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Tubal Ligation Reversal Kentucky? Best Doctor For Reversal!

Are you looking for tubal ligation reversal Kentucky doctors or the best doctor for reversal? If so then you may have discovered there are not many options.

tubal-ligation-reversal-Kentucky-patients-success-with-dr-montiethMany tubal ligation reversal Kentucky doctors are older, have not kept up with modern tubal reversal techniques, and may not provide you with the best chance for tubal reversal success.

Dr. Charles Monteith is widely considered to be the most experienced and modern reversal doctor. Many patients consider him the best doctor for reversal.

Dr. Monteith exclusively limits his practice to reversal surgery and offers many unique options that his tubal ligation reversal Kentucky counterparts don’t offer.

Looking for tubal ligation reversal Kentucky doctors: Go to Dr. Monteith!

Although Dr. Monteith is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, many tubal ligation reversal Kentucky patients will get a more affordable surgery and a better chance for success if they travel to have surgery at his specialty center.

Dr. Monteith offers patients modern experience and flexibility.

He is one of the few doctors who can successfully reverse the newest form of permanent tubal ligation, Essure tubal ligation. He offers flexible payment options, discounts, and refunds if tubes cannot be repaired. You will not find a Kentucky tubal ligation reversal surgeon who can confidently remove Essure or provide you with the payment flexibility you will find when you have surgery with Dr. Monteith.

If you have been searching for “tubal ligation reversal Kentucky” or “tubal ligation reversal doctors in Kentucky” then you may want to consider having reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith.

Dr. Monteith of A Personal Choice: A unique surgical experience

Dr. Monteith offers patients many unique benefits when compared with other Kentucky tubal ligation reversal doctors. Dr. Monteith offers:

  • Three year surgery prepayment savings accounts
  • Discounts to prepayment account members
  • Reversal surgery financing
  • Screening laparoscopy refund if reversal is not possible
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • “His and Hers” reversal surgeries (tubal ligation and vasectomy reversal)

Keeping up with the times! Reversing Essure Sterilization

tubal-ligation-reversal-Kentucky-Dr-MonteithDr. Monteith was the first doctor in the world to report successful reversal of the newest form of tubal ligation, Essure tubal sterilization. Since his initial published reports of success, Dr. Monteith has published a larger study about the chances of pregnancy after Essure reversal is better than most medical professionals believe is possible.

More information: Dr. Monteith’s Essure reversal study

Dr. Monteith also has extensive experience with Essure removal surgery to help patients suffering from Essure related side effects.

More information: Dr. Monteith’s Essure removal study

Many tubal ligation reversal Kentucky surgeons don’t reverse or remove the newest form of tubal ligation…Essure.

America’s best tubal reversal doctor

If you want to have tubal reversal surgery then you want it to be done right. You need it to work. You may only have one chance to get it right. You need a good tubal reversal doctor.

Why waste your time seeing your local Ob/gyn who does not do many reversals? Why see an IVF doctor who may only do several reversal surgeries per year?

If you take the time to do your research you will find there are some doctors who specialize in offering tubal reversal surgery. Many women will increase their chances of success by scheduling surgery with these specialized doctors…even if it means they have to travel to have surgery.

To see why so many women looking for tubal reversal doctors end up traveling to have reversal in North Carolina then you should watch these videos. After watching the videos below you will easily see why many consider Dr. Monteith America’s best tubal reversal doctor.

Meet Dr Monteith of A Personal Choice Reversal Center in Raleigh NC

Dr. Monteith has a passion for providing couples with alternatives to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). He limits his specialty practice exclusively to tubal ligation reversal and vasectomy reversal surgery. He does not offer IVF.

Getting a second chance to become a mom again

You were probably told your tubal ligation was permanent.

What they did not tell you was that tubal ligation is INTENDED to be permanent. You do have options if you regret your tubal ligation procedure. You can do IVF, tubal reversal, or adoption.

If you want a second chance at having your own child then IVF and tubal reversal are your only options. Tubal reversal can be more affordable and more successful than IVF. If reversal works you have a chance to have a baby each month and you can have more than one!

Many patients travel to see Dr. Monteith for a second chance at becoming a mom or father again.

