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My Pregnancy After Essure Reversal Seemed Like A Dream!

November 02, 2022   ·   No Comments

Essure Reversal Surgery: It was all just a dream before we knew about Dr. Monteith! Cedar Hill, Texas

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Life Changing: From A Battered Woman To Being A Mom Again!

October 28, 2022   ·   No Comments

My new husband and I welcomed our first baby together after having a successful tubal reversal a year ago. Humble, Texas

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Chance To Have Another Baby!

September 18, 2022   ·   No Comments

So thankful for Dr. Monteith and his wonderful staff for giving me the chance to have another baby! Stephenville, Texas

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free-tubal-reversal-contest-winners-with-dr-monteith-before surgery

Update From Free Reversal Contest Winners, Ciara And Isaiah!

August 15, 2022   ·   No Comments

Contest winner pregnancy quick update- We’ve had our prayers answered. It’s a girl! Orange, Texas

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Four Weeks In! Hopefully This One Works Out!

July 20, 2022   ·   No Comments

I haven’t told my husband or kids. I’m hoping to see a doctor beforehand. Nacogdoches, Texas

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Great Experience, Highly Recommend

July 17, 2022   ·   No Comments

The staff and doctors were awesome! No complications after the surgery. Woodway, Texas

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What Is Best After Tubal Ligation: Untying Tubes or IVF?

June 13, 2022   ·   No Comments

Untying your tubes is often the best treatment after tubal ligation because you can try every month and have more than one child. It is also cheaper.

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Another Tubal Reversal Contest Winner Becomes Pregnant!

June 12, 2022   ·   No Comments

First positive pregnancy test since our surgery in December 2020! We are 2020 Contest Winners and wanted to share the joyous news!

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Reversing Tubal Clips, Traveling From Houston TX

May 22, 2022   ·   No Comments

I was blessed to find Dr. Monteith! Houston, Texas

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Warm and inviting our state of the art surgical facility offers safe, affordable & personalized tubal reversal surgery. Dreams of starting a family become a reality here.

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“Thank you so much for making it possible to bring these two amazing people into our lives.”

– Saratoga Springs, New York

Birth Announcements

“You are my heroes. We can never thank you enough.”

– Ontario, Canada

Birth Announcements

We have been so blessed to bring another tubal reversal baby into our family.

– Buckatunna, Mississippi

Birth Announcements

“Ivy is our second Monteith Miracle!”

– APO, Armed Forces Europe

Birth Announcements

“It was a leap of faith and we have had a blessed journey.”

– Colorado Springs, Colorado

Birth Announcements

“Thank you for making our dreams come true!”

– Nebo, North Carolina


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