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Surgical Practice For Sale Raleigh North Carolina Wake County

If you are a physician looking for a surgical practice for sale in Raleigh North Carolina then you have found  a unique opportunity. The right physician can have the opportunity to join a fertility restoring surgical practice in Raleigh.

This article is being posted Dr Monteith in March of 2024. Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of A Personal Choice and he specializes in the reversal of tubal ligation and vasectomy.

Once a suitable candidate has been found this article will be take down. So if you are seeing this article then the opportunity still exists.

***Please do not call the office! Communication needs to be directly with Dr Monteith***

Email Dr Monteith directly at

A Personal Choice is a surgical practice located in Raleigh North Carolina in Wake County. The practice exclusively offers surgical reversal of female and male sterilization. Patients travel from across the United States to have surgery at A Personal Choice.

For the enterprising physician, this is a unique surgical practice offering a rare opportunity to become a part of a specialized surgical practice with limited competition.

surgical-practice-for-sale-raleigh-north-carolinaThere is a growing trend in medicine where doctors are either being incorporated into larger health care companies as middle management staff or they are seeking ways to practice their profession outside of the grasps of health insurance companies.

This is an opportunity for the right person to practice outside of a hospital system and, equally important, outside of the control of health insurance companies.

Most fertility treatments (in-vitro fertilization) and almost all fertility surgeries are not covered by health insurance and patients pay directly for their care.

What is the pitch?

As physicians we usually want to have a concise presentation of what is being discussed….so here is the offer:

  1. Physician with prior surgical experience can learn the techniques of reversal surgery with Dr Monteith during a mentorship period.
  2. This physician would then have the opportunity to become a partner of the surgical practice.
  3. If a physician partner would like to expand surgical services (ie plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, etc) then they would have the opportunity to do so.
  4. Future ownership would be possible, if desired.

We are posting this to our website because, in the past, most of these offers were made by peer-to-peer networking and word of mouth between close friends. In modern medicine, we have become so busy with patient care we seem not to have the chance to look for or create better career opportunities.

Many physician career opportunities are being managed by hospital systems or medical practice brokers. Using a medical practice broker is a rather impersonal way to find a business associate so we thought we would post it to our website and find local physicians who are actively searching for better opportunities.

So…if you are looking for a surgical practice for sale or to join in Raleigh North Carolina then this is a great opportunity for the person who has the vision to see.

A boutique surgical practice in Raleigh North Carolina

A Personal Choice is located near North Hills Mall in Raleigh North Carolina. The office has been in this location since 2014.

Dr. Monteith is the sole provider and surgeon and he is eager to expand his surgical practice with the appropriate physician.

Dr. Monteith is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He exclusively provides female sterilization reversal and reversal of vasectomy. Dr. Monteith is looking for a partner who would like to join him and he would be willing to provide training to any physician who would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

The most appropriate candidate would need to have an MD or DO, have prior surgical training, and have the confidence to provide surgery in an outpatient setting. Ideally, the physician would train under Dr Monteith and become a partner. Ownership opportunities would be made available in the future.

Female sterilization reversal: Why it works?

Female sterilization reversal is not commonly offered by general Ob/Gyns or Infertility specialist. Why?

The surgery is not commonly offered for two reasons:

  1. Most Ob/Gyns, as a speciality, are not comfortable operating in outpatient environments and are often tied to hospitals because of obstetrics and the need to manage obstetric emergencies.
  2. Most infertility specialist would prefer to offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF) under light sedation in an office setting rather than surgical reversal in an hospital operating room.

The average cost for a single cycle of IVF is about $14,000 and the average success of each cycle ranges from 30% to 40%. In comparison, tubal reversal with Dr. Monteith is around $7,500 to $8,500 and success can range from 40% to 80%.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has consistently supported the role of tubal reversal as an option to IVF for infertility treatment after tubal ligation procedures.

If an infertility specialist offers tubal reversal surgery, they would likely do it in a hospital setting and the cost could be $20,000 or higher.

Infertility treatment is usually not covered by health insurance. As a result, many patients are cost conscious and are willing to travel for fertility treatments. Women who have had tubal ligation are willing to travel for a simple, outpatient surgical procedure that is more affordable and more successful than IVF. Even with the cost of travel, outpatient tubal reversal surgery in another city is more affordable than IVF in a patient’s home town.

Additionally, female sterilization reversal provides patients with the opportunity to have more than one child after only having had one treatment and allows them to treat the guilt/regret they often have from choosing tubal ligation in a previous relationship.

Patients travel from across the United States to have affordable outpatient reversal in Raleigh North Carolina. The surgery is offered as a three (3) day/ two (2) night package. Patients schedule remotely through the website and travel to have surgery with Dr. Monteith. The consultation visit is the first day, surgery the second day, and the postoperative visit is the third day.

