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Pregnancies 1st week April 2012

Posted: 04.05.12
Name: Ashli S.
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of Tubal Reversal: 04/13/2010
Date of Pregnancy Test: 04/05/2012
Ligation Type: Tied and cut tubes
Due Date: 12/12/2012
Remarks: I am in SHOCK! We had our TR in April 2010 and got our first BFP in December 2010 (just a few weeks after adopting a little girl from Ukraine). Our baby boy is now 8 months old. I have been CRAZY MOODY lately so I took an HPT today – instantly positive. WOW! Tentative due date is 12-12-12. About me – I am 34. This is baby #7 (oh my!) – kids are 10, 7, 6, 4, 3 and 8 months. I have had 5 c-sections already… 4 before my TR. Dr. Monteith did my TR and could only repair one of my tubes due to the removal of the other’s fimbria during the TL. Feeling very blessed today! (And slightly overwhelmed!) LOL! 🙂

Posted: 04.04.12
Name: T. S.
Location: West Virginia
Date of Tubal Reversal: January 12, 2009
Date of Pregnancy Test: March 5, 2012
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Due Date: November 29, 2012
Remarks: I went to my local doctor and she took my blood to check my levels and they were above 1500 so I am going for my ultra sound next week and will find out if it is a tubal pregnancy or not… I will keep you informed.

Posted: 04.04.12
Name: Iris P.
Location: Ocala, Florida
Date of Tubal Reversal: 03/06/2012
Date of Pregnancy Test: 04/01/2012
Due Date: 12/14/2012
Remarks: My period is was not due until 4/5 but I was feeling very queasy Sunday during the day and decided just for fun I would take a test it came back positive! I couldn’t believe my eyes! In less than a month after my reversal surgery I am pregnant! I went to my Dr. and he also confirmed the pregnancy… Thank you guys so much for this miracle!! I feel like a woman again 🙂

Posted: 04.04.12
Name: Leigh D.
Location: Athol, Idaho
Date of Tubal Reversal: 4/22/2009
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/24/2012
Ligation Type: Filshie clips
Due Date: Nov 30, 2012
Remarks: I only have my left tube to work with, not that we were trying any more. We thought it just wasn’t going to work for us. But our hCG have been double every 48 hours and yesterday we had an ultrasound and the very the the starts of a good pregnancy is where it is supposed to be measuring what it should be!

Posted: 04.03.12
Name: Lindsay S.
Location: Juneau, Arkansas
Date of Tubal Reversal: 11/18/2008
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/30/2012
Ligation Type: Tubal rings (bands)
Due Date: 12/02/2012
Remarks: We are excited to be expecting again! We have gotten pregnant 4 times since having the reversal. We have had two little girls and a miscarriage. Hopefully everything will work out with this pregnancy. The reversal must have worked wonderfully. Especially since I only have one tube and ovary. Thanks !

Posted: 04.03.12
Name: E. B.
Location: Pennsylvania
Date of Tubal Reversal: 12/29/11
Date of Pregnancy Test: 3/23/2012
Ligation Type: Coagulation (burned)
Due Date: 11/30/2012

Posted: 04.02.12
Name: Regina M.
Location: Powell, Tennessee
Date of Tubal Reversal: April 2009
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/26/2012
Ligation Type: Burnt tubes
Due Date: 11/19/2012
Remarks: I had the HSG in April 2011 and was told my tubes were blocked. They did the dye on me twice and nothing passed through. Had a vaginal us on Monday March 26 and doc saw the yolk sac in my uterus. Go back tomorrow to make sure they baby is growing and look for heartbeat. Praise God for this little miracle and so many thanks to Dr. Monteith for the surgery.

Posted: 04.02.12
Name: Amy I.
Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina
Date of Tubal Reversal: 01/13/2009
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/30/2012
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Due Date: 12/03/2012
Remarks: After three long years of trying and finding out that my Graves Disease had come out of remission again and dealing with that, I am finally pregnant! I went to the doctor’s today for my first blood draw and will return on Wednesday. I’m still very nervous and I don’t know that I will be able to relax until I know that the baby is safe and my numbers are good.

Posted: 04.02.12
Name: Sherry J.
Location: Belfry, Kentucky
Date of Tubal Reversal: 04-13-2011
Date of Pregnancy Test: 07-01-2011
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Due Date: 03-15-2012
Remarks: Thank you Dr. Monteith and your wonderful staff for everything.

Posted: 04.02.12
Name: Toni H.
Location: Dallas, North Carolina
Date of Tubal Reversal: 08/29/2008
Date of Pregnancy Test: 03/13/2012
Ligation Type: Tubal clips (clamps)
Due Date: 11/19/2012
Remarks: Baby has been confirmed in the uterus! Thanks again Dr. Monteith! This one was totally unexpected, but such a blessing!

Posted: 04.02.12
Name: Alejandra O.
Location: Forest Grove, Oregon
Date of Tubal Reversal: 04/07/2010
Date of Pregnancy Test: 04/02/2012
Ligation Type: Resection (tied or cut)
Due Date: 12/05/2012
Remarks: What a great surprise !!!

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