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Is Tubal Sterilization Reversible?

Is tubal sterilization reversible? Many mistakenly believe you cannot reverse sterilization.


Sterilization reversal surgery in progress

Often patients only remember their doctor’s last words, “This is not reversible.”

Doctors emphasize sterilization is not reversible because they want to be certain you are not having tubal ligation for temporary birth control.

Most patients are certain of their decision at the time, but none of us can predict the future. We often regret decisions and many times life changes course.

The reality is tubal sterilization is reversible. If it can be done….then it can be undone.

How is tubal sterilization reversible?

During a tubal sterilization (i.e. a tubal ligation) procedure the fallopian tube is closed to prevent pregnancy. Tubal sterilization can be reversed during microsurgery by opening the closed ends of the fallopian tubes and rejoining the closed tubes.

Americas best doctor for reversal surgeryAll Ob/Gyn doctors have performed tubal sterilization at some point in their careers. Most Ob/Gyns and even most infertility specialist have no training in reversal surgery.

Tubal reversal surgery was more common before in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was invented. IVF became more popular because it could be done in a doctor’s office and was cheaper than surgery in a hospital. Since IVF became more popular very few doctors have training in sterilization reversal.

If you want to have your tubal sterilization reversed then your chances are better if you see a doctor who has experience and who performs these surgeries regularly.

Dr. Monteith Sterilization Reversal Specialist

Dr. Monteith is a sterilization reversal specialist who performs surgeries daily in his specialty center. He is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice, which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Patients travel to A Personal Choice from across the United States and around the world for reversal of sterilization. Dr. Monteith exclusively specializes in tubal reversal surgery and vasectomy reversal surgery.

He offers patients an affordable alternative to the more costly treatment of in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

When patients see Dr. Monteith…Permanent is not forever!

Affordable sterilization reversal surgery

Baby Royce Essure reversal baby

Essure Reversal Baby Royce

Dr. Monteith performs all sterilization reversal surgeries in his AAAHC accredited surgical center. As a result of his specialization, Dr Monteith’s patients can avoid the high cost of hospital surgery.

Dr. Monteith’s patient send their records by fax or email and schedule surgery over the phone. They travel to his center, have their consutlation the first day, surgery the second day, and postoperative evaluation the third day.

Even with the cost of travel and spending two nights and three days in Raleigh, patients will find surgery much more affordable than a single cycle of in-vitro fertilization or having reversal surgery in a hospital.

Reversing Essure Sterilization

Dr. Monteith was the first doctor in the world to report reversal and successful pregnancy of the newest form of tubal ligation, Essure tubal sterilization. Since Dr. Monteith’s first case reports, he has published a larger study showing Essure reversal and pregnancy are possible.

Is Tubal Sterilization Reversible?

Is tubal sterilization reversible… it is when you see Dr. Monteith!

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Need more personal advice about sterilization reversal?

Many women will regret their sterilization procedure and many will consider restoring their natural fertility with reversal surgery.

facebook tubal reversal groupWomen who need more personal advice are encouraged to join Dr. Monteith’s public Facebook group:

Facebook Tubal Reversal Group of A Personal Choice

Patients who have reversal surgery completed at A Personal Choice are invited to join a secret tubal reversal group, which affords greater privacy for Dr. Monteith’s patients.

You can find other women who have asked is tubal sterilization permanent and they provide helpful advice about having sterilization reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith at A Personal Choice.

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