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Free No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure In Raleigh NC

free-no-scalpel-vasectomy-procedure-raleigh-north-carolinaIf you want to have a free no scalpel vasectomy procedure then you are in luck!

Dr. Monteith is offering free vasectomy procedures to men willing to volunteer as vasectomy training patients.

In exchange for being a volunteer, you will be helping to promote high quality barrier free vasectomy. You will also walk away with a free no scalpel vasectomy procedure!

If you want a free vasectomy this is the place for you! Keep reading for more information.

Why a free no scalpel vasectomy procedure?

A vasectomy procedure can be expensive.

If you don’t have health insurance you could pay as much as $7,000 for a vasectomy! Even with health insurance you may have to pay for your entire procedure. Why?

The Affordable Care Act..also known as the ACA…or more commonly known as ‘Obama Care’ was passed in 2010. On key feature of the health care law was female contraception had to be provided at no cost to the patient. Health insurance companies were required by the federal government to offer birth control at no cost.

Unfortunately, men were left out of the contraception equation. Women can get birth control…even tubal ligation…at no cost…or at the least for the amount of an office copay. Male contraception, on the other hand, was not included in the ACA health care law. It is unknown why men were left out but the end result was that women get birth control for free and men have to deal with the complexities of the health insurance market.

So the cost of a vasectomy is an important consideration for a man looking for a vasectomy.

What does a vasectomy cost?

If you are looking for a vasectomy procedure then it is very possible you may end up paying for the entire vasectomy procedure out of pocket…even if you have health insurance!

Vasectomy costs depend on the region in the country where your procedure is performed. In rural states the procedures tend to cost less…in more urban areas vasectomy procedures will cost more.

A vasectomy procedure could cost as little as $600 when done in an office setting…but if done in an operating room with deep anesthesia the cost could be as much as $10,000!

It is actually amazing you can call a doctor’s office and ask what they charge for a vasectomy and most times you will not be given an answer. Instead they will tell you to come in for an office visit and then they can tell you the cost!

Does your health insurance cover vasectomy?

Does your health insurance provide you with a free no scalpel vasectomy procedure? Not usually.

Even if you have health insurance you may have to pay a lot for your vasectomy… in fact, some men may have to pay for the entire procedure. What you pay depends on what kind of  health insurance plan you have?

No health insurance. This is obvious. If you don’t have any health insurance you are gonna pay for the entire procedure.

High quality health insurance. Do you have a high quality plan with no annual deductible or a very low deductible? If so then you may have to pay nothing for a vasectomy… or at least an office co-pay for each visit.

Poor quality health insurance plan. Do you have a high deductible plan?

does-health-insurance-provide-free-no-scalpel-vasectomy-proceduresSome plans have high annual deductibles which means you may be required to pay for your vasectomy procedure. If you have a $5,000 annual deductible then you will be required to pay for the first $5,000 of your health care in a given year….then after that your health insurance plan will take over additional costs.

Have a high cost plan, broke your leg, and paid the first $5,000 of your health care? Then if so your vasectomy may be free.

If you have not paid anything towards your health care in a given year then you are going to have to pay for the entire vasectomy up until you have paid $5,000. Then your health insurance company will take over any remaining costs.

Be careful of the year you are in because once the year changes over then the deductible resets!

Religious health care plan. Most religious based health insurance plans will not pay for birth control or sterilization. They won’t pay for vasectomy at all because they believe it is against God’s will and they don’t want to promote safe ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Given the complexities you have to navigate above you can more readily understand how a free no scalpel vasectomy can be an appealing option for some men.

Free no scalpel vasectomy procedures: The details

Many people know Dr. Monteith as an expert in tubal ligation reversal… but many people are not aware he also performs no scalpel vasectomy procedures every Thursday afternoon and every Friday of the week.


Dr Monteith A Personal Choice Raleigh NC

Dr. Monteith understands more about reproduction than most doctors…why do we even make this statement?

Dr. Monteith’s training is as an Ob/Gyn. He has helped birth many babies in his career and has taken care of many women with high risk pregnancies. Dr. Monteith has also performed many tubal ligation procedures…but he also has extensive experience with tubal ligation reversal surgery and even the more complicated Essure tubal ligation reversal. Not only does Dr. Monteith have extensive experience with female reproduction but he also has experience with male reproductions because he performs both vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

As a result of his career experience, Dr. Monteith understands reproduction and the impact reproduction has on women, men, and couples.

Dr. Monteith has pioneered His Choice No Cut Vasectomy which is a minimally invasive form of vasectomy offered during a single office visit. The procedure does not require a scalpel or a needle. It takes less than 15 minutes in the office under local anesthesia. Long acting 72 hour anesthetic is used and men who have this vasectomy can be back to work in 48 hours.

Dr. Monteith has extensive experience in health care education. During the first eight years of his career he trained medical students and residents in Ob/Gyn care. He has also trained Family Planning Fellows on how to perform vasectomy procedures.

Dr. Monteith has recently made a promise to train other interested doctors in how to perform minimally invasive vasectomy and this is why he is offering free no scalpel vasectomy procedures.

How to sign up for a free no scalpel vasectomy procedure?

sign-up-for-free-no-scalpel-vasectomy-procedureDoctors who express an interest in learning no scalpel vasectomy will contact Dr. Monteith and make plans to come to Raleigh, NC for vasectomy training.

In order for a doctor to train…they need to be able to do an actual vasectomy procedure on a real patient.

Dr. Monteith is looking for patient volunteers to help with this vasectomy training.

If a patient signs up to be a vasectomy volunteer then they will be provided the no scalpel vasectomy procedure for free!

If you are interested then visit this link for more information: Free No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedures

You will be asked to leave your name and email address and when these free no scalpel vasectomy procedures are being offered you will be sent an email asking you to consider signing up to be a vasectomy training patient.

These free procedures will take less than 20 minutes and patients will be entirely comfortable. Dr. Monteith will assist the training doctor with the vasectomy procedure and will make sure you are comfortable and the your procedure will be successful.

This is a great opportunity to help promote affordable, barrier free vasectomy by helping to train other doctors… and you can help yourself in the process by getting a $1,000 procedure for free!

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