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Untying Tied Tubes: Filshie Clip Sterilization

Tying Tubes is Not Like Tying a Shoe Lace

Tied tubes are not like a tied shoe lace.Many patients seem to imagine the fallopian tube is like a shoe lace which is tied up like a bow to prevent pregnancy. As tubal ligation reversal specialists, we wish it were that easy- then untying tied tubes would be easier!

‘Tying fallopian tubes’ is a common language phrase used to describe several different surgical procedures that result in tubal sterilization (a procedure intended to permanently prevent pregnancy). The more correct medical term is bilateral (both sides) tubal occlusion (closure of the fallopian tube).

Tubal Ligation Methods

There are many different ways to occlude (close) the fallopian tubes: ligation and resection (tying and cutting), clips and rings, and coagulation (burning). No matter how the procedure is done the end result causes the tube to close, heal shut, and prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg.

Filshie Clip Tubal Ligation

One common form of laparoscopic (camera) sterilization is the use of Filshie clips to occlude both fallopian tubes. The Filshie clip was approved for use in the United States in the mid 1990’s. The Filshie clip is a small titanium clip which is lined with a thin silicone cushion. The clip was an improvement over the Yoon Falope Ring and the Hulka Clip because it was as easy to apply with less risk of operative complications. The clip also has the advantage of destroying only a very small portion of the fallopian tube- approximately 4mm (approximately the thickness of two quarters stacked on each other). The adjacent tube is not affected. The majority of Filshie clips placed in the United States are done by laparoscopic surgery; however, there is a growing trend to use them for tubal occlusion at the time of cesarean delivery (c-section).

The Filshie clip causes bilateral tubal occlusion by squeezing a very small portion of the tube. The squeezed portion is deprived of its blood supply and eventually undergoes avascular necrosis (dies and is absorbed by the body). This causes the fallopian tube to be divided in half and the two ends to close up. The Filshie clip is held in place (in between the two divided ends) by a small amount of scar tissue which forms over the clip.

A common misconception is that the Filshie clips can simply be removed to reverse the sterilization process- that the tubes can be unclipped. Unfortunately, tubal ligation reversal for Filshie clips is not as simple as just opening the clips. Filshie clip tubal occlusion is reversed by removing the clips and using microsurgical techniques to open the closed ends and join the tubal segments back together in perfect alignment.

The reversal of Filshie clip tubal occlusion is usually technically easier than some other methods of sterilization because such a minimal amount of tube is destroyed in the occlusion process.

Approximately 76% of patients at A Personal Choice become pregnant after a reversal of a Filshie clip sterilization procedure.

Tubal Sterilization Can Be Reversed

Many people believe tubal sterilization is permanent and irreversible. Although Filshie clip sterilization is intended to be permanent, this procedure can be reversed. A Personal Choice is the one medical facility that specializes in tubal ligation reversal.

We have become experts in reversing all types of tubal ligations- or ‘untying’ tubes that have been ‘tied’!

Submitted by Dr. Charles Monteith

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Dr. Monteith specializes in helping couples have more beautiful children with reversal surgery and helping women treat abnormal symptoms after their tubes have been tied!

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Crystal Reply

Hi , I 100% want to get my flishie clip / clamps (tubal reversal)…. Is there then 1 type of prepayment plan…. I’d like to start saving right away, have 3 children and made the decision to get the clamps only because I was under pressure and it was a quick decision done within 3 days after I gave birth t o my youngest and regretted it since the day I walked out…. can someone email me the payment plans …Also doesn’t medicard do loans for these kinds of surgery?… And pay doctor in full right away then I pay them in installments?.. I’ve been looking into all different options and costs, and the cheapest I found was ( Mexico medical tourism (2959$)… but to be honest it doesn’t look very safe in alot of ways…. I just want to know which way I can get this done as soon as possible because I’m only getting older and really would love to have another child with my new new husband who has no children. If you know of any places like medicare or other insurance (loan) places that will pay the doctor immediately and then I make payment plan with them…. or if I can’t get the information on your payment plans too would be great…. i know I am going to do this, Just trying to get as much information as possible from each place right now and this one sounds like the most positive one for sure… Thank you look forward to getting this done asap 💚

    Dr. Monteith Reply

    We should be able to help you.

    We do have a prepayment plan and we do work with two major financing companies.

    We have two flexible payment options for you if you dont want to pay in full for surgery: (1) start a prepayment plan with us or (2) finance your reversal surgery.

    Prepayment plan. We do have a prepayment plan that allows you to save towards your surgery. You need to start it with at least $500 and you can contribute any amount over the next 3 years. When you have saved the full amount then you can have your surgery. You can have the surgery anytime within 3 years of starting your plan.

    If you dont have your surgery by the end of the third you you are refunded all of your money less $500. Surgery discounts, when available, are offered to prepayment account members only.

    For more information: Tubal Reversal Prepayment Plan

    Financing reversal surgery. We work with two companies who will help you finance surgery. You would apply for financing directly with United Medical Credit. The link to their company and the application for financing is on our website.

    For more information: Financing Reversal Surgery

    We charge $6,900 total for tubal ligation reversal and $7,900 for Essure reversal plus $150 to schedule and we are located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Insurance will not pay for tubal reversal surgery.

    You should send us your tubal ligation records for a free review.

    Patients pay in full and out-of-pocket at the time of scheduling. All you have to pay for in addition to the surgical fee is the cost of travel, hotel, and food. Patients stay in Raleigh a total of 2 nights and 3 days. The consultation is the first day, surgery the second day, and postoperative visit is the third day.

    We do have a prepayment tubal reversal plan that allows you to save towards your reversal over a 3 year period.

    Although $6,900 seems expensive…the alternative treatment in-vitro fertilization (IVF) average $12,000 to $14,000 and is about 40% successful!

    The main advantage to tubal reversal is that every month you have a chance and you can become pregnant more than once. On average, about 2 out of every 3 women become pregnant with tubal reversal surgery.

    The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

    If you have any questions call our office at (919) 977-5050.

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