On average, about 2 out of every 3 patients will become pregnant. These are very happy patients.

We encourage you to view our Tubal Reversal Patient Testimonials

Vasectomy reversal: Why we offer it?

A Personal Choice only provides surgical procedures to reverse sterilization.

Although Dr. Monteith is an Ob/Gyn, he also offers vasectomy reversal. For years Dr. Monteith provided no scalpel vasectomy to patients. Many of his patients and website visitors would inquire about vasectomy reversal. Dr. Monteith eventually underwent additional training to learn the principles of vasectomy reversal surgery. It was an easy transition because of his previous experience with microsurgical reversal of female sterilization and his prior experience with providing vasectomy.

Dr. Monteith added vasectomy reversal to his practice in 2014/2015 and has performed these surgeries for the previous 10 years. In many ways, vasectomy reversal is a far easier surgical procedure to provide than female sterilization reversal.

A boutique practice? Why do we say this

We truly are a boutique surgical practice. If you have the opportunity to visit our practice then you will easily understand why we use this term.

There is little competition in the field of female reversal surgery. If you do not believe us the just Google ‘tubal ligation reversal’ and see how many practices you find.

If the practice also offers IVF on their website then you can be confident they do not provide tubal reversal surgeries. Most of the websites you find offering tubal reversal surgery… in fact do not provide the service or perform very few of them. Listing tubal reversal on their website is an easy way find more IVF patients.

surgery-office-for-sale-raleigh-north-carolina-wake-countyWe exclusively specialize in reversal of sterilization for both women and men. Our patients realize and appreciate this specialization. Our facility is freestanding and we do not share our space with any other businesses or medical practices. Our patients travel from across the United States to have surgery at our facility.

We are conveniently located  (less than half a mile) near North Hills Mall in Midtown Raleigh. This is a wonderful location for our patients because North Hills mall provides hotels, restaurants, and areas for entertainment.

Our patients are traveling to a great destination and are often able to make a vacation out of their short stay with us. The hotels are a great place for our patients to stay during their trip to Raleigh and the proximity of our office to RDU airport is fantastic.

We have a great facility for providing outpatient surgery. We have a spacious waiting room, dedicated consult rooms, and a dedicated exam room.

In regards to surgical facilities, we have a dedicated pre-operative and post-operative areas.

spacious-operating-room-raleigh-north-carolina-wake-countyWe have a single, spacious operating room with a dedicated humidity controlled HEPPA filtration HVAC unit. The operating room has in-wall oxygen and in-wall vacuum systems.

All surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. We have a dedicated anesthesia machine capable of providing several different general inhalation anesthetics.

Our post-operative area has a phase 1 step down area with two stretchers and a single phase 2 step down area for patients who will soon be discharged.

To see our facilities in greater detail: A Personal Choice Surgical Practice

After discharge, our patients return to the local hotel with a responsible adult. They return the next day for their post-operative evaluation and counseling session with Dr. Monteith

Surgical practice for sale: The details

As stated above, Dr. Monteith is looking for an enterprising physician with surgical abilities to join his practice, expand his services, and will provide an opportunity for partnerships and or ownership.

The ideal candidate would be a physician with a North Carolina medical license who has prior surgical training: obstetrics and gynecology, urology, general surgery, etc.

The physician would need to be in good standing with the North Carolina Medical Board (or the medical board of the state where they currently practice) and would need to be willing to undergo a period of training in the surgical techniques offered by Dr. Monteith

Room for expansion of surgical services

Currently the operating room is utilized Monday through Thursday and utilization is consistently around 70%.

There is room for expansion of surgical services and the operating room could easily be adapted to plastic surgery procedures, bariatric procedures, or any other surgical procedures that can be safely performed in an outpatient setting.

Dr. Monteith is only willing to expand services when a capable surgeon has become a business partner of the practice.

He is not currently willing to rent or lease the space out to physicians who need access to an operating room.

Want to understand our practice better?

If you would like to get a better sense of how our practice works then you should watch this video.

We are specialized, unique, and efficient in the services we offer. There are not many surgical practices that do what we do and do it in the same manner as we do.

If you have the opportunity to visit our surgical practice you will easily understand the value we offer to our patients.

Offering Second Chances

We encourage you to watch this video so can observe the tremendous impact we have on our patients. We specialize in offering our patients second chances at becoming a mother or father.

As a physician you can feel good about the work that you do when you work at A Personal Choice.

Surgical practice for sale: Great opportunity

If you are looking for a unique and profitable surgical practice for sale in Raleigh North Carolina then this is a very unique opportunity.

You will have the chance to obtain valuable training in a very specialized surgery and practice in a profitable setting with patients who are very supportive and eager to obtain your services.

Email Dr Monteith directly at

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