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Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation And Endometrial Ablation – Review #915

Dr. Monteith, I had a tubal ligation 2006, endometrial ablation 2007, hysteroscopy 2009 to remove scar tissue, tubal reversal November 2010, Clomid 50mg June and July 2010, 150mg August 2010. Positive Pregnancy test September 9 2010!!!!!

It may have taken longer than I would have liked (lol) but it happened none the less! Thank you A Personal Choice! Fingers crossed everything progresses normally!

Update Posted September 13th, 2011

Good news… pregnancy sack and yolk sack seen in my uterus this morning! 5 weeks 3 days according to the ultrasound. My blood work from monday was HCG 2631 and progesterone 39.6. Keep you posted!

Priscilla H.
Baltimore, Maryland

Doctor who performed surgery: Dr. Monteith
Date of your tubal reversal: 11/15/2010
Date of positive pregnancy test: 09/09/2011
Number of pregnancies since TR: 1st
Ligation method: Resection (tied or cut)

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