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Doctor Consultation For Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

many-people-will-ask-does-tubal-reversal-surgery-workMost people considering tubal reversal can have their questions answered with our free staff consultation.

If you would like a doctor consultation for tubal ligation reversal surgery, either in person or by phone, then we can provide this consultation for you at an additional charge.

This charge is separate from the cost of reversal surgery.

Over 98% of patients considering reversal surgery can have their questions easily answered by our specialized reversal staff.

If you would like more reassurance then we can arrange tubal ligation reversal surgery consultation with our doctor.

Consultation With Our Surgeon: Two Options

We offer both an optional pre-operative consultation and a mandatory consultation.

The fee for the optional consultation is $375 and is separate from the cost of tubal surgery.

  • The optional consultation is for patients who would like more information about reversal surgery.
  • The mandatory consultation is required for those patients who have high-risk conditions that could increase the risk of surgery or pregnancy and the health of the mother. If you have a high risk condition, we will require a mandatory consultation before you can schedule reversal surgery at our center.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to schedule either your optional or mandatory consultation.

Optional Pre-Operative Consultation

Our staff can answer most questions about having surgery at our center. Most potential patients are comfortable deciding to have surgery after talking with our experienced staff and/or having a free review of their tubal ligation operative reports to determine if they would be a good candidate for reversal surgery.

The optional pre-operative consultation exists for patients who desire more information, reassurance, or have specific questions that cannot be addressed by our free consultation with our staff.  This optional consultation can be scheduled as an office visit or as a phone consultation.

Mandatory Pre-Operative Consultation

Some patients have high-risk conditions that require a serious discussion before reversal surgery and pregnancy. The most common reasons are a history of endometrial ablation or a blood clotting disorder requiring prescription blood thinners.

The mandatory pre-operative consultation is required for patients who have high-risk conditions that can increase the risks of reversal surgery or adversely impact pregnancy. The mandatory consultation is required before a patient can schedule surgery. The most common reasons a patient would need a mandatory consultation are:

  • History of endometrial ablation (procedure to burn lining of the uterus to decrease menstrual flow
  • History of uterine artery embolization (procedure to block the uterine arteries to prevent life threatening bleeding)
  • History of deep vein thrombus (DVT) or pulmonary embolus (PE) or cerebral stroke or blood clotting disorder requiring anti-coagulation (blood thinners) before, during, or immediately after surgery

If you have undergone an endometrial ablation or uterine artery embolization procedure, have a history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism or stroke, or require prescription blood thinners before, during, or immediately after surgery and would like a tubal reversal surgery then you are required to have a mandatory pre-operative consultation before you can schedule surgery.

Instructions for scheduling a physician consultation

Most people considering reversal can have their questions answered by our staff before scheduling.

If you would like a physician consultation then you will need to complete the form below and pay the consultation fee.

  • Please be advised most patients will not need a physician consultation.
  • Most patients can have their questions answered free of charge by calling our office and speaking with a member of our staff.

To schedule a physician consultation you will need to use the link below, complete the questionnaire, and pay the consultation fee.

You will be required to pay the consultation fee by credit card to submit the scheduling questionnaire. CareCredit cannot be used to submit the consultation form.

  • You have ninety (90) days to schedule your consultation once the form has been submitted. If you do not complete the consultation within ninety days then you will have to repay the fee and reschedule the consultation.
  • The consultation fee is non-refundable once the consultation has been completed.
  • After you submit the form, a nurse will contact you within 48 hours (two business days) to schedule a consultation date and time.
  • If you would like to schedule surgery after completing your consultation you will be required to pay the surgery scheduling fee to start surgery scheduling.

Start physician consultation scheduling questionnaire

Getting ready for your consultation

Once you submit the consultation scheduling questionnaire, a nurse will call you within two business days (48 hours) to schedule a date and time for your consultation.

  • Most consultations are done over the phone but an office consultation can be arranged if you prefer meeting in our Raleigh North Carolina office.
  • Most consultations are done Monday through Thursday between 4pm and 5pm. You should be thinking about possible dates for your consultation before our nurse contacts you.
  • We recommend you send pertinent medical records to our office before your consultation. This will allow the surgeon to review your information before the consultation and the consultation will be more productive. The most important medical records are your tubal ligation operative report, pathology report (if available), and any records relating to your high-risk medical condition. We do not need all of your medical records.

You can send your records to us using our HIPAA compliant medical records upload portal:

Sending records to A Personal Choice

Have Questions? We’re Happy To Help!

We provide a unique surgical experience with personalized attention and one-on-one care. We make every effort to make your surgery less of a process and more of a life’s experience. Please use the buttons below for answers to our frequently asked questions.

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Ask The Doctor

Your questions about reversal surgery will be answered directly and promptly by Dr. Monteith. Please read our most frequently asked questions before submitting your questions. Dr. Monteith will not respond to general medical questions or if you are a patient of another doctor and are contacting him because your doctor is unavailable.* If you have been a patient at our reversal center and have specific questions about your medical care you should contact the reversal staff directly at (919) 977-5050.

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If you are considering reversal surgery and have questions about the procedure, fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! If you would like to speak with a nurse for a Free Consultation then feel free to call us at (919) 977-5050.

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