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Tubal Reversal Alabama

If you have been investigating untying your tubes you have likely searched and searched for ‘tubal reversal Alabama‘. Patients who look for tubal reversal Alabama often find it is more affordable to see Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice.

tubal reversal Alabama doctorTubal reversal surgery is a very specialized niche of surgery and there are not many doctors who have the skill to perform tubal reversal surgery or who can offer the surgery at an affordable price.

Many patients will find it more affordable to travel from Alabama to have surgery with Dr. Charles Monteith in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice, a specialty center in Raleigh North Carolina that exclusively specializes in tubal ligation reversal surgery, Essure reversal, Essure removal, and vasectomy reversal surgery. As a result of Dr. Monteith’s specialization in tubal reversal surgery, he can offer reversal for an affordable price. His patients travel from across the United States and even internationally to have reversal surgery at his specialty center.

To see baby testimonials from other Alabama tubal reversal patients:
Tubal reversal Alabama baby testimonials

To see how far patients travel to see Dr. Monteith and why is is regarding as an expert in his field: Dr. Monteith: Best Doctor For Reversing Tubes

For more information visit his website: A Personal Choice or call his office at (919)968-4656.

Dr. Monteith does not have an office in Alabama and he is unable to travel to Alabama to perform tubal reversal surgery. If you can make the one-time trip to his speciality center then you will be pleased with the level of care you are provided under the care of Dr. Monteith. Dr. Monteith provides his patients with an exceptional chance at success because of his exclusive dedication to reversing tubal ligation and vasectomy.

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Tubal Reversal Alabama: Doctors To See After Tubal Reversal

Dr. Monteith has partnered with several groups from Alabama who are accepting new patients. The following practices are located in Alabama. The doctors below do not provide tubal reversal but they are accepting new ob patients and helping patients diagnose and manage infertility.

Doctors from Alabama

Huntsville – General Ob Gyn Group
Tennessee Valley Ob-GynTennessee Valley Ob-Gyn

For over 22 years, Tennessee Valley Ob-Gyn has provided comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological care for North Alabamians. Our team of experienced physicians and nurses offers complete care for women of all ages. Our new, state of the art, office facilities provide the latest in health care technologies in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Our staff is pleased to provide personal care to meet all of your obstetrical and gynecological needs. .

910 Adams Street, Suite 200, Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 265-6512

Selma – General Ob Gyn Group
Center For Women’s Health & Reproductive MedicineCenter For Women’s Health & Reproductive Medicine

Providing Comprehensive Women’s Services to Central Alabama and Surrounding areas. The Center for Women’s Health & Reproductive Medicine (CWHRM) is a traditional, full-service gynecology and obstetrics practice. CWHRM also offers services that cater specifically to women’s needs. The philosophy of CWHRM is caring for the whole woman with sincerity and respect while creating an atmosphere where women can discuss their concerns with their healthcare provider with open and honest communication.

1023 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 301, Selma, AL 36701
(334) 418 4961

Birmingham – General Ob Gyn Group
Birmingham OB/GYNBirmingham OB/GYN

Birmingham OB/GYN is proud to offer professional, expert, and courteous healthcare with a touch of personal and caring attention They offer many services and procedures including but not limited to, preconceptual counseling, infertility treatment, high risk obstetrical care, prenatal care and delivery, urodynamic testing, and all major and minor gynecological surgeries. Birmingham OB/GYN are one of the few practices in Alabama to have the new 4-D ultrasound technology.

800 St. Vincent’s Drive, Suite 500, North Tower, Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 933 8334

Huntsville – General Ob Gyn Group
All Women's Obstetrics and Gynecology All Women’s Obstetrics and Gynecology

“ALL WOMENS” means that not only do we have all female physicians and office staff, but that we want to serve ALL women and take on their individual concerns. Like you, we are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and friends. We have a unique understanding of the problems faced by women of all ages, and a unique approach to finding solutions for those problems.

4810 Whitesport Circle SW, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 882-1785

76 thoughts on “Alabama”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have 40 years old and want to have a child with my husband, what is the cost of the operation?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We can certainly help you have a child with your husband. We charge $6400 plus $125 to schedule. You pay for the cost of travel to Raleigh, NC, hotel, and food. Call us at (919) 968-4656 8am to 5pm eastern standard time and we would be happy to speak with you.

      The following link will answer most of your questions about reversal. This is the MOST HELPFUL INFORMATION to read when considering reversal at our office. Each question has a link to more information about the question: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

  2. Marissa says:

    I live in Huntsville, AL I want my tubes untied who in my area could help me with this?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      Many patients drive from Alabama to have surgery at our center because of our experience and dedication to tubal reversal. For more information: Alabama tubal reversal patients.

  3. Ariel says:

    I’m from Decatur,Al I’m 24 yrs old 4 yrs ago I had my tubes tied and I want them untied. Are u located in Alabama?

    1. Dr. Monteith says:

      We are located in Raleigh North Carolina. Please call us at (919)968-4656 if you have any questions.

      The following link will answer most of your questions: Frequently asked questions about tubal reversal

      We are offering a hotel special for February surgeries: February 2016 Hotel Special for Reversal Patients

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