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Essure Hair Loss, Back Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes! Something is Wrong!


Laura the day after her Essure removal surgery

Laura came to us because she was having Essure hair loss and other Essure side effects.

Three months after her Essure coils were inserted she began to experience Essure hair loss, low back pain, and swollen lymph nodes.

All testing was normal. Her doctor was not helpful.

After 5 years of suffering from Essure side effects, Laura decided enough was enough and she wanted to have the Essure coils out of her body.

She did not want a hysterectomy and that is why she chose to travel to A Personal Choice for a specialized Essure removal procedure.

Laura before having Essure side effects

Laura is from Madison, Mississippi. She is 38 years of age and is the mother of two children. She teaches language arts. In 2010 she decided to have an Essure procedure because it was non-surgical and she was told it was ‘easy‘.

Her Essure devices were inserted without complication. Initially she did well but three months later the problems began.

Essure hair loss: Is it possible?

Three months after her Essure procedure Laura noticed her hair began to come out in clumps. She also started seeing lots of hair on her pillow every morning. She began to develop low back pain and her lymph nodes became swollen. She spoke to her doctor who informed her there was no relationship between having Essure and hair loss. Her doctor ordered lab tests and imaging studies. All her test came back as normal. Her doctor said her Essure hair loss was not related to Essure.

Her doctor told Laura that her pain was from an ovarian cyst and that she was ‘just stressed out‘. Laura did not believe this diagnosis.

Other women with Essure problems

Laura then began to search on line and she joined discussion groups of women having similar problems. She soon met other women who were having hair loss after Essure. One woman had their Essure hair loss stop after her Essure coils were removed. After hearing the problems of many other women with Essure problems, Laura returned to her doctor and told her doctor she was convinced the Essure was causing her to have these symptoms.

Her doctor told her they could do a hysterectomy but Laura wanted nothing to do with hysterectomy. Laura then sought the help of A Personal Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Laura traveled to our center because of our specialization in tubal surgery and Essure removal surgery. Laura wanted to have Essure coil removal only…she did not want to become pregnant and she did not want a hysterectomy. Laura informed us she wanted the ‘coils out of my body’ because she believed they did not need to be there. She acknowledged even if she did not get better after Essure removal then she was satisfied just knowing the coils were not inside her.

Laura’s Essure removal surgery

Laura’s Essure removal surgery went well. It went really, really well!

Some women have hair loss and pain after EssureSince Laura has a low BMI (less than 25) and no surgical history (no chance of significant scar tissue), we were able to make a really small incision (less than the size of a section). Since she did not want to become pregnant she elected to have a tubal ligation rather than an implantation. Her entire surgery lasted 56 minutes and the estimated blood loss was 7 mL (1.5 teaspoons).

We were able to remove her coils out intact with all of the surrounding scar tissue using our targeted surgical dissection technique for minimizing Essure fragments during removal.

Laura did well during and after her surgery. During her postoperative visit she rated her pain a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

We asked Laura to update us in 6 months about her status using our Tubal Ligation Symptom Report form. We want to know how she is doing and if her Essure hair loss has improved.

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