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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome | A Long Journey


If you have had your tubes tied and are now having problems…well…you are not alone! There are many other women who are having similar issues.

PTLS-diangosis-can-be-a-long-journey-for-many-women-after-tubal-ligationMost women will not have any problems after having a tubal ligation but some will. Some women will develop a variety of symptoms after having a tubal ligation procedure.

Although there can be many different causes for these symptoms…many will will wonder if they have Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS). They will also consider sterilization reversal. Some of these women will not have PTLS but, instead will have other underlying  medical conditions.

If you have had problems after your tubal ligation and think you may have Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome…then you are in for a long journey and our PTLS articles may help you find your way.

Articles To Help You Determine What The Problem Is?

We started this series of articles for women suffering from symptoms after tubal ligation to try and help them sort out what is going on with their bodies.

Unfortunately many health care providers will not be sympathetic. They will be dismissive and tell you in so many words…”It is all in your head” or “You are just getting older.” Many of these women will suffer in silence and turn to the internet and social media for assistance in figuring out what is going on with their bodies.

If you are having abnormal symptoms after your tubal ligation make sure you read 0ur article on the symptoms of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS)

We also reviewed current medical studies about PTLS, and common medical conditions that can closely mimic PTLS.

If you want to start at the very beginning of our education articles then you should visit: Pain After Tubal Ligation: Is It PTLS?

PTLS: A Diagnosis Of Exclusion

We consider Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome to be real for some women. We also consider it a “exclusionary diagnosis”. What does this mean?

A diagnosis of exclusion means it is the last thing you consider. It does not mean you don’t believe in it…it simply means it is not the first thing you go to. It means you check out all other problems before you start considering the most uncommon problem.

Did you get a tubal ligation and start developing heavy periods and pain? If so then we dont go straight to “Oh you have PTLS!” Instead we check for an ovarian cyst and pregnancy from tubal ligation failure. We then check for fibroids, endometriosis, and irregular ovulation.

Depending on the circumstances we may also consider anxiety and depression because these conditions…although they dont cause heavy periods of pain…may make people focus on and complain about symptoms they may have been having all along but they never focused or thought much about what was happening.

We have a long series of articles in our tubal reversal blog to help women sort out their symptoms. Most people have a short attention span and many dont like to read. We understand this. In writing our series of articles we figured those who dont have severe enough symptoms…or know the cause of their symptoms to stop reading once they have determined what is their most likely cause for their problems.

Like a long bus ride, we have expected most passengers to have exited (stop reading) this bus trip (our articles) at each of their respective and appropriate stops after a thorough evaluation of the possible causes of their symptoms. If passengers are still riding, then the last stop on the road is PTLS.

In the past, the existence of PTLS has been widely debated but not agreed upon in various medical studies. The largest study to date, the CREST study, found no significant difference in the percentage of women with menstrual problems after a tubal ligation with a “control” group of women who did not have a tubal ligation. The authors of the CREST study concluded that adverse symptoms do not ocurr as a  result of tubal ligation. This study, however, was not designed to study the multitude of symptoms that women report after surgical sterilization.

PTLS: Is This The End Of  Your Journey

Our experience at A Personal Choice suggests PTLS does exist for a select group of women for whom no contributing medical, psychological, or other causes have been identified. Among this group of women, the vast majority have reported dramatic improvement in their symptoms after a reversal of their tubal ligation.

ptls-is-an-exclusion-diagnosis-that-should-always-be-the-last-resortWe will report the stories of several of our patients (both before and after tubal ligation reversal) who have had worsening physical and psychological conditions after sterilization and who have come to us seeking tubal ligation reversal.

They will share with us their symptoms and how they have fared after tubal ligation reversal (had their tubes untied).

This is the sixth article in our fourteen part series on PTLS and associated medical conditions. Our next several articles will present patients who have suffered from worsening menstrual, physical, and emotional symptoms after surgical sterilization procedures (women who had their tubes tied).

Meet Andrea
Meet Rebecca

Readers can also view patient submitted stories about their menstrual symptoms, reasons for reversing tubal ligation, and outcomes after reversal reversal surgery.

If you think you have PTLS then visit our website for more information and consider tubal reversal surgery. If all other things have been ruled out by your doctor then reversal surgery may offer you some help.

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