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Tubal Reversal Cost: Is Reversal Surgery Affordable?


Tifany (center), Nurse Giles CRNA (left), Richard (right)

Like most patients, Tifany extensively investigated tubal reversal cost.

Initially she found the surgery prohibitively expensive. When she found a chance of an affordable tubal reversal with A Personal Choice she jumped at the opportunity. She was rewarded with a low tubal reversal cost: $4,500.

She looked around and eventually found some low price tubal reversal doctors. She consulted with several low cost doctors but did not feel comfortable with her experience.

Tifany eventually took a leap of faith and signed up for a new tubal reversal prepayment account that offered to lower her tubal reversal cost.

She signed up for the Reversal Prepayment Account at a Personal Choice in Raleigh, NC.

She was rewarded with the very low tubal reversal cost of $4,500.

Tifany traveled to A Personal Choice for surgery with Dr. Monteith. She was accompanied by her husband Richard. The first part of her story explains her investigation about tubal reversal cost, her experience with other tubal reversal doctors, and her reasons for choosing Dr. Monteith to be her tubal reversal surgeon.

The first part of Tifany and Richard’s story is:
Tubal Reversal Price: Getting a Discount on Tubal Reversal Surgery.

This article shares Tifany’s actual experience on the day of her reversal surgery.

Tubal Reversal Cost: Priceless.

Many women will ask what does tubal reversal cost?

Reversal surgery provides you with hope and the chance for another child. When reversal surgery works it is priceless.

fallopian tubes surgery is affordable

Triple tied tubes separated in middle from tubal ligation. Black arrow proximal tube. Red arrow distal tube.

Tifany was fortunate because she only lives 2 hours away from the reversal center. In comparison, most other patients travel long distances by plane or car to have reversal surgery at A Personal Choice. Tifany and Richard had their preoperative consultation on Tuesday and then returned for reversal surgery on the very next day.

Tifany was scheduled to be the second reversal surgery of the day. She checked into the reversal center at 8:15AM. She was greeted at the front desk by our office staff and soon after arriving she was brought to the pre-operative holding area. Nurse Rogers checked her in, reviewed her health history, and asked her to change into a gown. Richard was with her the entire time.

Nurse Rogers then started an IV and the couple were then seen by Bill Giles who would be Tifany’s anesthetist. Bill met with Tifany and reassured her she would be fine during and after the surgery. He discussed the anesthesia plan with them and answered Tifany’s questions. It was explained to Tifany her surgery would be safe and would be performed under general anesthesia using a laryngeal mask. A laryngeal mask provides one of the safest ways to get anesthesia during outpatient surgery for most patients.

Tifany’s Tubal Reversal Surgery: Perfect!

Tifany was escorted back to the operating room by Nurse Rogers. The operating room is only a short distance from the holding area. Richard was asked to return to the lobby while Tifany’s surgery was being performed.


Black arrow proximal tube, red arrow distal tube, yellow arrow suture repair line

Once in the operating room Tifany met Dr. Monteith again, the rest of the operating room team, and a brief surgical safety timeout was conducted. After the time out, Tifany received medications in her IV and she was asleep before she could count to 10.

Tifany had a ligation and resection type tubal ligation. In fact her report suggested her tubes were triply tied with suture before the tubes were cut. Her surgery lasted 42 minutes exactly. The estimated blood loss was less than 10 mls and her right and left tubes were each 5 cm after the tubal repair.

Her ovaries and tubes were in excellent shape despite having been triply tied. A despited the cutting and triple tying, Tifany and excellent lengths.

Tiffany Makes It To Recovery

tubal-reversal-cost-how-muchTiffany easily awoke in the operating room but she does not remember being taken to the recovery room. When she awoke Richard was sitting by her side and she was resting comfortably.

After 15 minutes in the recovery, Dr. Monteith made a brief entrance to reassure her everything went well. Tifany then was able to get up, go to the restroom, and change into her comfortable clothes. She then sat in a recliner and rested comfortable for about 1 hour to allow the effects of the anesthesia to wear off. Dr. Monteith then spoke wither and provided her with her tubal lengths and her pregnancy prognosis.

Stay tuned for the next article that discusses her post-operative consultation.

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