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Tubal Reversal Insurance: Something To Consider

Dr. Monteith offers an insurance policy for tubal reversal surgery.I personally witness many potential tubal reversal patients express anxiety about how their tubal reversal surgery will be done or if their tubes are even repairable.

Often these patients have seen the websites of other doctors who proclaim their methods for tubal reversal are better than the methods of other doctors. Commonly patients will ask are absorbable or non-absorbable sutures the best, is dye testing the tubes better, or is it better to have robotic tubal reversal or laparoscopic tubal reversal?

Often patients are confused because they visit so many tubal reversal websites and many doctors claim their way is the best. Although they do not always say it, they often suggest if you go to a doctor that does it any other way then you may regret it.

Although I do have opinions about the above questions, I want to share with readers my opinion about one procedure we offer at our center that can make a big difference for some patients considering tubal reversal surgery.

Tubal ligation reversal insurance

At our center we offer patients the option of having a screening laparoscopy. We like to refer to this procedure as tubal reversal insurance and we exclusively offer this to our patients at the time of their tubal reversal surgery.

Can my tubes be repaired?

All patients will ask themselves this question at some point when having tubal reversal. Our experience demonstrates most of our patients, no matter what type of tubal ligation, can have a successful tubal reversal surgery.  Although many of our patients take reassurance in the fact we can repair most tubes, many will naturally have their doubt and anxiety.

These feelings can be powerful and intense when you are investing a lot of financial and emotional effort and you want the best outcome possible.

Ligation reversal insurance

screening laparoscopy can be a nice insurance policy to consider.For our patients who have anxiety about whether or not their tubes can be repaired we offer them the option of having a screening laparoscopy.

This procedure allows us to insert a small camera inside the umbilicus (belly button) and take a quick look at the tubes. If the tubes are repairable then we proceed with tubal reversal. If the tubes are not repairable then we stop and the patient wakes up with a small Band-aid over their incision.

The benefit to having a laparoscopy is the surgery is quicker and the incisions are smaller if the tubes are not repairable; however, the best benefit is we give our patients a significant refund if the tubes are not repairable.

Experts specializing in tubal reversal

We proudly provide laparoscopy because we feel it is an important service to offer our patients. Most patients will not need a laparoscopy but some feel better having it as an option.

If you choose laparoscopy and you are in the minority of patients who have tubes that cannot be repaired then you will have a shorter surgery, smaller incision, and, most importantly, get a substantial refund. These are important benefits to consider.

For more information on screening laparoscopy costs visit: Cost of screening laparoscopy

For more advice on who should consider a screening laparoscopy visit: Laparoscopy advice

Our patients should have reassurance we can offer them a minimally invasive procedure to determine if their tubes are repairable. We feel this provides the best care to our patients.

Please call us at (919) 968-4656 if you have any questions about tubal reversal at our center.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith 


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