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How to Get Tubes Untied? Reverse Your Tubal Ligation

If you are researching how to get tubes untied then you definitely have something in common with many other women: tubal ligation regret.

A significant number of women who get their tubes tied will regret their decision.

Medical studies have consistently demonstrated that 1 out of every 3 women who have a tubal ligation will regret their decision. Regret is the highest in women who have a tubal ligation under the age of 30 and in those women who have two or less kids. Women who regret tubal ligation will look into alternative ways to restore their fertility.

If you have wondered how to get tubes untied then this is the article for you!

Can Your Tubes Be Untied?

Tubes can be untied! Although untying tubes is an easy procedure it is not as easy as untying a ribbon or untying your shoe laces because tubes are never ‘just tied’ to prevent pregnancy.

how-to-untie-tubes-after-tubal-ligationThe term tying tubes…is a simplified way to explain a complex surgical procedure in a way that most people can easily understand.

When you asked your doctor to tie your tubes…they did not twist and tie your tubes like you would when making a hair bun or ponytail. They did not tie your fallopian tubes in a knot like you would when you tie your shoe laces!

When your doctor tied your tubes here is what they did.

They tied a suture in the middle of your tube…and then tied a second suture about 1 inch away from the first suture. The doctor then cut out the middle section of tube in bewteen the two pieces of tied suture. This surgical procedure is called ligation and resection tubal occlusion.

Ligation means to tie.

Resection means to remove by cutting.

tubal occlusion is closure of a tube.

When you asked your doctor to tie your tubes…they performed a ligation and resection tubal occlusion procedure. This is quite a mouthful…so many health care professionals find it easier to just tell you they ‘tied your tubes’!

What Is The Procedure To Have Tubes Untied?

how-to-get-tubes-untied-for-freeThe procedure to untie tubes is the bilateral tubal anastomosis procedure.

Bilateral means both sides…the left and the right. Anastomosis refers to joining two body parts. Tubotubal anastomosis is joining two tubal segments together.

Most techniques that tie tubes result in two separate tubal segments. So the simplest way to get tubes untied in these cases is with the tubotubal anastomosis procedure.

If your tubes can be surgically divided then it stands to reason your tubes can be surgically rejoined.

How To Get Tubes Untied?

Getting your tubes untied is easier than you may think when you come to A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The first step is to send us a copy of your tubal ligation operative report and pathology report for a free review.

Tubal Ligation Operative Report. The tubal ligation operative report is a typed 1 to 2 page document that describes exactly how your tubal ligation was performed. EVERY surgery has an operative report. Some hospitals only keep records for 5 to 12 years and each state has its own rules for keeping records. As more places are starting to keep electronic, hospitals are now starting to keep operative notes indefinitely.

Pathology Report. If a piece of your tube was removed then there should also be a pathology report. This is a 1 to 2 page document that describes the actual length of the piece of tube that was removed. If you have the burning procedure, tubal clips , tubal rings, or Essure then you will not have a pathology report because nothing was removed from your tubes.

The best place to get your records is the medical records department in the hospital or facility where the surgical procedure was performed. Your doctor’s office may…or may not have your records….the hospital that performed your procedure is required to keep your records

Are You A Candidate To Get Your Tubes Untied?

The best candidates for getting their tubes untied are women under the age of 42, women who have had less than 2 cm removed from their tubes, and women who have had tubal clips or tubal rings are their method of tubal ligation.

To find out if you are a candidate for tubal reversal then watch this video below:

If you are unable to get your records then don’t fret…Dr Monteith can reverse most tubal ligation procedures.

If you  cannot get your records then, for an additional fee, you can choose to have a screening laparoscopy procedure. This allows Dr. Monteith to look inside your abdomen with a small camera inserted through your belly button at the time of reversal surgery.

More information: Optional Screening Laparoscopy

If your tubes cannot be reversed then you would receive a refund of your surgical fee.

What Do I Do Once I Have My Records?

Once you get a copy of your records then you should send them to A Personal Choice for a free review.

You can mail a copy of your records. You can fax a copy of your records. You can even email a copy of your records. The best way to send your records is to electronically upload them directly to A Personal Choice using their HIPAA complaint upload portal.

For more information: Sending records to A Personal Choice for a free review

Once your records are sent, they will be reviewed by Dr Monteith and a member of his staff will contact you within two business days with his recommendations.

Scheduling: How To Get Your Tubes Untied?

Scheduling surgery to get your tubes untied can be easier than you may think.

To find out how to schedule tubal reversal surgery with A Personal Choice then watch this video:

How Much Does Untying Tubes Cost? What Are The Alternatives?

If you are research ‘how to untie tubes’ then you have discovered the two main ways to have a baby after tubal ligation is tubal reversal surgery and in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).

must-cut-tied-burned-tubal-ligation-procedures-are-reversibleIn-vitro fertilization. IVF is a process that takes several weeks to go through. The average chance of success is 30% to 40% and the average cost is about $14,000. If the first IVF cycle does not work…then you have to pay to try again. When starting IVF you need to plan on doing at least 3 cycles to have a baby.

Tubal reversal. Tubal reversal is also a ‘process’. Dr Monteith has perfect the surgical process of tubal reversal to an art form. Patients send their records for a free review. Once approved patients schedule over the phone and travel to Raleigh NC to stay for 3 days and 2 nights. The consultation is the first day, surgery the second day, and the postoperative visit is the third day.

More information: Cost of tubal reversal surgery with A Personal Choice

Tubal reversal is half the cost of a single cycle of IVF. The chance of success is 50% to 70%. If the surgery works then you can have more than one baby.

Call A Personal Choice (919) 977-5050 for more information.

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