Many women looking for tubal reversal doctors will find it in their best interest to travel to Raleigh NC for their best shot at having a second chance.

Learn more about second chances

There is a big difference between a specialist and other offices!

We encourage you to call A Personal Choice to talk about reversal. Then call other infertility offices to talk about reversal. Compare how you feel after calling and comparing the two experiences. This should tell you a lot about what A Personal Choice have to offer. Go with your gut… don’t over think it.

Having reversal surgery is simple with A Personal Choice. They don’t make it complicated. All you need to do is send your tubal ligation surgery records for a free review.

You can schedule surgery over the phone and travel to Raleigh, NC for a 3 day trip. You stay in a local hotel in between your visits.

The consultation is the first day, surgery the second day, and your post-operative visit the third day.

You can start trying to become pregnant as soon as you feel comfortable.

Can your tubal ligation be reversed?

You may have been told that your tubal ligation was permanent. With Dr. Monteith….permanent does not have to be forever! Tubal ligation can be reversed.

Most tubal ligation procedures can be reversed. The video below will show you reversal babies who were born after reversal with Dr. Monteith…he provides success stories from all the different types of tubal ligation procedures that he revered.

The only tubal ligation that cannot be reversed is if your tubes were completely removed. If your tubes were 100% completely removed then your only option is in-vitro fertilization.

Can your tubal ligation be reversed? Think you are too old?

This video will show you babies born to mothers of all ages. The oldest patient to become naturally pregnant and have a baby after tubal reversal was 48 years of age!

For more videos visit the video section of his website: Dr. Monteith’s tubal reversal videos

Are you a candidate for reversal surgery?

Having reversal surgery is simple with A Personal Choice. Scheduling surgery is not as complicated as it seems. All you need to do is send your records for a free review.

  • Most patients just need to send their tubal ligation operative report. This is the report that describes exactly what was done during your tubal ligation procedure.
  • Some patients also need to provide a pathology report. This is a report that describes how much of your tubes were removed during your tubal ligation. Pathology reports are only created for cut and tied types of tubal ligation.

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for reversal surgery then you should send Dr. Monteith a copy of your tubal ligation operative report for a free review.

More information: Sending records for a free review

Dr. Monteith will review your records free of charge and let you know if you are a candidate for reversal surgery.

You can then schedule surgery over the phone and travel to Raleigh, NC for a 3 day trip. You stay in a local hotel in between your visits.

You only have to spend three (3) days in Raleigh, NC. You do need to bring one adult with you to help you recover after surgery and on the return trip home. Many patents look at this trip like they would a mini-honeymoon. Some patients even come with their mother, mother-in-law, or girlfriend and turn it into a girls trip!

Although it is surgery, you can make it a fun experience! Make your travel for surgery a min-medical honeymoon!

Are you a candidate for surgery?

Does it all seem like too much? Too much traveling… too expensive…too much to do?

Keep in mind that most people pay more money and travel long distances just to go to Disney World, take a cruise, or go on a beach vacation!

Spending the same amount of money on a three day surgical experience it not too much to ask when you look at what some people do or spend just for a summer vacation or honeymoon!

If your second chance at becoming a mom again and growing your family is important to you then you will…like other patients…find a way to make it happen!

Kentucky tubal ligation reversal? Need more information?

For more information about reversal with Dr. Monteith in Raleigh, North Carolina you have four easy options:

  1. Visit his website: A Personal Choice Tubal Reversal and Vasectomy Reversal
  2. Submit a “Contact Us” form from his website above
  3. Join Dr Monteith’s tubal reversal group on Facebook
  4. Call his office (919) 977-5050

Join Dr Monteith on Facebook

If you are a resident of Kentucky, Dr. Monteith has the skills and experience to provide you with a successful surgery using modern surgical techniques.  You should seriously consider traveling to have your surgery with Dr. Monteith.

Kentucky-tubal-ligation-reversal-facebookYou may find it helpful to get advice from other women facing the same issues as you are facing.

Dr. Monteith maintains an active public tubal reversal group on Facebook.

The group is dedicated to discussing tubal reversal and getting pregnant both before and after surgery.

For more information about the group: Dr. Monteith’s Tubal Reversal Facebook Group

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