareCredit works like a credit card that is dedicated for medical spending. You charge your surgery to you CareCredit card when you pay for services. You are charged interest on your purchases and must pay back the original amount and interest over time.

CareCredit also works like financing. Some providers accept CareCredit plans that allow you the option to defer interest payments for up to a year and a half!

So….CareCredit provides users with a lot of flexibility.

In general, you should have a good credit score when applying for the CareCredit card. They don’t accept just anybody. They do want you to have a good credit score…or at least a fair one…because they do expect to be paid back for the surgery you are purchasing. If your credit score is bad then you may be a loan risk and not qualify for the CareCredit program.

Be aware, CareCredit is not accepted by all medical providers.

A medical provider has to apply and be accepted by CareCredit in order to participate in their program. If you want to use CareCredit as a way to pay for tubal reversal surgery you should make sure your doctor is enrolled in the CareCredit program and accepts CareCredit as a method of payment.

How to apply for CareCredit for tubal reversal surgery?

You should apply for financing directly from CareCredit. Helpful hints when applying:

1. You can apply on-line easily and without cost.

2. If you are not approved you can reapply more than once.

3. If you don’t have good credit you may not get approval.

4. It helps to have a co-applicant with good credit when applying for financing.

5. You may receive full or partial financing.

You will need to get pre-approved before you call our office to schedule reversal  surgery. The scheduling nurse will need to know at the time of scheduling if you will be financing your surgery.

For more information about best tubal reversal financing and links to the best tubal reversal financing companies: Financing Reversal Surgery

How to get started scheduling surgery?

Dr. Charles Monteith specializes exclusively in affordable outpatient tubal reversal surgery. He is located in Raleigh, NC but patients travel from across the United States to have surgery at his facility.

If you would like to learn more about the steps on how to get started with scheduling tubal reversal surgery then you should watch the following video.

If you have questions about paying for tubal reversal surgery then call our office at (919) 977-5050 and speak to a helpful staff person.

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