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We have been so blessed to bring another tubal reversal baby into our family.

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Free Ligation Reversal Surgery 2022 Contest Winner Announced!

Announcing The 2022 Free Ligation Reversal Surgery Contest Winner!

This is the third year of our free ligation reversal surgery contest. In prior years, we have selected three winners each year. Unfortunately, this year we were only able to select one winner.

2022-free-ligation-reversal-surgery-winner-a-personal-choice-dr-charles-monteithSelecting only one winner this year will be disappointing to many who entered the contest.

We apologize.

This has been a tough few years for all of us.

Starting 2020, we had the COVID pandemic, 2021 a ‘recovery’ of sorts from COVID, and 2022 rapid inflation and disruption of normal global trade routines. We are starting to see increasing inflation in health care.

Many of our medical products, or at least components, of these products come from many different countries. This has had a serious impact on our ability to obtain a predictable source of medical supplies and, as a result of COVID, there has been a great increase in the shortage and costs of medical supplies. Like most we have made it work but it has been challenging.

In the medical industry, we have seen a shortage of certain supplies and medications, a dramatic increase in the cost of medical materials, and an increase in health care worker salaries. These are the reasons we scaled back the number of winners this year.

To be clear…we have not had to compromise our care…but we have had to increase our prices to pay more for the increased costs of everything.

In our line of work, we see many deserving patients. Some seek reversal because of simple regret but others seek reversal after being traumatized by abuse, divorce, terrible social situations, or tragic loss of a family member.

We wish we could help everyone.

Although there will be some people who will share negative comments on social media about only having one winner this year or the fact they did not win, we like to point out we are the only tubal reversal practice who has provided a chance for a lucky few to get a free reversal surgery.

On the contest entry page, we asked anyone who knows of another doctor who is providing free ligation reversal surgery to let us know. To date, no one has notified us that there are other chances to get free surgery.

The 2022 winner is from Jay, Oklahoma. She has enrolled every year we have sponsored the contest. Unfortunately, she lost a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). She has faithfully entered the contest every year.

Free Ligation Reversal Surgery Contest Entry Statement

I’ve entered this contest every year in hope of that chance to complete our family.

Four years ago my husband and I lost our son to SIDS. After I had him I thought I was done having children, I had my daughter and my son, but God had other plans. Our baby boy will forever be in our heart but that piece is still missing and we want so bad to have another child together.

We’d love nothing more than to win this and have another chance in making our family complete and heal some of this pain we feel.

Statement After Notification of Winning Contest

Winning this contest is everything to me. I’ve entered every year since it started.

free-ligation-reversal-surgery-contest-winner-2022-dr-monteith-a-personal-choice-raleigh-ncSix years ago I met my husband, he had no children, I had a 1 year old daughter. He has since then raised my daughter as his own, well 5 years ago we got pregnant. He was a beautiful baby boy, Braxton Jase. Absolute perfection, we felt complete, we had our little family.

At that time 2 children was enough for me. It was all that I wanted so I decided to get my tubes tied. Four short months later God had other plans for my son, he passed away from SIDS. I’ve never felt so broken, it’s been almost 5 years and I’ve regretted having a tubal, I never expected that to happen.

We have tried for years to undo the mistake I made and have another but money was never in our favor, then I found this contest. Every year I’ve prayed and it’s finally happened.

I couldn’t be more grateful to A Personal Choice for giving me this huge blessing.

Tubal Reversal Contest: The Future

As long as we continue to be blessed and able to continue on in these difficult financial circumstances, we currently plan to open the contest for entries again next year starting January 2023.

We are not certain of the numbers of winners that will be chosen in 2023. It will be between 1 to 3 winners.

If you are considering having another baby then we encourage you not to delay your decision for too long. There is never a good time in life to have a baby because there is always some stressor going on at any given time.

Each year you wait you lose 12 chances…and each year you get older those monthly chances decrease. After age 43 those yearly chance start to decrease dramatically. These observations are accurate whether you do IVF or tubal reversal surgery.

So if you really want to have a baby then do it! There is never a good time.

Do not count on our contest or any miracle of God…it is always good to graciously accept miracles but don’t count on getting a miracle!

