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Tubal Reversal Surgery Offering Hope One Month At A Time

Tiffany came to reverse tubal blockage.Tiffany and her husband Dean have traveled to A Personal Choice for a reversal of tied tubes. Tiffany is one of our Tubal Reversal Angels.

A Tubal Reversal Angel is a person who has unexpectedly lost a child and they seek tubal ligation reversal to become pregnant again.

Tiffany lost her son at an early age and then underwent a divorce. She desired to start a new family with her second husband, Dean.

Together they traveled from Cambridge, Ohio for a tubal reversal procedure.

Why get a tubal ligation?

Tiffany was undergoing her second c-section at the age of 20 when she decided to have her tubes tied and cut (ligation and resection). Her first child (Libby) was a girl born by c-section and her second child was a boy (Nathanial) who was born by repeat c-section. Tiffany decided to have her tubes tied during her second c-section.

Tiffany’s tubes were tied. Her family and her life were complete. Libby, the older sister, loved her little brother and helped provide for him. She could never fully say his name and called him ‘Nay-Nay’. Life for them was normal until a single event changed things forever.

Tiffany's first baby born after tubal ligation reversal. Why do some regret tubal ligation?

Her husband was watching their children while Tiffany was at work. She came home to the unfolding of a devastating event. Nay Nay had drowned in the bathtub at the young age of two. Tiffany’s life had been changed forever.

Six months after the death of Nay Nay, Tiffany had a discussion with her doctor about tubal ligation reversal. Her doctor was not supportive of a tubal reversal but did recommend in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Tiffany and her husband did see an IVF specialist but they never underwent any IVF treatments. Tiffany says the uncertainty and the possibility of multiples were scary for her.

To make matters worse, her husband did not seem to want any more children.

Due to the stress of the circumstances surround the loss of her son and the pressure of infertility, Tiffany and her husband divorced.

Often there is hope…

Life does go on and Tiffany eventually met Dean.

Tiffany owned a Doge automobile, which had brake problems and other mechanical issues. She took it to Dean who was an auto mechanic. They hit it off at the shop and Dean ‘kidnapped’ her car for three days while he was ‘working on it.’ This formed the start of their relationship and they have been together ever since.

Tiffany and Dean came to us for a tubal reversal. During the consultation we covered many topics. Most importantly we discussed the chance of becoming pregnant after tubal reversal. Having had cut and tied tubes, her chance of pregnancy after reversal was 63%.

I advised them there was no guarantee of pregnancy after reversal and also of the possibility of having scar tissue from her multiple c-sections, which could make tubal repair more difficult or impossible. Overall, I thought her chances for pregnancy were good and better than IVF chances.

surgery-baby-Laysei-was-born-secondTiffany’s tubal reversal went well. She did not have any scar tissue from her c-sections. Both her tubes were repaired and her tubal lengths were: right 6 cm and left 5.5 cm. The entire surgery took 54 minutes and the estimated blood loss was 10 ml (two teaspoons). She was then discharged from the recovery room to the local hotel. She returned the next day for her post-operative appointment and she and Dean then returned by car back to their home in Ohio.

The staff of the A Personal Choice wish Tiffany and Dean well.

We hope they get the child they deserve together. We hope Tiffany has a new brother to help name and look after and we hope Nay Nay smiles upon all of them.

The above was written 4 years ago when Tiffany came to us for surgery. I was going through my unpublished articles when I came across the above draft article. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked into Tiffany’s chart. The following is what has happened since I first wrote this story…

Can tubal ligation reversal be successful?

two-babies-born-after-tubal-reversalTubal reversal can be successful because it allows you the chance to become pregnant every month and more than once. Tiffany’s story is illustrative of this success.

Tiffany had her surgery in 2010.  She delivered her baby boy, Leilynd, in 2011 and her baby girl, Laysei, in 2012.

For more information about tubal reversal call (919) 968-4656.

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith

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