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Tubal Ligation Symptoms: Not All In Your Head!


We exclusively specialize in tubal surgery and tubal ligation reversal surgery.

We perform over 800 tubal repair surgeries a year and, as a result of our exclusive specialization in tubal surgery, we evaluate many patients who have experienced abnormal symptoms after their tubal ligation procedures.

Approximately 10% of our patients come to us for surgery with complaints of tubal ligation side-effects.

Often we can be of assistance with our tubal surgery expertise and our experience with countless other patients who have had similar complaints after tubal ligation. We encourage women with symptoms to discuss them with their doctor. If no cause can be determined then call us to be evaluated for tubal ligation reversal.

Problems with tubal ligation

Most women who have a tubal ligation will not have any symptoms and will be perfectly content with their tubal ligation; however, some will begin to experience abnormal symptoms soon after their tubes have been tied.

Often these symptoms will start within days to months of having their tubals. There are many symptoms attributable to tubal ligation but the most predominant symptoms our patients share with us are:

• Menstrual pattern changes
• Painful periods
• Hot flashes
• Irritability
• Mood swings
• Insomnia
• Decreased sex drive
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Memory changes

Often these symptoms are not attributable to the tubal procedure but instead are more easily explained by a woman’s body resuming ovulation, monthly hormonal changes, and the symptoms typically experienced by most women during their cycle. Often these symptoms were not fully experienced prior to the tubal because the woman was either on hormonal contraception, pregnant, or breast feeding.

All of these conditions will minimize the symptoms experienced with hormonal fluctuations.

Tubal ligation symptoms

We see a significant number of women whose symptoms are not easily explained by the conditions outlined above.

doctors-who-provide-ptls-treatmentOften these women seek help from medical professionals and are often told their symptoms are due to ‘stress’ or all ‘in their head’. Many of our patients with symptoms do desire another pregnancy; however, some do not wish to become pregnant at all.

These women will often turn to us for help.

We will occasionally find tubal scar tissue or endometriosis but many of our patients will have completely normal findings.

The vast majority of our patients (over 90%) will report improvement after tubal reversal surgery.

It has been impressive to us how many of our patients have reported abnormal symptoms, have had normal findings during reversal surgery, but report dramatic improvement after surgery.

Personal stories about PTLS

We encourage readers to read the messages and personal stories submitted to us by our patients who have experienced abnormal symptoms soon tubal ligation.

Personal messages about PTLS

The above messages and stories have been shared by our patients for the benefit of others who may be going through similar experiences.

PTLS treatment

We encourage women who are having abnormal symptoms after their tubal ligations to talk with their doctors about these symptoms and to be evaluated for other medical causes of these abnormal symptoms.

If no immediate cause can be diagnosed and the symptoms started relatively soon after your tubal ligation then you should consider tubal repair surgery.

Should you have any questions about surgery at our center and how our patients improve after reversal surgery then we encourage you to call for a free surgery consultation (919) 968-4656.


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