Enter The Contest Next Year: Opens January 2023

The contest for free ligation reversal surgery will reopen for entries January 2023.
To enter the contest for 2023 visit: Free Tubal Reversal Contest

If you would like to see more information about prior winners 2020 and 2021 visit:

Meet the 2020 winners: Free Tubal Reversal Winners 2020

Meet the 2021 winners: Free Tubal Reversal Winners 2021

Considering Tubal Reversal? Protect Yourself

We are in inflationary times. To some extent this is natural in the world of economics. Everything will go up…nothing costs the same as it did 100 years ago!

You may not be able to win a free ligation reversal surgery but you have a better chance of getting a discounted rate on a reversal surgery as a reversal prepayment account member.

free-reversal-surgery-contest-personal-choice-raleigh-ncIf you are seriously considering having tubal reversal with A Personal Choice and you are just not ready then consider starting a Reversal Prepayment Account.

This will lock your price in for the next three (3) years and you can protect yourself from any possible cost increases for reversal surgery.

More information: Tubal Reversal Prepayment Account

Do not start a tubal reversal prepayment account if you are not serious about having tubal reversal because you could lose your initial deposit of $500.

Steps To Starting A Prepayment Account

These are the steps to starting a prepayment account:

Step 1. Send us your records for a free review and a price quote

Use our HIPAA compliant medical upload panel: A Personal Choice Medical Record Upload Portal

By sending records we can let you know if you are a candidate. This helps prevent you from wasting your time by saving for three years only to find out you are not a candidate for reversal.

If you can’t get records call and speak to one of our staff. We can usually provide more insight if you should start an account. We can also provide more information about our Screening Laparoscopy.

If you send us your records and dont do anything else…you would be subject to any price increases that happened in the future. So you have to officially open an account to lock in your price.

Step 2. Complete our Reversal Prescheduling Questionnaire

This questionnaire is the official start of your medical record with our office. It allows us to do a deeper dive into your medical history and provides you and us with one more step of assurance you are a good candidate.

We can’t tell everything from just your tubal ligation notes…  so the questionnaire asks more detailed questions and provides more information about your health history.

If we detect a more serious medical problem we may ask you to get a clearance from one of your doctors to make sure you have a safe surgical experience with our office.

Step 3. Pay our scheduling fee.

The scheduling fee will definitely be increasing in 2023.

We charge a scheduling fee because it takes a lot of time for our staff to get you set up as a patient. Prior to this fee, we had people sending records from all across the world. Many of them had no desire to have surgery with us and it wasted our time. The scheduling fee has now decreased the number of people who are not serious about having tubal reversal surgery.

Step 4. Complete phone interview with nurse and complete blood count test

This allows the nurse to discuss concerns with your prescheduling questionnaire. This also allows potential patients to ask additional question they may have about reversal or our process. The nurse will send a lab order for a complete blood count (CBC). This is currently the only lab test that is required by our office.

The nurse will email you a serious of contracts with your locked in reversal price.

This is an important process. Sometimes we detect severe anemia or other medical conditions. This allows us to recommend corrective action for patients and they can better prepare for reversal surgery and the best chance of getting pregnant after tubal reversal.

Once we know people are good candidates it puts us in a better position to offer them discounted rates on short notice…we know there should not be any medical surprises if they schedule in a short time.

Step 4. Return signed Reversal Prepayment Account contract

You must return the paper work and send your signed contract in with a minimum of $500 deposit. This $500 goes towards your reversal surgery cost. You can then put money in your account at any time and of any amount. You have a total of three years to finish funding your account.

Step 5. Save towards your surgery/possibly get a discount

Why three years? We feel three years is enough time to save for the serious individual.

tubal-reversal-prepayment-account-a-personal-choice-savings-for-reversal-surgeryIn the past we never had a time limit.

Some people would send in large amounts of money and then never get back with us. We had some peoples money for 10+ years. We are responsible for this money because technically it is not our money. We really dont want that responsibility. That is what banks are for….we are just trying to help some people have reversal surgery.

If you don’t have your surgery by three years then we close your account and refund you all your money.less the $500 account administration fee.

Reversal prepayment account members are emailed when discounted rates are available. Discounts range from $500 to $1,000. Discounts are only offered to prepayment account members.

If you are serious about reversal surgery but are not ready yet…then consider a reversal prepayment account.

If you are not certain then we encourage you to go to your bank and open a savings account. This will allow you to save towards your goal without having to lose $500 if you dont have surgery within three years.

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